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How Far Can The Blink Camera Be Away From The Sync Module?

Last Updated Sep 26, 2022
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When setting up your smart security system, the last thing you want is to have everything exactly where you want it placed only to find out that your devices are out of range. It is infuriating when you realize that you have to completely redo all of the hard work to adjust your cameras! That’s why it is crucial to find out exactly how far of a range your new devices have to avoid the unnecessary process of trying to figure out why your cameras aren’t connecting properly! 

Blink cameras have an average signal range of 100 feet from the Sync Module. However, there are multiple factors to consider when setting up your cameras that may affect the range of your signal. 

In this article, we will answer the initial question of how far the Blink Camera can be from the Sync Module. We will also provide you with some essential information to assist you with the installation of your new camera.

What Happens if My Camera is Out Of Range? 

Your camera depends on your wifi signal to communicate with your smartphone and alert you. If you place your camera too far out of range, you may miss some alerts due to poor communication. This is not only inconvenient but dangerous! If you have a lot of space to cover, consider a Wifi extender. These devices boost the Wifi signal in your home and can extend the range of your Blink cameras.

Installation Tips To Improve Wifi Signal

When installing your Blink cameras, it is important to take note of factors that may affect your camera’s ability to connect with the Sync Module. In this section, we have provided some troubleshooting tips to keep in mind when choosing a location for your camera. 

When placing your cameras, there are a few things to keep in mind, which we have listed for you below: 

  • The cameras use two types of signals to communicate, LF radio and Wi-Fi. Your Sync Module needs to utilize both of these connections to work effectively. If either device is showing less than three bars of connectivity, you may need to reboot your router or devices. 
  • Putting your Sync Module behind dense building materials can interfere with signal strength. These materials can include concrete, brick, thicker than usual walls, or even a large aquarium.
  • The sync module should be in a central location where it receives good signals from the router and the cameras.
  • Your Blink camera runs on a 2.4GHZ frequency. As most smartphones run on a 5.0GHZ frequency, you may need to change this setting on your router.
  • The use of a Virtual Private Router(VPN) on your phone may cause an interruption in connectivity. Make sure to turn your VPN off before connecting your camera and Sync Module.

How To Check Your Signal Strength

Checking your Blink camera’s signal is an easy process that will ensure that you have the best signal strength for features such as Live View feeds, sending alerts, and updating your motion clips. Performance issues can be best circumvented by making sure the Sync Module and your Blink camera are both showing three bars of connectivity.

The Sync Module sends information from Blink servers to the system devices through Wi-Fi and Low-Frequency Radio. Cameras receive information, send images, and provide warnings of alerts through wireless connections. 

To check your signal strength for the Sync Module using the Blink App, follow the steps below: 

  1. On the Blink App Home Screen, select the Signal Strength icon. This icon resembles the standard Wifi signal.
  2. Select Sync Module if the app does not automatically direct you to this menu.  
  3. Your signal strength should display immediately.

To check the signal strength for individual Blink cameras, follow these steps: 

  1. On the main screen of your Blink App, select the camera you wish to check
  2. Select the three-lined icon next to the camera. This will take you to the Camera Settings screen. 
  3.    On the Camera Settings Screen, scroll and select Update to check the latest notifications for both the Wifi and Camera to Sync settings. 
  • The same setting appears for the Mini Camera, but will only show the Wifi signal strength as the Mini Cameras do not require the Sync Module to function. 


Connectivity between devices can be a challenge, but often the simplest answer is the correct answer. In this article, we answered our original question of how far the Blink Camera can be away from the Sync Module, as well as prepared you with instructions on how to check your connectivity and some troubleshooting tips and tricks for how to improve your connectivity!

With this quick and easy guide, you’ll have your new Blink Camera up and running in no time!