Can a Shared User Delete Ring Videos? (What They Can and Can’t Do)

2 Security cameras installed outside with trees and vines growing around them.2 Security cameras installed outside with trees and vines growing around them.

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Sharing a Ring account means setting up a profile for one user to access another user’s account or multiple users to share the same account. But what does this mean for video deletion? Can shared users delete ring videos? 

The shared user feature in your Ring app allows you to add another person, who can access your videos when sharing with them, but they cannot delete any of the videos that have been recorded.

It’s good to know what the limitations are for shared users so that you can plan accordingly. Apart from knowing what control they have over your shared videos, it’s best to learn everything they can and can’t do in your shared platform. That’s where we come in. We’ve shared a comprehensive list of all the things a shared user can and can’t do on the Ring app. So let’s dive right in, shall we?

Can a Shared User Delete Ring Videos?

Sometimes it takes a village to safeguard your home. Adding a shared user on your ring account ensures you have a friend or family member keeping an eye on your home. This way, you never miss a beat when it comes to keeping an eye on what’s happening on your property.

When your shared user receives the alert, they’ll get an instant notification on their phone and be able to see what’s happening live from your cameras. They can even talk back through the Ring app, so you’re always connected no matter where you are!

However, you may wonder how much control the shared user has over your Ring account. For example, can they delete videos or change settings?

The answer is no; the shared users cannot delete any of your ring content and only have access to what you allow them to see through your cameras on their app.

What Else Can’t Shared Users Not Do On Ring?

Ring shared users can’t delete any of your ring content and only have access to what you allow them to see through the cameras on their app. They also cannot:

Delete Devices from Your Account

Another thing a shared user cannot do is delete any of your devices from the account. This includes deleting a doorbell, chime or camera.

Change or Adjust Device Settings

Additionally, a shared user can’t change or adjust any device settings.

Add Other Shared Users

You also don’t have to worry about your shared users adding any new shared users to your account. You’re the only one who can do that.

Source: Ring

What Can Shared Users Do On Ring?

So, what exactly can shared users do on Ring? It’s crucial to have this information so that you can know how much power you’re giving away. Shared Ring users can:

See Who Is At The Door On Their App

The shared user will also see who is at the door on their app, just like usual. Furthermore, they’ll be able to answer and receive alerts when someone rings your doorbell or triggers the motion sensors on the cameras.

This is a handy feature because it ensures someone always has an eye on the house. This way, if you miss any alerts on your end, you’re guaranteed your shared user will inform you about what’s going on in your home. 

View Stored Videos

If you’re registered for the Ring Protect Plan, your shared users will also be able to view any stored videos from the timeline on your app. However, as we’ve mentioned, your shared users won’t be able to delete any of these videos.

Turn Their Alerts On or Off

If you’re sharing your Ring hardware with a family member, friend or neighbor, they’ll also be able to toggle their alerts on and off. While this feature is beneficial to the shared user because it limits the number of alerts they receive, it’s not great for the account holder.

If the shared user has their alerts turned off, and you miss the signals for some reason, you may not be able to catch the perpetrator of a crime.

Save Videos Directly On Their Device

One of the best features for shared users is saving any videos directly on their device. This will allow them to access footage in case there’s an incident quickly.

It also acts as a backup if you lost your phone and your camera footage is on it. This feature gives heightened security for the account holder.

Use Smart Locks and Arm and Disarm Ring Alarm System

Finally, the shared user can use some of the features that are available to account holders. For example, they can use Smart Locks and Arm and Disarm Ring Alarm System’s settings.

Source: Smart Home Starter

Wrapping Up

Shared users have a lot of control over the account. They have access to Ring’s features, but they cannot sign in as another user or delete videos from the account. The shared user also has complete control over their device and can save any video directly on it for quick access should there be an incident. Sharing your account with a trusted person is one way to safeguard your account and not worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands.

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