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Why does My Samsung Smart TV Keep Disconnecting from Wifi? 4 Things to Check

Last Updated Jan 26, 2023
Internet connection screen on samsung tv

We’ve all been there at some point. We sit down to watch our favorite Netflix show, and the TV is disconnected from the internet… again. It is a pain and has happened to me personally on numerous occasions with my Samsung smart TV. But why does this keep happening?

I have found that the main causes for this are:

  • Old firmware/software
  • The tv needs a reset
  • Modem/router issues or Weak WiFi strength
  • Internet Service Provider issues

Let’s get more in depth with the four most common reasons that cause the Samsung Smart TV to disconnect from your Wifi.

1. Old Firmware/Software

Just about every single digital product we own will require an update at some point in time. As manufacturers improve their software, they push those improvements to the devices we own. This is good for us, but can be problematic if we miss an update.

Companies like Samsung often push an update that fixes issues, but if we miss it, it can cause just as many issues. I’ve found this is often the main culprit in why the TV is disconnecting from the internet.

How to check for updates on the Samsung TV

  • Open the menu
  • Select Settings
  • select Support
  • Select Software Update
Samsung tv checking for updates.

From here, you should see whether your Samsung TV software us up to date or if you need to install the latest and greatest software.

Updating the software when you don’t have internet connection

Now, if your Samsung Smart TV is not connected to the internet, and you need to download the newest software or firmware update manually, here is how to do so:

  1. Open your browser from your PC or Laptop, go to the Samsung website and over to the support section.
  2. Then you will need to identify your TV model in the support section, then download its latest version, and unzip the file.
    Close up of the download section for a samsung tv
  3. You will then need a flash drive, connect it to your PC or Laptop, then move the unzipped latest update files onto that flash drive.
  4. Insert the USB flash drive to your Samsung Smart TV.
  5. Use your remote control to open the menu, go to settings and choose support. Then you click on software update and choose update now, then choose the USB option.

Pro tip: Turn on auto updates

If you did need an update, this is most likely the cause of the internet connection issues. If you are up to date, let’s keep troubleshooting.

2. The TV needs a reset

Sometimes, our tech just needs a quick reset. There are two types of resets: Soft and factory.

Here’s a quick video on resetting or restarting your Samsung TV.

How to soft reset a Samsung TV

Let’s start with a soft reset. These are going to seem super simple, but they do work. Sometimes, our TVs just need a break.

Unplug it for a full 60 seconds.

This allows enough time for any electrical build-up to dissipate. That electric build-up might be the culprit behind our internet connectivity woes.

Press and hold the power button for at least 10 seconds.

We aren’t using the remote for this one, but the physical button on the actual TV. Find it, hold it, and see how that does.

Now, these are all soft resets and are the best place to start when troubleshooting internet connectivity. They allow us to retain our settings, apps and passwords but if they don’t work, it might make sense to factory reset the TV.

Before resetting, try a self-diagnosis on the TV.

How to factory reset a Samsung TV

I have another article that covers this process in detail. Find that article here.

3. Router issues or weak Wi-Fi

If you have an old modem/router or the one that you have is in bad shape. You might need to contact your internet service provider to replace your modem/router for your Samsung Smart TV to be able to connect to the network once again.

Also, check for updates on your router, as that might be some of the issue.

Reposition Your Router

Try to place your router or modem in a location that is close to your Samsung Smart TV in order to get a stable internet connection.

My house is 100 years old, and a lot of the walls are crazy thick. I have points across the house to ensure my Wi-Fi is as strong as it can be everywhere.

Run a speed test near your TV to check the Wi-Fi signal. If the speed is substantially lower than what you are paying for from your ISP, that might be the issue.

Alternatively, we can check the Wi-FI strength directly on the TV. Go to Settings > General > Network > Network Settings. The steps may be different depending on the model of the TV, but go to where ever you connect the TV to Wi-Fi.

You will see above that I have full bars and 5GHz. If you are seeing anything less than full bars, move that router closer to the TV or get some extra points. If you are not on the 5GHz, make sure to switch networks as this ay be your issue as well.

Disable Guest Networking

You will either need to connect your Samsung Smart TV to a PC and open the settings from there to disable guest networking if it’s the reason blocking the connection, or if your TV model has the feature, you can go to settings directly from the TV using the remote control, and disable it there.

4. Internet Service Provider (ISP) issues

Sometimes, these connection issues are outside of our control. Check for any outages in your area. I have AT&T and they have a smart home app that tells me if the internet is down.

If your ISP is still on a copper network, peak times like evenings can slow your network to a crawl. If this is the issue, your best bet would be to switch service providers.

Still having issues? Check these

DNS Settings Error – This TV, as many others, supports connectivity to the internet, so it has a DNS which is the Domain Name System. When you try to connect your Samsung Smart TV to the internet for the first time, it automatically tries to fetch the DNS server. In this case you will need to manually set the DNS server settings by yourself.

Failure of MAC Address – If your Samsung Smart TV is not even detecting the wireless connection, then your problem might be that your ISP (Internet Service Provider) has blocked the static MAC address of that device.