How to Factory Reset a Samsung TV Without a Remote

USB keyboard in front of Samsung TVUSB keyboard in front of Samsung TV

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Is your Samsung tv frozen and not working 100%? You may need to perform a factory reset, and if you’ve lost the remote, that can be even more difficult.

To factory reset a Samsung tv without a remote, you have 3 options:

  1. Attach a keyboard via USB
  2. Use Smartphone with App as remote
  3. Hard Reset using TV buttons

While a factory reset will most likely solve your issue; it will completely erase all settings. Therefore, if possible, try softer options first, like a soft or hub reset. However, if your issues warrant a factory reset, this article walks you through the options to get your tv running properly again.

Factory Reset vs Soft Reset

A factory or hard reset is a reset where it will delete all your TV’s data and settings and restore it back to it’s original state.

You will lose all settings such as Wi-Fi, Apps downloaded and data, files, Google accounts and other logins, and more. This included TV settings such display settings or scheduled timers.

A soft reset is a reset where all your TV’s data and setting is preserved, but simply shuts it down completely for a short period of time and restarts.

When you turn off your TV, it’s actually in standby mode and its still drawing a small amount of electricity. By doing a soft reset, you completely 100% shut down the TV for a short period of time and this will often times resolve minor issues.

When Should I Soft Reset my Samsung TV?

The first thing you should do when you run into an issue is to simply turn it off and on. If that doesn’t work, then the next step is a soft reset.

Soft Reset a Samsung tv is a good idea when:

  • If your tv is frozen or stuck on a screen.
  • If your tv will not turn on.
  • If your tv is lagging in performance.

If performing a soft reset doesn’t work, then you move on to a hard reset or a Factory Reset.

How Do You Perform a Soft Reset on a Samsung TV?

Follow these steps to perform a soft reset for a Samsung TV:

  1. Turn off your Samsung TV
  2. Unplug the TV from the wall
  3. Press and hold the power button on the TV for 15 seconds
    Press and hold the power button on Samsung TV
  4. Release the power button
  5. Wait for 30 seconds to pass
  6. Plug the TV back in

When is A Factory Reset Necessary?

Factory Resetting may be necessary for a few different reasons:

  • If you are going to sell your Samsung tv to a new owner.
  • If you purchased the tv from someone else and need to start fresh.
  • Prior issue wasn’t resolved by a Soft reset.

How Do You Perform a Soft Reset on a Samsung TV?

To perform a factory reset:

To perform a factory reset on your Samsung TV, follow the steps we have outlined for you below: 

  1. Select Settings
    Select Settings
  2. Select General or General & Privacy
    Select general
  3. Select Reset
    Select reset
  4. Enter your PIN, or the default PIN 0000
  5. Select Reset
  6. Select OK to begin the reset

How to Factory Reset a Samsung TV Without a Remote

Factory resetting a Samsung TV is not a difficult task to achieve, but it does become more challenging if trying to do so without a remote. Try these 3 methods below to accomplish the task.

#1 Keyboard Method

One way to access your Samsung TV’s settings without a remote is by using a keyboard that can connect via USB.

USB keyboard and plugging it into the TV

Steps to connect a keyboard to your Samsung TV:

  1. Find a USB keyboard
  2. Locate the USB port on the back of the TV
  3. Plug the keyboard into the USB port (TV should automatically connect to the keyboard)
  4. Access settings by pressing the windows or command key

#2 Samsung SmartThings App

Samsung SmartThings app

The Samsung SmartThings app will allow you to use your phone as a remote for your Samsung TV to enter the settings menu.

Follow these steps to access TV settings via SmartThings app:

  1. Download the Samsung SmartThings app in the app store on your mobile device.
  2. Sign into your Samsung account or create a new account.
  3. Tap the + in the corner to add your Samsung TV.
  4. Tap on “device.”
  5. Select “TV.”
  6. Select “Samsung.”
  7. Choose “TV” once again.
  8. Follow the instructions that appear on the screen to connect to your TV.

Now that you have a way of navigating through the tv settings, you can move forward with the appropriate reset.

#3 Hard Reset Using TV Buttons

Factory resetting a Samsung TV with the outer buttons is probably the most common method; however, depending on how far away your TV outlet is from the TV, you may need to grab a second pair of hands to help.

To factory reset your TV via outer button’s

  1. Unplug your device from the power outlet.
  2. Locate the “power” button.
  3. Locate the “volume down” button.
  4. Press and hold both buttons simultaneously.
  5. While holding these buttons down, have someone else plug the Samsung TV into the power outlet.
  6. Once the TV is connected to the power source, you will see a reset screen appear.
  7. Use the volume buttons to follow the on-screen prompts.

Common Questions

How to Change the Aspect Ratio or Picture size on a Samsung TV

On your Samsung TV, go to your Settings Menu, then go into the Screen Adjustment Tab or the Picture settings.

Why is my Samsung TV Sound and Picture out of Sync

Your Samsung TV Picture and Sound Sync could be fixed by going into the Settings and changing the audio settings to fine tune your audio sync. It could also be a delay caused by your Soundbar.

Why Does My Samsung TV Keep Turning Off?

Your Samsung TV could be turning off because of outdated software, overheating issues, power supply or power cord issue, or there may be a scheduled timer to shut off the TV.

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