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Will Blink Doorbell Work with Echo Dot?

Last Updated Jul 21, 2022
Echo Dot

It is very important that every smart home device you own is compatible with your command system. This makes integration seamless and creates a smart home ecosystem. It can not be overstated how crucial it is that your smart home devices be compatible with the home system you are using, regardless of what brand you’re using.

Blink Doorbell works very well with an Echo dot. This is not surprising, as both Amazon products integrate well with the Alexa ecosystem.

Read on to learn how to link your Echo Dot to your Blink Doorbell and set up Alexa with them.

Blink Doorbell and Echo Dot

Using “Skills”, a term that refers to all applications that can be added to Alexa, you can communicate with your blink doorbell and check its camera. Normally, the Blink app allows you to control your Doorbell camera, set routines, change announcements, and view detected motions. This is a very good feature; you can even improve it by connecting your doorbell to your home speaker. The best types of speakers you can use are Alexa-run devices as they offer all the features of the Blink app while having the additional benefit of allowing voice commands. Also, connecting the Blink doorbell with Alexa allows you to use all your smart home devices available for control in one medium.

Since Echo dot has no screen, you won’t be able to access the camera feed with it. However, you can send the feed to a TV or just watch it on your phone or computer. However, they can alert you when the doorbell detects motion and also run the routines you set when such motions are triggered.

How to Link Echo Dot with Blink Doorbell

Having your Blink Doorbell connected to a speaker or central system like Echo dot allows you to control it remotely with voice commands. You can not link the Echo dot itself directly to the Blink doorbell. However, since they are part of the Alexa ecosystem, adding the Blink Doorbell to Alexa indirectly links both devices.

How to Set Up Alexa on Blink Doorbell

When you just get a Blink Doorbell, you have to set it up on Alexa to allow the integration.

  • Open the blink app on your mobile
  • Tap the Account icon in the bottom right corner
  • Tap Link to Alexa
  • Tap the Open Alexa app. Here, you’ll be taken to the Blink Smarthome Skill page on the app.
  • Click on Enable to Use. You’ll then be sent to the link account sign-in page, where you’ll input your Blink account login details.
  • After logging in, follow the authentication process by creating the 4-digit Alexa pin code and verifying with the code sent to your phone. When verification is done, you’ll see a message: “Your Blink SmartHome account has been successfully linked.”
  • Close the page and go to Discover devices in the Alexa app. Here, you’ll see a set-up screen showing all the devices discovered by Alexa.
  • When you see your doorbell, click on it and tap Set Up device. You can rename the device to give it a name that will be easier to pronounce when giving voice commands.
  • There are two Alexa settings for Blink doorbell controls in the Doorbell settings: motion announcements and doorbell press alerts. You can toggle both on to get notifications on your Echo dot.

With Alexa’s live view feature, you can access your doorbell camera from the app.

How to Change Doorbell Announcement Sound

After setting the doorbell announcement to active on Alexa, you can change the sound that will be made as a notification. To do this, go to your Alexa app and tap Cameras. Select the doorbell you want to configure in the list of cameras.

If your doorbell is in Event response mode, you’ll see the settings page directly. However, if it’s in Live view mode, tap the settings icon in the top right corner of the screen. On the Settings page, tap “Doorbell Sound,” and you’ll see the available options. Select the desired sound and save.

Now, the sound will be played before the Alexa announcement whenever your doorbell is pressed.

What Can You Do with Echo Dot?

Screenless Alexa devices like the Echo dot are limited in the functions you can do as regards your Blink doorbell.

Some of the things you can do are:

  • Enable and disable the doorbell
  • Get doorbell press notifications and motion announcements
  • Check recent activity and schedule
  • Do a two-way communication with the doorbell camera

It might not be everything a screened device can do, but at least it’s something.


Amazon Echo Dot and Blink doorbell compliment wonderfully as part of a superlative smart home experience. With the access to Alexa controls you get from the Echo Dot, you can remotely control your doorbell from anywhere in the home with voice commands or even outside the home with the Alexa app.

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