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How to Fix Samsung TV Error Code 107

Last Updated Dec 9, 2021
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It’s difficult to break down what exactly an OpenAPI entails, outside of the standpoint for what constitutes “creation” and how it works with a Samsung TV. It does have a lot to do with machine learning, and OpenAPI failure is the source behind the Error 107 code.

Regardless of what causes this error code, it is usually fixable, and troubleshooting it may involve correcting bad firmware or trouble from your ISP, changing your router configuration, and fixing incorrect TV settings; read on to learn more.

Correct the Firmware

A 107 error code usually means that your Samsung TV will not be able to connect to the internet. The first thing that you always want to do in these situations is confirm that your Samsung TV is the lone device with an issue. If it’s not alone, then you know your problem is with the internet/ISP and not with your Samsung TV.

As far as troubleshooting goes, you should try correcting the firmware version on your TV first. It’s possible that the newest update may be causing the issue; but, to roll back the most recent firmware upgrade that’s potentially causing the issue or update to the newest firmware, you’ll need another option.

Most Samsung Smart TVs have USB ports, and you’ll need to download the rolled back firmware or new firmware to a USB flash drive, plug it into the Samsung TV’s port, and change your firmware that way:

  1. On a PC or Mac, go to the Samsung Download Center.
  2. Select Product Type.
  3. Search for your TV or enter Model Number.
  4. Locate the newest firmware or the firmware just before your current Samsung TV firmware.
  5. Download the compressed file.
  6. Unzip the file and move the folder over to your USB thumb drive.
  7. Plug the USB drive into the USB port on your Samsung TV.
  8. On your Samsung TV remote, go to Settings.
  9. Select Support > Software Update.
  10. Select Update Now > Yes.

Your Samsung TV will automatically pull the update from your USB if the TV is not connected to the internet. If it is still connected, disconnect it from the internet so that the only option is to update from the USB drive.

Change Your Router Configuration

Reconfiguring your router accomplishes two things, making some trial and error changes and rebooting your router. To reconfigure your router, you need to navigate to your router’s page on a computer, preferably a laptop or desktop. Here is a list of IP addresses for your router.

You’ll need to log in to your router; the Username is usually Admin with Password being the password. However, you can check the bottom of your router, which will usually have it listed.

  1. Log in with Username and Password.
  2. Go to Wireless Settings.
  3. If you’re on a 2.4GHz band, make sure your channels are 1, 6, or 11.
  4. Make sure you are using WPA2 or better security protocols.
  5. If you’re on a 5.0GHz band, ensure your channels are 36-48 or 149-165.
  6. Select Apply or Save Settings.

After this, your router will reboot, and your Samsung TV should reconnect if router configuration was the issue.

Fix Your Samsung TV Settings

Sometimes, you just need to readjust or all-out reset your Samsung TV to shake some sense back into it and get it back on the same page as your router.

  1. Use the remote to open Settings.
  2. Select the Support menu.
  3. Select Self-Diagnosis.
  4. Select Reset.
  5. Enter the PIN code, which is 0000 at default, unless you have changed it.

Once everything is done, attempt to connect to the Wi-Fi again. If everything connects and is back up and running again, make sure you remember this, as you may need this knowledge to repeat those steps in the future.

What if the Issue is the ISP?

When it comes to your ISP, there’s really no telling, and if you’ve exhausted all of the above, then the issue is likely on their end. Depending on who you have to deal with, you may be able to get things rolling again quickly.

The unfortunate aspect of dealing with an ISP is that they are usually micro-monopolies, with different ISPs exclusive to certain areas of town in a gridlike fashion. When this happens, customer service takes a nosedive.

When they know that they are your only option, going out of the way to help you isn’t generally at the top of their priority list. So if you have to deal with customer service, remember to be patient and continue to escalate until you get to someone who can help you.

Final Thoughts

The first few options above will fix 90% of the problems that cause a 107 error code to pop up on your Samsung TV. The other 10% is usually on the ISP’s end. In that case, patience is your greatest friend.

Regardless, Samsung TVs aren’t known for having troublesome connection issues. When they manufacture their TVs, they’re well aware of the vast array of routers, modems, gateways, ISPs, connectivity types, communication protocols, etc.

If you ever run into a problem with a 107 error code, however, the above-listed steps will likely resolve it quickly, and you can get back to enjoying all of the great features that Samsung TVs have to offer.