Where is the App Store on a Samsung TV?

Samsung TV app storeSamsung TV app store

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Every Samsung TV has an app store where you can download apps to enjoy on the TV. There are over 200 apps you can choose from, with a wide range of niches.

The app store of Samsung smart TVs can be found on the homepage of the TV. It is not difficult to access as you will find the App store alongside the list of Apps on the homepage.

Access App Store on a Samsung TV

The App store of Samsung TV is on the home screen of the television. Also known as the Smart hub, it features all previously installed apps and the app store where you can download more.

This App store is found on the homepage of Samsung smart TVs. There, you will find all the apps that are compatible with your TV, both those installed and those not installed yet.

How to Download Apps on a Samsung TV

As seen previously, accessing this App store of your Samsung smart TV is quite easy. Of course, you would probably think otherwise if you don’t know how to. To download apps on your Samsung TV, follow the steps below

  1. Press the home button on the remote.
  2. Select Apps.
    Apps on the samsung home screen
  3. From the apps screen, you can browse the available apps.
    Apps on samsung tv
  4. OR you can search for the app you are looking for.
    Search icon for app store
  5. Select the App and install it. The App will be downloaded and installed on your TV.
    Install apps on Samsung

Afterward, go back to the homepage for the list of apps, and you’ll find the newly installed App there. Sometimes the app is listed on the Home menu and can be navigated to via remote.

4 Apps You Should Totally Have Installed

To fully enjoy a Samsung smart TV, you need to have some apps installed. While you can very well enjoy cable TV on your Samsung smart TV, you would be leaving much of its promise unexplored. Some of the best and most useful apps you can install on your Samsung smart TV are:

Samsung TV Plus

This App offers you free live-streamed TV with no need for a subscription. Although it might be missing some local channels for which you will need an indoor antenna to access, it has a myriad of channels for you to pick from.

As this App comes installed with every Samsung smart TV, it doesn’t hurt to give it a shot. You might even discover that you don’t like other apps as much!


Want to binge-watch movies? There are few places you can go, like Netflix. This service is of the foremost video streaming services, and it remains one of the best.

Netflix allows you access to existing movies and shows while constantly adding its impressive collection of shows and movies. You will need a subscription to access Netflix, but you should find that it is worth it.


There is hardly any larger collection of videos on the internet than YouTube. This App allows you to access content from different genres, from cat videos to educational content to music videos.

There are also full movies you can buy or rent for some days. YouTube can be used for free, although at the cost of ads. If you want an ad-less service, you’ll have to pay for YouTube Premium.


One can hardly talk about music streaming without mentioning Spotify. It is one of the default options if you want to stream music on your Samsung TV.

You’ll need a subscription to fully enjoy Spotify, although you can still enjoy the free plan well enough.

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