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Can You Use Blink Doorbell Without the Sync Module?

Last Updated Aug 10, 2022
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The Blink video doorbell is a great pick when you are looking for a video doorbell and is ingrained in the Amazon Echo ecosystem. It can be installed in a completely wireless setup and features HD video, motion detection two-way audio, and more. But can you use the Blink video doorbell without a Sync Module?

You can use and operate a Blink video doorbell without the Sync module, but you will miss out on some features and lose some battery life.

Today, we will look at which features will not be available without a Sync Module and what other options are available in the video doorbell market. Read on to reap the benefits of our research and testing.

What are the Blink Doorbell and Sync Module?

With the Blink video doorbell, you can answer your door from anywhere in the world by using your smartphone. During the day, you will get stunning 1080p video and infrared video during the night.

One of the best things about the Blink video doorbell is that you can install it wirelessly with it being powered by two AA batteries. It integrates seamlessly with Alexa, and you can add voice control by syncing it with a screen device.

The Sync module gives network details and commands to the devices it manages. Because the Sync module is plugged into an outlet and always available, it allows Blink video doorbell users to experience better battery life than without the module.

Another benefit of the Sync module is that it can automatically save clips onto a USB drive instead of paying for a Blink subscription to store files. You can then view those files in the Blink app.

What Do You Lose from Not Using a Sync Module?

As mentioned before, there are a few handy features that you would lose out on if you do not connect your Blink video doorbell to a Sync module. One simple feature you lose is the battery power savings. Granted, a Blink video doorbell uses AA batteries which can be replaced cheaply and easily, or you could invest in some rechargeable batteries to cut down on waste.

Another feature you do not get from a Blink video doorbell is video clip storage. The Blink itself does not have local storage and requires a subscription plan if you want cloud storage of video files. The Sync module, though, has local storage onto a USB drive letting you skip the subscription.

Finally, the Blink video doorbell will be put into Event Response mode without a wired connection or a Sync Module. This means that you will only get alerts for motion and doorbell presses. You would have to tap a notification within 60 seconds to be able to enter Live View with two-way talk.

Losing these features is not a deal breaker, but it could influence your decision to purchase a Blink video doorbell.

What are some Other Options?

Amazon is a huge tech company with almost limitless resources at its disposal. They are not, however, the only company with a video doorbell available. Here are some other options for you to consider.

Ezviz DB1C Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

The DB1C is an affordable video doorbell option that can still give you some great features. The video quality is very good for the price and it has a great, wide viewing angle to give you great coverage. It also supports Alexa and Google voice commands, so you can still integrate it into your ecosystem. It has intelligent motion detection to be able to differentiate between a car and a person for example.

Probably the biggest drawback is that it is not wireless. You have to hardwire the doorbell in, but some customers may prefer that to battery power. Another minor drawback is that any Alexa-streamed video is locked into fisheye mode.

RemoBell S

The RemoBell S is another affordable video doorbell that offers some great features. It has great video quality, motion detection, and even offers free cloud storage, which is a great added value. It is easy to install and will also work with your Google and Alexa voice commands.

This one has the same drawbacks as the DB1C, though. You have to hardwire the doorbell, and the video is recorded in fisheye mode.

Toucan Wireless Video Doorbell

The final alternative on our list is the Toucan wireless video doorbell. This video doorbell is completely wireless, so you do not have to worry about running new wires if there are not any already available. It has great video quality, free cloud storage, a remote chime included, and will also work with your Google and Alexa voice commands.

The drawbacks are that it does not support HomeKit or IFTTT and has very limited third-party integration.


As you can see, a Sync module is not absolutely necessary to run your Blink video doorbell. You will lose out on some features, but none of them are deal breakers. There are also some alternatives out there if you are not married to the Amazon Alexa ecosystem or want something from a smaller company.

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