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How to Reset Blink Camera

Last Updated Mar 24, 2022
blink sync module

The first step to fixing any troubleshooting issue with a piece of tech is to restart the device, and the same is true for Blink cameras. However, since Blink cameras connect to a hub called the Sync Module, this made me wonder: should we reset the camera itself or the module? Or both?

To reset a Blink camera, reset the Sync Module by holding down the button on the module’s side until its light turns red; this resets the Blink camera system and requires reinstalling the module in the Blink app to use the camera again. The Blink Mini camera also has a reset button on it since it can operate without a Sync Module.

If your Blink camera is offline, you can often just power cycle your Internet router or Sync Module to get your camera back online. Knowing when you should reset your Blink system versus when you can just power cycle your router and module can save you a lot of time when troubleshooting.

Resetting Your Blink Camera

The Blink Indoor, Outdoor, XT, and XT2 cameras require a Sync Module to operate. The Sync Module connects all your cameras to the Internet. With that said, instead of resetting a specific camera, it’s usually best to reset the whole system using the reset button on the Sync Module.

However, there is a much simpler solution for many issues than resetting your whole Blink system: Power cycle your Internet modem and/or Sync Module by unplugging them and plugging them back in.

When Should I Reset My Blink Camera?

If your camera or Sync Module is offline, we recommend trying to power cycle before resorting to a reset. Power cycling doesn’t require you to reconfigure your system, and it’s an easy first step to try.

If your Blink camera system is offline, try power cycling your Internet modem. Here are the steps to do this:

  1. Unplug your Internet modem and Wi-Fi router.
  2. Wait one minute.
  3. Plug the modem back in.
  4. Once the modem is back online, plug the router in.

You can tell if the Internet power cycle worked by checking the lights on the Sync Module. There should be one solid green and one solid blue light.

If this didn’t fix the problem, power cycle the module:

  1. Unplug the Sync Module power cable.
  2. Wait at least ten seconds.
  3. Plug it back in.
  4. Wait at least one minute for the system to power back up. Look for the solid green and blue lights.

Resetting the Sync Module

Sometimes power cycling does not solve your problem. In that case, you will want to reset your Blink system by resetting the Sync Module.

To reset the module, you will press and hold the reset button on the device’s side—next to the USB port—until the light turns red. This may take 15-30 seconds. You will know that the reset was successful when you see one solid green light and one flashing blue light.

Resetting the Sync Module in this way will put it in “set-up mode.” All connected cameras will go offline. To use your cameras again, you must delete your Sync Module in the Blink app and reinstall it.

To delete and reinstall your Sync Module:

  1. In the Blink app, click on the ? icon.
  2. Select “Delete Sync Module.”
  3. Scan or enter the module’s serial number.
  4. Tap “Delete.”
  5. Go back to the home screen and click on the + sign.
  6. Select “Blink wireless camera system.”
  7. Scan or enter the module’s serial number again.
  8. Select your Blink system.
  9. Tap “Discover Device.”
  10. Click on “Join.”
  11. Select “Done.”

If resetting the Sync Module doesn’t solve your camera issue, contact Blink customer service for additional support.

Resetting Blink Mini Cameras

The Blink Mini does not have to be connected to a Sync Module to operate. If you have a Blink Mini that operates independently, you will need to reset the camera itself.

There is a small reset button on the bottom of the camera. Use the reset button if your camera isn’t connected to the Internet or when you want to connect it to a Sync Module.

You can also power cycle the Mini or delete and reinstall it in the Blink app just like you would with the Sync Module.

In Summary

Resetting your Blink camera system is possible, but it is often unnecessary. When you have issues with your Blink camera, you should first try power cycling your Internet modem, then your Sync Module.

If that doesn’t work, you can reset the Sync Module by pressing the reset button on the side of the device. Resetting requires you to delete the Sync Module in the Blink app and reinstall it, so always try power cycling before resetting.

For folks who have a Blink Mini camera without a Sync Module, you can reset the camera using the reset button on the bottom. 

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