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How Do I Transfer My Blink Camera to a New Owner?

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022
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When it’s time to upgrade to new security cameras or transfer ownership to a new tenant, Blink makes it easy to complete the process. Being able to sell your cameras and give the new owners a ready-to-use Blink camera enables them to set things up from scratch, along with removing all your personal information from the connected account.

Your system is well-connected to the Blink app, including all cameras and modules you’ve added. Following the full procedure for removing everything will ensure that your personal information is kept private, allowing a new owner to build a system with their new Blink camera. Keep reading to learn the steps you need to take to complete this transfer.

How to Transfer Blink Camera to a New Owner

To make it possible for a new owner to add a Blink camera to their profile, you must remove all associated account information to work properly. Removing the entire system from the app is one of two ways to complete the removal. This procedure is often done during the sale of the Blink camera.

Suppose you are transferring the camera to a new tenant. In that case, it is possible to retain the same account and change the email address associated with the system, giving a new owner/tenant control with the existing connected account.

The following are the steps you’ll need to take to complete the transfer:

  1. To completely delete the system, you will need to log into your Blink account on the app. Locate the gear and choose System Settings.
  2. Select the name of the system you wish to delete.
  3. Next, you will tap on Delete System. To ensure you are certain of this choice, a confirmation screen will pop up for you to verify. Choose Delete after confirming this is the correct system you wish to delete.
  4. The app will return you to the Settings screen. The system you deleted will be gone from the app and no longer available.
  5. If you wish to delete your account entirely, you can tap on the gear icon and Manage Account icon.
  6. You will then choose the Delete Account choice at the bottom of your screen. A confirmation screen will pop up for this choice as well, as the account deletion is permanent. It is important to note that the action cannot be undone, and all information and data will be deleted. Also, the email associated with the account cannot be reused.
  7. The new owner will then add an account for their Blink camera without encountering any issues.

Transferring a Blink Camera by Changing the Email Address

If you are a homeowner who is renting, it is possible to give your tenant the convenience of linking a Blink camera by transferring the email address to a new owner. Also, they will link their Amazon account to the Blink camera for added options for controlling their device.

  1. In the Blink app, choose the Account icon from the home screen.
  2. You will see your current email address. Choose the email address and continue to log in by entering your password.
  3. When changing the email address, note that you must log in on all associated devices with the new email.
  4. After putting in the new email, you will then receive an email to verify. Ensure you have access so you can complete the verification. Also, make sure that this email is not used on any other Blink accounts, as it cannot be used again.
  5. Enter the PIN you received in the verification email.
  6. Add your phone number and country code on the screen when prompted. You will again receive a PIN to verify the phone number.
  7. The final step is to log into any associated Amazon devices, such as Alexa, so that the new camera owner can add this functionality to their Blink system.

Troubleshooting Transferring a Blink Camera to a New Owner

Sometimes a homeowner may offer to include a Blink camera and system to a new owner. If they did not remove their information from the system, contacting them is the best way to delete their account. If this cannot be completed, you can contact Blink support to obtain further assistance. Click here to find out more about how to get help with this issue.

Final Thoughts

It is easy and convenient to remove your personal information from your Blink camera account when using the Blink app. Thoroughly removing the system and all associated cameras and modules will ensure your privacy and create a clean slate for the new owner.