Do I Need a Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter for a Smart TV?

Smart TV in a modern white living roomSmart TV in a modern white living room

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There are always things you can buy to enhance your smart home products. Most devices, like Samsung’s smart TV, come ready for use right out of the box. However, you may have questions about how you can improve your connection speed, range, and options, such as whether a Samsung wireless LAN adapter is necessary.

While users do not need a Samsung wireless LAN adapter for a smart TV, getting one can allow you to connect a TV to other Samsung-compatible devices. It can also improve the TV’s loading time, extend the Wi-Fi signal, and allow you to stream content from your phone.

Continue reading to learn more about the benefits of getting a Samsung wireless LAN adapter. Although it is not essential to your device’s general use, it can help you get the most out of your new entertainment system.

How a Samsung LAN Adapter Can Benefit Your Smart TV

There are plenty of LAN adapters for smart TVs on today’s market. However, you should only use a Samsung LAN adapter for your Samsung TV. Using a third-party adapter could complicate the initial set-up process and even slow down your device.

A Samsung LAN adapter can provide the following benefits:

Make Your TV Faster

For optimal Wi-Fi usage, your TV should be no farther than 30 feet away from your router. Alternatively, you could make use of the ethernet port on the back of the TV. Some users say that using a wired connection could actually make your TV faster, but this also depends on your service provider and your connection speed.

Extend Your TV’s Wi-Fi Range

An adapter can also extend your TV’s range. For instance, your router may be placed on one end of your house, while your Samsung smart TV may be on the other. Using an adapter, you can increase the footage in which you can place your TV, meaning that you could go beyond the standard 30 feet.

Mirror Your Phone or Tablet

Samsung notes that by using their LAN adapter in tandem with your smart TV, you sync your TV with “DLNA-certified multimedia devices.” DLNA was an innovation created by Sony in 2002. Basically, DLNA allows you to share data through various pieces of hardware. For instance, DLNA allows you to connect your computer’s screen to your TV.

You can transfer pictures and videos to your Samsung smart TV using your phone, tablet, or camera through the power adapter. You do not need to download any software to do this, as it will instantly link with your various devices.

However, it may be a good idea to download Samsung’s SmartThings app on Google Play or the App Store to make changes. This application will allow you to configure and monitor compatible devices.

What Can a Samsung Wireless LAN Adapter Improve?

Over time, our devices inevitably slow down. This is because of things like software updates, everyday use, and low storage capacity. If you’ve had your Samsung smart TV for a long time, you may notice some changes in its overall function. It may:

  • Lag when loading certain apps, shows, and movies
  • Take longer to turn on
  • Lose its Wi-Fi connection
  • Need more time to buffer
  • Your TV’s connection with its other compatible devices

The wireless adapter can improve all of these things. If you certainly bought a newer, faster router, your TV might seem slower. Using an adapter can stabilize and improve the connection between your smart TV and your router.

Can I Improve My Connection Without a LAN Adapter?

Samsung only recommends getting the wireless LAN adapter. You have other options when it comes to improving your TV’s speed. Two of the following solutions could work in your favor:

Plug Your Samsung TV into the Wall

Although the days of dial-up and wired connections are long behind us, Samsung smart TVs come equipped with ethernet ports. If your TV slows down over time or does not maintain an optimal connection, you can plug it into a walled ethernet port using an ethernet cord.

Make sure to check with your internet service provider before doing this, though. Some Wi-Fi plans do not offer this feature, and your home’s ethernet port may need updating.

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

Some people solely rely on their phones’ data for internet connections instead of relying on companies like Comcast and AT&T. If this is your situation, you could use the NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot. This would allow you to use your phone’s data as an internet connection.

Be sure to check your cellular plan before doing this; streaming videos and music can use a lot of data.

Final Thoughts

Finally, this may go without saying, but Samsung wireless LAN adapters only work for smart TVs. Older, non-smart TV devices do not have Wi-Fi cards that allow for internet connections. Make sure that before purchasing a Samsung LAN adapter, your TV is compatible with this device.

Ultimately, whether you need a Samsung wireless LAN adapter depends on the age of your Samsung TV and the strength of your connection. This device can undoubtedly improve various aspects of your TV’s performance.

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