Why Does Samsung TV Disconnect From WiFi? 6 Fixes To Try

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Smart TVs without the internet are basically just standard model TVs. Which wouldn’t be so bad except that we have become extremely accustomed to being able to stream movies, shows, games, and pretty much anything we could dream of with the press of a button. So when your Samsung TV continues to disconnect from the WiFi, it can be pretty annoying, but the good news is, there are quite a few ways to fix the problem. 

Here are 6 easy fixes to get your Samsung TV reconnected, and keep it connected! We’ve even put them in order from simplest to most challenging, so go ahead and start at the top and work your way down. We’re sure you will have it sorted in no time!

Turn the TV On and Off

Don’t be embarrassed if you’ve been pulling your hair out trying to think of how to fix your TV’s connection problem, but forgot the tried and true tactic of simply turning it on and off. It happens to the best of us, but now that it’s written right here in bold, go ahead and turn off the television for five minutes, maybe even unplug it from the wall, before plugging it back in and turning it on. 

If it works, get back to your chosen entertainment and enjoy! But if not, don’t worry, we have 5 more tricks to try before you give up and read a book. 

Check Your Wireless Password

Once again, this is a fairly simple solution for a frustrating problem, but most people don’t think of it. To make sure you have entered the correct WiFi password for your router follow these easy steps:

  • Select the HOME button on your remote.
  • Select your desired wireless network and click SHOW PASSWORD
  • Ensure that it is the right password for that router. 

You would think that a wireless network would inform you if you entered the wrong password, but sometimes it’s just a glitch and it’s so easy to fix!

Reset the Network Settings

If your Samsung TV is still having trouble connecting, it’s a good idea to reset the network settings. 

  • Select the HOME button on your remote.
  • Click RESET NETWORK, and then YES.
  • From here, restart your TV and then reconnect to your chosen network.

Hopefully, your TV is now connected, but if not, don’t get discouraged, there are a few more options to try!

Move the WiFi Router

Even though WiFi seems to be everywhere these days, your home router is not quite as strong as you might think. Fixing your TV’s connectivity problem could be as simple as moving your router a little closer to the television. 

It’s important to make sure there is no interference between the two devices. If there are too many other tech products between the router and the TV, such as an Alexa, baby monitors, or gaming systems, the connection could be affected. The construction of your home could also be a problem. Dense materials, like a cement or adobe wall, could also interfere with a strong connection.

If you see that your wireless network is having to fight through an obstacle course to reach your TV, try moving it to a different location so it has a more direct route. 

This is a little more work than just pressing a button on the remote, but it could make all the difference. 

Reset Your Router

Resetting your router is just as simple as resetting your television. Simply unplug the router for ten minutes, then plug it back in and wait a few moments for it to load. 

From there, use your Samsung TV remote to navigate to SETTINGS>GENERAL>NETWORK>

OPEN NETWORK SETTINGS>WIRELESS. Connect to your desired network and see if that was your solution!

Manually Set the DNS Server 

It gets a little more involved here, but most users can still access this solution with some guidance. 

Usually, your electronic devices that connect to the internet automatically find the Domain Name System (DNS) and its IP address so you don’t have to worry about it! But if your Samsung television still isn’t connecting to your wireless internet, it’s time to learn how to change it manually. 

  • Cancel the automated test and select IP SETTINGS.
  • The DNS code is
  • Select DONE, and attempt to connect. 

Once again, this could be all you need to know! If your television’s connection is now secure, you can move on, but if not, you will probably need to contact the Samsung support team


Sometimes even Samsung smart TVs, which are some of the best in the business, have issues, and unfortunately, connectivity problems are fairly common. 

The good news is, you now know 6 easy step-by-step solutions to try from the comfort of your home! 

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