How High Should I Mount My Blink Doorbell?

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Home technology is now being utilized on a large scale and has practically become a DIY culture where you can do complex installations with the help of a manual. Blink Doorbell is a revolutionary tool with an easy installation process, but like every home appliance, positioning matters. So, how high should your Blink Doorbell be mounted?

The Blink Doorbell should be placed between 40 to 48 inches from the ground or threshold of the door. This position ensures the doorbell is within reach and has a clear view of the doorway. However, the nature of the doorpost and mount may change this rule.

It’s important to do everything by the book, even things as basic as mounting a doorbell. Keep reading to learn more about placing your Blink Doorbell at the correct height.

How High Should I Mount My Blink Doorbell?

Ideally, you should mount your Blink Doorbell slightly below chest level. Generally, a height of about 4ft from the ground is advisable. This is to ensure the doorbell is reachable and that the camera on your Blink Video Doorbell has a 135° horizontal and 80° vertical view of your doorway and anyone around it.

Other Factors to Consider Before Mounting Your Blink Doorbell

Before you mount your doorbell, you must consider other essential factors that can impact height. These include:

  • The type of mount
  • Wired vs. battery-powered installations
  • Where your old doorbell was located

Below, we will discuss how each factor influences how you mount your Blink Doorbell.

The Type of Mount You Use for Your Blink Doorbell

Your Blink Doorbell will come with a standard mounting kit, including everything you need to mount your doorbell on an exterior wall next to your door. However, there are other types of mounts available from Blink that you may want to consider. These include:

  • The Wedge Mount: This wall mount tilts the doorbell camera slightly upwards.
  • The Corner Mount: A wall mount that bends to positions between 15-45 degrees, offering adjustable angles of view.
  • The Door Mount: A sturdy piece of aluminum alloy and stainless steel that holds your doorbell firmly against your front door, no drilling required.

Each mount will be best for different types of users. If you’d like to get a better view of peoples’ faces before you answer the door, go with the wedge mount. Consider the corner mount if you want to adjust your viewing angle as needed. And, if you’re wary about drilling holes on exterior walls, the door mount may be the best choice.

Wired vs. Battery-Powered Installations

Blink Doorbell allows users to power their doorbell through electricity or AA lithium batteries. If you’re replacing an older doorbell with a Blink Doorbell, a wired installation may be easier because you can use the pre-existing holes and wires from your old doorbell.

If this is your first doorbell, it’s much easier to do a battery-powered installation. Blink includes two AA batteries in your doorbell package, which last up to two years and are easy to replace. If you’d rather go with a wired installation, hire a technician to make a new connection.

Where Your Old Doorbell Was Located

If you’re replacing a traditional doorbell, you may want to place your new Blink Doorbell in the same spot. This allows for easier wiring (if you choose a wired installation) and will eliminate any eyesores from holes or wires where the old doorbell was located.

However, because traditional doorbells do not include cameras, the old location may not be at the best height to install your Blink Video Doorbell. Choosing the right mount can help, but the viewing angle should be your number one priority when deciding where to mount your Blink Doorbell.

How to Mount the Blink Doorbell

Your Blink Doorbell package will provide most of the tools needed for installation, including:

  • Screws
  • Batteries
  • Template
  • Backplate

The only other tools you will need for installation are a screwdriver or power drill. Now, decide whether you want a battery-powered or wired installation and follow the corresponding steps below.

How to Mount a Battery-Powered Blink Doorbell

Eliminating the wiring aspect makes installing a Blink Doorbell much easier. Place the batteries inside your Blink Doorbell, then follow the steps below:

  • Place the template on the wall about 40-48 inches off the ground. Pre-drill holes at the circles on both ends.
  • Align the backplate with the holes and screw it into place. Don’t screw it in too tight, or you may break the plastic plate. 
  • Slide the doorbell over the backplate, pushing it against the mount, then slide down until you hear a click.

Now, your Blink Doorbell is ready for use.

How to Mount a Wired Blink Doorbell

Mounting your Blink Doorbell through a wired connection is a bit more complicated, but the process is significantly easier if you’re using existing wiring from an old doorbell. Follow the steps below:

  • Connect the two doorbell wires to each screw at the backplate.
  • Screw both holes at the top of the backplate into the wall, being careful not to screw too tight.
  • Mount the doorbell by holding it diagonally against the top of the backplate. Then, push it against the plate and slide until you hear a click.

Now you’re ready to connect your doorbell to the Blink app and adjust your settings as needed.


The Blink Doorbell is a cutting-edge piece of technology that’s easy to install and guarantees home security. However, it’s important to mount the doorbell 40-48 inches from the ground to ensure the best field of view. Be sure to consider the type of mount you’ll use and the installation method you prefer before deciding on a final mounting position.

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