Can You Use Blink Doorbell Without the Sync Module? (Or Any Blink Camera)

Blink cameras and sync moduleBlink cameras and sync module

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Blink security cameras, like the Blink Video Doorbell, are some of the most affordable home security devices on the market. But since many Blink devices require a Sync Module 2, some wonder if they can forego this additional expense.

Is the Blink Doorbell Usable without a Sync Module?

It’s possible to use the Blink Doorbell without a Sync Module 2. However, it won’t be more than an outdoor camera, as you will only be able to use the system in Event Response mode.

Blink app with sync module vs module

While Event Response mode is useful, it doesn’t let you use your Blink Doorbell to its fullest potential. If you want to get the most out of your smart doorbell, you need a Sync Module.

What is Event Response Mode?

When a Blink Doorbell is in Event Response mode, you can only check your Live View when the camera detects motion or someone presses the doorbell button

Your Blink Doorbell will enter Event Response mode if it’s not connected to a Sync Module to conserve battery power. It limits the features you can use, from Live View to video recording.

Here’s what you’ll have access to in Event Response mode:

FeatureDoorbell Access in Event Response
Motion NotificationsYes
Blink App NotificationsYes
Live View Through Blink AppWhen motion is detected
Live Video Through AlexaWhen motion is detected
Save Motion ClipsNo
Save Live ViewsNo
Photo CaptureNo
Photo ThumbnailNo
Activity ZonesNo
Privacy ZonesNo

If you’re fine with limited notifications about your front door, using the doorbell as-is is fine. However, you won’t have as much ability as you would with a Sync Module.

What is the Sync Module?

The Blink Sync Module 2 is designed to connect to up to ten Blink devices at once. With the Sync Module 2, your doorbell will permanently connect to Wi-Fi and have a significantly longer battery life. 

The Sync Module also allows you to record without a Blink subscription plan. All you need is an SD card and USB flash drive with a card reader.

Is There An Alternative to the Sync Module?

If you don’t want the Sync Module, opt for the wired version of the Blink Video Doorbell and pay for the subscription. 

A Blink subscription and wired connection will allow you to access the following: 

FeatureDoorbell Access in Event Response
Motion NotificationsYes
Blink App NotificationsYes
Live View Through Blink AppYes
Live View Through AlexaYes
Save Motion ClipsYes
Save Live ViewsYes
Photo CaptureYes
Photo ThumbnailYes
Activity ZonesYes
Privacy ZonesYes

A Blink subscription plan is worth it if you don’t have a Sync Module, though it won’t extend the battery life.

FAQ: Blink Video Doorbell and Sync Module

Blink cameras

Does the Blink Video Doorbell Come with a Sync Module?

The Blink Video Doorbell does not include a Sync Module. However, it is possible to bundle the devices and purchase them at the same time.

Can You Use the Blink Doorbell without a Wi-Fi Network?

Without a Wi-Fi connection, your Blink Doorbell will continue to detect motion. However, it won’t be able to:

  • Show you Live View
  • Record or store footage
  • Complete firmware updates

Why is My Blink Doorbell Not Saving Clips to Local Storage?

If your Blink Doorbell isn’t saving to local storage, there could be trouble with the Wi-Fi connection. Try to take some steps to improve your Wi-Fi signal.

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