When you have multiple people in your home, you may want one other person to be connected to the Ring Doorbell. This is In case you are unable to answer any notifications that come up on your phone.

Can Ring Doorbells be connected to two phones? Yes, your Ring Doorbell can be connected to more than two phones. This is done by having those phones share access to log into a single account. The other option is by giving them your actual password and username for your Ring account.

With the opportunity to connect more than one phone to a Ring Doorbell, more eyes can help protect your property at any given moment. Learn what the two connection options are as you give your friends and family access to your Ring Doorbell.

Connecting Two Phones To Your Ring Doorbell

Connecting two phones to your Ring Doorbell puts all hands-on deck. Everyone who lives in the home has the opportunity to spot a regular package drop-off or an intruder.

There is no limit to how many people or devices can have access to your account. There are only two options when it comes to connecting more phones and that is by using the “Shared Users” feature or by simply giving someone your account information.

Sharing Access To Your Ring Account

There are features that everyone who shares access to the Ring Doorbell can still use. Ring wants to make it clear that if you are considering adding someone as a shared user, they must also have a separate Ring account. This person does not have to buy a Ring device, they just need to make their own account before they are added to yours.

 Those features include:

  • Saving videos to their phone or tablet.
  • Look at the Live View.
  • View Event History.
  • Can be put on a three-way call to answer an alert message.
  • Initiate and use Ring Plus.
  • Will be able to obtain and answer alert messages when the Ring Doorbell has been pressed or the sensors have been triggered.
  • Control what alerts they receive on their devices that are logged into the account.

All of the above features are great if you want someone to be a second set of eyes for you. There are features that a shared user will not be able to have access to. Those features include:

  • Deleting videos
  • Deleting other users devices
  • Adding other shared users
  • Change settings for Ring Doorbell

Using the Same Login

Wit giving everyone your login information to your Ring app, you are allowing them the same control over your Ring Doorbell as you would have. With this option, there are no limits as to what anyone with your information can do. Those with your login has the ability to:

  • Add users and pass your login on to others
  • Has access to everyone else’s profiles on your account
  • Change any settings you have for your Ring Doorbell
  • Save, share, or delete your videos

A drawback to having multiple users use a single account is that the other users are able to delete videos and change names.

A good note to remember is to only give your login information to those that you trust the most. If not, it is recommended that you may want to add them as a shared user instead. If you choose to add others to your Ring account any other Ring devices you may have, they will have unrestricted access to as well.

You now know what the two options are for connecting two phones, so how do you set up the shared user feature?

How To Add a Second Phone?

Connecting another phone to your account is an easy task. The shared user option is the only option that requires any real steps to follow.

Adding a Shared User

If you should choose this route and you have multiple Ring devices, you are able to select any Ring device that you want a specific person to have access to. The steps for adding someone as a user goes as follows:

  1. Open your Ring App on your smartphone or tablet. Next, tap on the Device Settings page.
  2. Tap on the Shared Users button and then tap on the Add User button.
  3. This is the time you will need that person’s email address. Once you have it, enter the email and click on the Ring Doorbell device.
  4. Tap the Send Invite button. This will then send to the person who’s email you have used, and they can now click the link to accept your invite.
  5. Once they click the link it will send them to make a Ring account of their own. The link will pull up a page for them to create their own account.
  6. After they have created their Ring account, exit the page and have them sign into the Ring app. They will now have limited access to your Ring Doorbell.