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Why Can’t I See Live View on Blink Doorbell?

Last Updated Jul 28, 2022
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Live View is one of the most useful features of the Blink Doorbell system, but you might run into a problem where the Live View on your doorbell stops working. Luckily, this is an issue that can usually be fixed with a few simple troubleshooting steps. 

If the Live View on the Blink Doorbell is not working, the malfunction is usually the result of a broken Internet connection or low battery. Charging the battery or resetting the connection can restore connectivity and the Live View function. Moving the Sync Module closer to the doorbell can also help. 

Fixing the Live View on your Blink Doorbell isn’t a job for a repair tech. You should be able to manage it just fine right at home. Read on to learn more about troubleshooting the Live View on the Blink Doorbell and how to get it working. 

Reasons Live View Isn’t Working on the Blink Doorbell

There are a few common reasons why Live View may go out on the Blink Doorbell, even if the Live View function was working correctly before. Here are the most typical problems you’ll run into with Live View: 

  • Internet connection is too slow: The Live View function requires a certain level of bandwidth and Internet speed in order for the device to process real-time video effectively. If the Internet connection slows down, this may interfere with Live View feedback. Reserving bandwidth by shutting down other devices on the network can help.
  • Internet connection is unstable: If the wireless connection in the home is unstable or cuts off sporadically, this can prevent the Live View function from playing back. The connection may also be unstable if the indoor Blink chime is too far from the doorbell. Moving the Sync Module closer can sometimes solve an unstable connection.
  • Low battery power: If the Blink Doorbell has low battery power, it might not have enough power to run the Live View function since the Live View function is one of the most taxing functions that the device can perform. In this case, recharging the Blink Doorbell should restore Live View functionality. 

Other than not being able to use the function, Live View will also provide pop-up messages to alert the user that something in the Blink system is preventing Live View playback. Here are two of the messages you’re likely to see if your Live View system fails:

  • “Live View not supported”
  • “Live View failed”

If you see either of these messages appear when you try to use the Live View function, it’s time to start looking at some potential causes for the problem. 

How to Activate Live View on Blink Doorbells

When the Live View function on a Blink Doorbell isn’t working, there are several troubleshooting steps you can take to restore functionality to the doorbell camera. Here are the steps you should take in troubleshooting your Blink Doorbell Live View: 

  • Check the battery charge on the Blink Doorbell. If you have one available, replace the lithium battery pack in your Blink Doorbell with a back-up battery pack, or remove the battery pack and charge it. Once you have a charged battery pack, replace it and try the Live View function again.
    Check the wireless modem. If your battery is fine, the next thing to check to restore Live View on the Blink Doorbell is your Internet connection. Try resetting the modem manually to refresh the wireless signal. You can also check the status of your wireless signal on a nearby laptop or smart device. 
  • Check your Internet speed. The Blink system requires a high-speed Internet connection of at least 2 megabytes-per-second. If you test your Internet speed and it’s slower than that, the slow speed may be the culprit for the Live View failure. Increase your Internet speed or shut down other devices that are bogging down the signal. 

Addressing these three issues can usually solve most Live View problems. If your Internet signal is unstable or down, try waiting a few hours before accessing the Live View again. Sometimes intermittent wireless signal problems are the result of maintenance or other temporary issues. 

Are Blink Cameras Live All the Time? 

Blink doorbells are not designed to record continuously. Instead, these doorbell cameras operate on motion detection and record short video clips to document when people approach the doorway. 

Blink Doorbell users can also access these cameras for short intervals to use them as a digital peephole. However, this Live View is turned on manually as needed and does not record live video throughout the day. 

Live View Issues With Blink Are Usually Signal Related

If you run into problems with your Blink Doorbell’s Live View feature, it’s probably the result of the signal in the doorbell not reaching the chime. Addressing potential low battery or connectivity issues can reestablish the sync between the module and the doorbell and make it possible to see Live View again if you’ve lost your Live View signal. 

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