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Why Is My Blink Doorbell Not Detecting Motion?

Last Updated Jul 22, 2022
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Buying a new Blink Doorbell is an exciting adventure. Not only does it provide you with a new way to know someone is at the door, but it also provides you with a new sense of security. This is because this is a doorbell camera packed with smart technology. If it doesn’t work properly, you may find yourself wondering, why is my Blink Doorbell not detecting motion?

Your Blink Doorbell isn’t detecting motion due to problems with the following:

  • Settings 
  • Network 
  • Hardware or software 

Some of these problems will provide you with an alert or a red blinking light to inform you of the occurrence. Others will make the process of troubleshooting harder altogether.

Now that you have a general sense of the problem at hand, it is time to troubleshoot the issue at hand. Keep reading to get more in-depth knowledge of why your Blink Doorbell may not detect motion and how to solve each of the possible causes.

Causes for your Blink Doorbell not Detecting Motion

If you have a Blink Doorbell that is not detecting motion, you may be at your wit’s end. This prevents it from providing you with security alerts and you from seeing who is at your door before you answer it. Don’t fret for too long; instead, motivate yourself to use the troubleshooting tips below to get it working again. Here are the main causes:

  • Motion detection setting isn’t selected in the Blink App
  • Notifications aren’t enabled on your device
  • Dead or dying batteries in the Blink Doorbell
  • Poor or no WiFi connection

Continue reading to learn how to fix any of these possible issues.

Motion Detection Isn’t Selected

One of the reasons your Blink Doorbell may not be sensing motion is caused by an app setting. If you did not set up the Blink Home app to allow your phone or tablet to receive motion detection notifications, you would not receive any. This setting can be adjusted if you like this feature. Here is how you can go in and manually turn it on:

  1. Open the Blink Home app
  2. Tap the settings slider
  3. Under Motion Detection, ensure the slide is colored, indicating it is turned on
  4. For added security, scroll down until you see Early Notification; this beta will tell you the moment the camera sense motion

Once you are sure the app settings are correct, try reenacting the problem again. If you suddenly have started receiving motion alerts on your phone, the process worked, and it is solved. If not, there is one more setting you can adjust: one on your smartphone.

Enabling Notifications on your Phone

Sometimes you might have just turned off the notifications from the Blink app or on your phone altogether. This will make it appear like your Blink doorbell isn’t detecting motion because you won’t be notified. Here’s how to get them back:

If you are an iOS user, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click Notifications
  3. Select the Blink App
  4. Scroll down and enable Allow Notifications

If you are an Android user, follow these steps:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click Notification Center
  3. Select the Blink App
  4. Select the notification types you want and turn “Allow notifications on.” on. Sound alerts can be customized.

After enabling alerts on your phone for the Blink app and also allowing them to occur through the Blink app itself, you should begin to receive the motion detection alerts once more. Go outside and move around in front of the camera to try it. 

Battery Blight

A bad battery can cause motion detection to stop working. When the battery starts getting low, it can also cause the motion notifications to malfunction. You will know if the battery is low or dead if you log into the Blink Home app and take a peek. When the battery hits 10%, an alert will remind you to change the batteries.

Suppose you didn’t notice this alert or forgot to change the batteries after receiving it. In that case, you may have ended up here and realized this is the reason your camera isn’t sending motion detection alerts anymore. Don’t worry; just go ahead and replace those AA batteries. The connectivity and settings will go back to normal once more.

WiFi is Down

If the WiFi is down, you will see a blinking red light on the Blink Doorbell. This means there is no internet connection, and the doorbell can not function properly. Without the internet, the doorbell can not record videos, show live stream videos, or send motion notifications to your smartphone or tablet. 

To fix this problem, we have another list of instructions to troubleshoot WiFi connectivity issues with the Blink Doorbell.

Getting Back in Motion

It is important to have a smart doorbell that functions properly. Otherwise, you lose out on all the great security features it provides you and your family. You may have a faulty device if our troubleshooting tips do not solve the problem. Simply bring it back to the store, or put in a warranty claim on the Blink website. This will help you get back to normal once more.

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