Why Does My Blink Doorbell Keep Going Offline? 

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One of the biggest issues that users run into with smart home doorbell systems is when the doorbell keeps going offline. When the Blink doorbell loses a wireless signal, it can’t activate the doorbell or record video through the doorbell camera. 

Blink Doorbells keep going offline when they lack battery power or a stable wireless Internet connection. Checking the battery power on the Blink Doorbell and the connectivity of the wireless signal can help resolve intermittent problems where the doorbell goes offline. 

If your Blink Doorbell keeps going offline, there are usually a few easy ways to fix it. Read on to learn more about Blink connectivity issues and how you can resolve them at home. 

Why Blink Doorbell Goes Offline

There are two major reasons why the Blink Doorbell goes offline. Here are the main causes you should suspect: 

  • Wi-Fi issues: If the Wi-Fi signal that the Blink Doorbell is operating on is unstable or missing, this will prevent the Blink Doorbell from operating. The Blink Doorbell requires a high-speed wireless Internet connection to operate.  
  • Battery issues: Low power on the battery in the Blink Doorbell can keep the doorbell camera from functioning. This is usually indicated through a “Live View failed” or “Live View not supported” pop-up message when the Live View on the Blink is activated.

If either of these issues is the cause of the Blink Doorbell going offline, they can usually be fixed by troubleshooting the doorbell. The first potential problem you should look at is the doorbell’s battery charge. 

Low Battery and Blink Connectivity Issues

The Blink Doorbell system requires a working battery power source in order to receive and cast wireless signals to the sync module and your smart device. Without battery power, the Blink doorbell will go offline. If your Blink Doorbell starts going offline intermittently and your wireless signal is working, this may be an indication that your battery power in the Blink is low. 

To resolve battery issues in your Blink Doorbell that affect the doorbell going offline, follow these steps: 

  • Remove the battery from the battery compartment. Take the doorbell faceplate off and remove the battery pack. Place the battery pack on a charger and make sure that it is fully charged. (Note: Alternately, you can replace the battery pack with a back-up battery pack if you already have one charged up.) 
  • Replace the battery. Once you have a charged battery for the Blink Doorbell, put the battery back in the battery compartment and replace the battery compartment cover. 
  • Check the Blink Doorbell’s connectivity. If the offline issues on the Blink Doorbell were related to a low battery issue, recharging the battery should resolve the problem and the Blink Doorbell should maintain a steady wireless signal. 

While the battery pack in a Blink Doorbell lasts for a relatively long time, running the Blink on a lower speed Internet network or accessing the Live View recording function regularly can reduce the life of the doorbell’s battery. 

If charging the battery doesn’t fix the problem of your Blink Doorbell going offline, the next potential cause you should look at is the Wi-Fi signal. 

Wi-Fi Connectivity and Blink Doorbell Problems

Another potential reason why your Blink Doorbell might be getting knocked offline is due to a slow or unstable wireless Internet connection. Because it records live video and operates on a wireless signal, the Blink Doorbell requires a steady, high-speed Internet connection to work correctly. 

To check Wi-Fi connectivity on your Blink Doorbell system, perform the following: 

  • Check to see if the Wi-Fi signal is operational. Access your Internet signal on a smartphone or tablet Wi-Fi menu and see if the signal is working. If the signal is not showing up as operational, then the wireless signal needs to be reset manually at the modem. You can also try turning the Wi-Fi off and on again to reestablish a signal.
  • Check your Internet speed. Even if the Internet wireless signal is showing up as operational, if the Internet is bogged down by multiple devices, this can cause the Internet to work too slowly to maintain Blink service.

Sometimes if the Wi-Fi signal isn’t working, this is a temporary problem caused by maintenance on the network, storms, or other variables. If your wireless signal is usually strong, try waiting a few hours before rebooting the modem and reconnecting the Blink Doorbell. 

It’s also important to know what your general Internet speed is before you try to install smart home technology like Blink doorbells and cameras. This system requires an Internet speed of at least 2 Megabytes-per-second to operate correctly. Without a high-speed Internet connection, you won’t be able to keep your Blink doorbell system online consistently. 

Blink Doorbell Connectivity Issues Are Easy to Fix

In most cases, when your Blink Doorbell keeps going offline, it can be easily resolved by checking the doorbell’s battery levels and the wireless signal network. Resetting your Internet modem and power cycling the doorbell can usually get your system up and running again in no time. 

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