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Can’t Connect Samsung TV to Wifi – Troubleshooting Tips

Last Updated Mar 2, 2022
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Most of the Samsung televisions are smart now TVs, which means they can connect to the internet so that you can use all the amazing built-in features, access almost unlimited programs through apps, and even control the television with your phone or smart home devices. However, all of these exciting options are essentially useless without WiFi. If you can’t connect your Samsung TV to WiFi, here’s what you need to know.

Can’t connect your Samsung TV to WiFi? It’s most likely an issue with your wireless internet. You may need to move your router, or restart,  update, or reconfigure your television or router. 

In this article, we will go through the step-by-step directions for each troubleshooting option and hopefully, you will soon have your Samsung TV successfully connected to the WiFi in your home so you can continue enjoying everything your smart TV has to offer. 

How To Find Out Why Your Samsung TV Won’t Connect to WiFi

The first step in solving your WiFi problem is to first figure out if it is your Samsung TV that is having the problem or if it is your wireless network that is causing the trouble. 

Connect Another Smart Device to your WiFi

To do so simply sit or stand near your Samsung TV and use your smartphone, laptop, or any other device with WiFi capabilities and try to connect to the same network. 

If it won’t connect or shows low connection strength, you will need to follow the steps to adjust your router. However, if it connects perfectly, it’s probably your Samsung television that needs your attention. 

Connect your Samsung TV to another WiFi Network

Another way to ensure you know what the problem is before attempting each of these troubleshooting solutions is to try to connect your Samsung TV to another wireless network. If you don’t have a second one at home, you can turn on the hotspot on your smartphone and attempt to connect the two.

If it works, it is not your television, but your home internet that is having the issue.

Now that you have established which device is inhibiting your Samsung TV from connecting to your WiFi, we can go ahead and fix the problem!

How to Fix Your Router and Home WiFi

If some of your home devices, including your Samsung TV, are not properly connecting to your wireless network, don’t worry! There are a few simple tricks to get you fully connected!

Check For Interference

Although almost every home relies heavily on its WiFi to fully function, it may surprise you to learn that home routers are not actually all that strong. 

In fact, the network can not move through dense materials such as concrete, adobe, or even brick very well. So first, you need to look at the route your network has to take from the router to the television and if it has to move through several dense walls, you will need to move your router. 

Before you do that, there are a few other things you need to know about your router’s placement. 

  • The router should be within 30 feet of your Samsung TV.
  • Devices such as baby monitors and microwaves can cause interference and should not be within the direct line from the router to the TV.
  • Too many Bluetooth devices can cause interference. 

With this information, you can try moving the router and see if that does the trick!

Restart the Router

Turning any electronic device off and then back on has always been one of the most successful tricks of the trade!

To restart your router, simply unplug it from the wall for about three minutes and then plug it back in again. It will take a few minutes to reboot, but you might just have fixed the problem!

Contact your Internet Service Provider

Unfortunately, you will probably have to reach out to your ISP (internet service provider) if your Samsung TV still will not connect to your home WiFi.

How to Fix your Samsung TV

If you already established that your WiFi is working perfectly by testing it on other devices, it is your Samsung TV that is having a problem connecting. 

In order to fix this issue, there are a few solutions:

  • Restart your television by unplugging it for several minutes then plug it back it.
  • Run any updates on your TV in the SETTINGS section of the menu.
  • Use the Samsung troubleshooting page to follow their step-by-step instructions. 
  • Contact Samsung directly. 

Hopefully one of these simple solutions has solved your problem and you can now successfully connect your Samsung TV to your wireless internet!

Final Thoughts

Connecting your Samsung TV to the WiFi in your home should be easy, but if you can’t connect, it is important to first find out which device is causing the trouble, the router itself or your television. 

Luckily, you now have all the tools you need to try to fix each device and reconnect so you can continue enjoying your smart TV!

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