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Dynamic Mode VS Standard On The Samsung TV: Which Is Better?

Last Updated Jun 19, 2022
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When purchasing a new TV, you want to know everything about what each setting does to get the most out of your viewing experience. Samsung smart TVs have unique picture settings that optimize your picture quality to fit the content you are viewing, but are they all created equal? Which is better, Dynamic Mode or Standard on the Samsung TV? 

The choice between using the standard picture options or dynamic mode on your Samsung TV depends largely on what type of content you are viewing, as well as other factors. Additionally, Samsung smart TVs come with multiple options for customizing your picture quality. 

While this answer makes sense, it’s only the tip of the iceberg and doesn’t help us choose which setting to use! Let’s learn more about Dynamic Mode and Standard, as well as other Picture settings to find out the best choice for your viewing experience!

Dynamic Mode And Standard Mode Key Features

Dynamic Mode and Standard are both selectable settings available on your Samsung TV to customize your viewing experience. To determine which is better for the type of content you wish to view or the lighting of the room, it’s important to know what each setting does to enhance the picture on your TV. In this section, we go into the key features for both the Dynamic and Standard Modes to assist you in your decision, 

Dynamic Mode

The Dynamic Mode setting is intended for use in areas with a lot of natural light, or rooms with multiple light sources like overhead lights or lamps that create a glare on the screen. In this type of bright viewing environment, Dynamic Mode makes the picture brighter and clearer to help minimize glare. 

Standard Mode

Standard Mode is the default setting and is intended to be the one most suitable for all viewing environments. This setting is versatile and a good choice for individuals that view multiple types of content that do not necessarily wish to change their settings very often, 

Other Picture Customization Features On a Samsung TV

In addition to Standard and Dynamic Mode, Samsung TVs have other picture settings to choose from that you can use to customize your viewing experience. In this section, we go into the Natural and Movie Modes also found in the Picture Mode section of Picture Settings, as well as the Custom Settings available to adjust your picture. We have also included information on Special Viewing Modes, however, please note that these settings are not available on all Samsung TVs and may not be found on your specific model.  

Natural Mode

Natural Mode is designed to reduce eye strain for a more comfortable viewing experience. This setting adjusts brightness and contrast automatically for content and is a good choice if you experience eye fatigue or headaches as a result of extended amounts of screen time. 

Movie Mode

Movie Mode is designed to improve the picture quality when watching your TV in a dark room. This setting sharpens contrast and brightness to improve the viewing experience, enhancing the picture in rooms with little or no light. 

Adjust Picture Size and Customized Settings 

Adjust Picture Size allows you to customize your settings for videos that do not fill your TV screen. To use this setting, follow the instructions below: 

  1. Using your remote open the Settings Menu
  2. Go to Picture
  3. Go to Picture Size Settings
  4. Select Picture Size
  5. Navigate this menu to change picture size according to your preference

Expert Settings allows you to customize settings like brightness, contrast, and other settings on your screen yourself. To find this setting, follow the steps below: 

  1. Using your remote, open the Settings Menu
  2. Go to Picture 
  3. Go to Expert Settings
  4. From here, select Brightness, Contrast, Sharpness, Tint G/R, Color, Backlight, or Digital Clean View to customize your picture. 

Picture Settings On Select Models

Select Samsung TV models to come with Special Viewing Modes designed for certain types of content. These Modes are Sports Mode, Gaming Mode, and HDR+ Mode for content that does not support HDR viewing. These are listed under the Picture category in the Settings Menu. 


Samsung smart TVs come with a variety of customizable options for picture quality, and each one is designed for a specific type of content or lighting. You can even adjust settings like brightness and contrast yourself to create the perfect picture quality for you! We also learned about Movie Mode and Natural Mode, and a bit about the Special Viewing Modes available on select Samsung models. 

In this article, we answered our initial question about which is better, Dynamic or Standard mode on a Samsung TV, and it turns out the answer is dependent on which setting is right for your content or environment!

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