Can Blink Doorbell Work Without Batteries?

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Blink is a home security company owned by Amazon that provides an array of devices to help the everyday home and business owner achieve peace of mind. Among these devices is the Blink video doorbell, which allows owners to receive alerts, and footage and speak through the device virtually anywhere using their connected smartphone. A common question people have before investing in this device is whether they need to worry about battery life when they’re away.

The Blink doorbell is powered by two AA lithium batteries, so its cameras and other features will not work once the battery life has been depleted. The only feature that works regardless of battery life would be your doorbell’s chime if you wired your Blink doorbell to a separate doorbell system.

In this article, we will answer other common questions relating to the Blink doorbell’s power system, such as the difference between its wired and wireless systems, whether it is compatible with rechargeable batteries, and more.

Is the Wired Blink Doorbell System Battery-Free?

A common source of confusion for consumers regarding the Blink doorbell’s power systems is the fact that Amazon claims you can purchase the device in two forms: battery or wired.

This implies that the wired option entails connecting the doorbell to a power source, such as a standard outlet, for all its power needs rather than requiring batteries. But is this true?

Unfortunately, no. The “wired” system for the Blink doorbell is a bit deceiving because what it really refers to is a wired connection to a preexisting doorbell system, not a power source.

It simply allows you to utilize the internal bell system within your house, so you can hear the doorbell from anywhere in your house, rather than having to rely on the battery-powered chime that comes with the Blink doorbell.

Once you’ve confirmed your current doorbell system is compatible with your new Blink doorbell, you’ll still need to insert two AA lithium batteries during the installation process before wiring and mounting it into place.

How Long Do Batteries Last in a Blink Doorbell?

Many consumers are understandably unsettled by the fact that their security system is powered by standard AA batteries that could realistically die at any time. One way that Amazon attempts to put them at ease is by highlighting the Blink doorbell’s “powerful battery life.”

Of course, this is an incredibly vague description. Most people prefer a more concrete figure that represents the average battery lifespan for a Blink doorbell.

While batteries within a Blink doorbell do tend to last several months at a time, the specific amount of time will ultimately depend on a variety of individual factors. The most influential of which would be its frequency of use.

For example, if your Blink doorbell is installed at your front door and you tend to have a lively household where people are frequently checking in or coming and going, then the AA batteries within will probably need to be changed within a few months.

Comparatively, if your Blink doorbell is installed by your back door and/or your household has moderate to low levels of activity, then you might find the batteries last upwards of two years.

It really depends on how often the device is activated, either by you via your smartphone device or physically through the doorbell itself by a visitor.

Other factors that might affect your Blink doorbell’s battery life include:

  • Camera settings
  • Sound settings
  • Temperature
  • Strength of connection to a smartphone and other devices

Simple acts like reducing your usage of your Blink doorbell, ensuring you have a strong internet connection, and utilizing lower camera and sound settings could do wonders for extending its battery life by weeks or even months.

Can You Use Rechargeable Batteries?

Purchasing batteries to power one’s Blink doorbell is an ongoing cost many people, understandably, don’t want to pay for. Not only can this be costly over time, but it isn’t very eco-friendly either.

A cheaper and greener alternative will be to use rechargeable AA batteries if the Blink doorbell permits it.

According to Amazon’s “Blink Support,” the company recommends owners only use AA 1.5 volt Lithium non-rechargeable batteries for the Blink doorbell. They do not advise the use of any Lithium-Ion, alkaline, or rechargeable batteries.

This is the case for most Blink devices. The batteries included with your Blink doorbell are not rechargeable and will, therefore, require replacements once their power has been depleted.

Attempting to use rechargeable AA batteries with your Blink doorbell could cause internal damage to its components since rechargeable batteries are created through an entirely different process than those designed for single use.

Final Thoughts

There are undoubtedly pros and cons to the Blink doorbell being powered by single-use batteries alone, but this also makes installation easy and contributes to the security system’s affordable cost.

Realistically, you shouldn’t have to worry about changing these batteries for months or even years, but if you want to extend their lifespans, try utilizing some of the tips listed above. And always keep a spare pair of AAs on hand when the time comes to give your Blink doorbell a power boost.

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