How Do You Open a Blink Doorbell Without the Tools?

Screwdrivers in holderScrewdrivers in holder

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Whether to change the batteries, connect it to a chime, or reset it to the factory settings, you need to open your Blink Doorbell. However, you cannot find the tools included with your doorbell for easy removal. You are now wondering: how can I open a Blink Doorbell without the tools?

Blink Doorbells hold the plastic mounting bracket to the wall with a plastic clip. If you do not have the included removal tools, you can use any hard, thin, and flat tool to open this clip. You might want to use a key or a small screwdriver. 

Below, we will highlight alternative tools you can use to open a Blink Doorbell if you’ve misplaced the one in the package. Keep reading to learn what can be used as a replacement and how to safely remove your Blink Doorbell from the mounting bracket.

What Can I Use to Open a Blink Doorbell?

The paperclip-looking removal tool that comes with Blink Doorbells is easy to lose. The main reason people need to open the backplate is to change the batteries, but because Blink’s batteries can last up to two years, there’s plenty of time to lose track of where you last placed the tool!

You may panic when you realize that you’ve lost the mounting bracket removal tool that comes with your Blink Doorbell. Fortunately, however, there is a wide variety of tools that you can use as a replacement. A flathead screwdriver of about 1 cm in width would work perfectly. If you do not own a screwdriver, you could also use:

  • A key
  • A dull knife
  • A pair of scissors

Whatever tool you choose, it’s important to work carefully to avoid breaking the mounting bracket or other doorbell components. If you’re using a metal object, you must also be careful to avoid getting shocked! Below, we will take a look at how to properly and safely remove the Blink Doorbell from the mounting bracket.

How to Remove a Blink Doorbell from the Mounting Bracket

To disassemble your Blink Doorbell and remove it from the mounting bracket, you will first need to find the right slot. At the bottom of the doorbell, you will see four different slots. Three of those are located in the middle of the bottom surface. These are the doorbell’s speakers. Make sure you do not insert any tools in there, as this will most likely cause irreparable damage to the speakers used for the two-way talk feature. 

The fourth slot, which is slightly larger than the other three, will be located next to the wall mount. This is the one you want to focus on.

The slot leads to a plastic clip that holds the Blink Doorbell to the wall bracket. To disengage the clip, follow the steps below:

  • Clean any debris inside the slot with a pointed object, such as a needle. Do not try to force it, as this could permanently deform the clip.
  • Insert any of the aforementioned tools or anything that fits and seems rigid enough.  
  • Pull the tool gently towards you. This should not require much force at all. If it feels like the clip is not moving, even after clearing it of any debris, use a flashlight to check if anything is blocking it.
  • While disengaging the clip, hold the Blink Doorbell with the other hand. Otherwise, it will fall straight to the ground, potentially damaging the camera or other interior components.

Depending on the mounting bracket you use for your Blink Doorbell, there may or may not be a separate case to weather seal the battery compartment. Some Blink Doorbells have a weather seal between themselves and the mounting bracket, instead. 

Check the specifications of your mounting bracket and keep your setup in mind as you proceed. If you wired your doorbell to a chime box, you’ll also need to keep a close eye on the wires to avoid damage.

Avoid touching any exposed wires. These run on ten amps at 16 to 24 volts, and touching live wires could cause serious injuries. Don’t let your doorbell hang from these wires either, as this could damage the pins in the back. Wear protective gloves or simply turn off the circuit from your fuse box before beginning. 

Wrapping Up

Your Blink Doorbell includes a small paperclip-type tool, which allows for easy opening and removal. However, losing this small tool is not unusual, especially after a long period of time. 

Luckily, any rigid tool that fits into the slot will do the job. Make sure you are inserting the tool into the correct slot, as inserting it into the wrong slot will likely damage the speakers. 

If any debris has accumulated in the slot, clear it out before attempting to open your Blink Doorbell. If you have connected your Blink Doorbell to a chime, wear protective gloves or cut power to the circuit to avoid any accidents.

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