Does Ring Camera Work With SmartThings?

Women holding a smartphone inside her living room.Women holding a smartphone inside her living room.

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So, you’ve got a SmartThings smart system and you’re wondering if you can add a Ring camera to it for security. Is it actually possible? 

There are several standalone models of Ring Cameras that can be integrated into a SmartThings system. They simply need to be connected to both the Ring App and the SmartThings system itself. Each of the compatible cameras should have full access to their features. 

If you’re curious about integrating a Ring Camera into your SmartThings system, we’ve got you covered. We’ll start by outlining the steps involved in connecting a Ring Camera to SmartThings. In case you decide to go for it, we’ll even give you a list of solid, compatible models to choose from.

How Do I Link My Ring Camera to the Ring App?

Before you can actually integrate your Ring camera into your SmartThings system, you have to make sure your Ring camera is connected to the ring App. Fortunately, this process is relatively simple. Obviously, you must first download the Ring app for the app store of your choice. 

Once you have the Ring app installed and you’ve created an account, follow each of these steps careful to link it to your Ring camera:

  • Go to Add a Device: On the menu of the app you should see an option to add devices to your Ring account. Go to that page. It should present you with a list of Ring devices that can be connected. 
  • Select the Ring Camera: Go through the list of devices until you find the type you want to connect and select it. 
  • Wait while it searches for your specific device: It will then begin searching for your specific device. It should only take it a few moments to detect your Ring camera. 
  • Pair your device: Once your Ring camera has been detected it will pop up on screen and give you the option to pair it. Vola, your camera is connected to the app. 

As you can see, the process of connecting your Ring camera to the Ring app is pretty straightforward. That said, just make sure the camera has power when you start so it can be detected. 

How Do I Link My Ring Camera to SmartThings?

Once you’ve successfully paired the Ring app with your Ring camera, you can finally begin the process of connecting to SmartThings. 

The following steps will have your Ring camera integrated into your SmartThings system in no time:

  • Open the menu: Once you’ve logged into your SmartThings app, click on the menu. (This should be a small icon made up of three horizontal lines.)
  • Pick a location and add your device: From the menu find the Location submenu. You should be able to select where your device will be used from here, follow the prompts and add the device (the Ring camera) itself. First it will ask you what type of device, then it will scan for Ring and let you pick it specifically. 
  • Enter in your ring information when prompted: Finally you will be prompted to enter the username and password for your Ring account. After entering this you should be ready to go. 
  • Double check that it’s connected: Just double check that it is actually connected and you’re all set!

While the combination of having to connect to both your Ring app and the SmartThings app might seem complicated, it’s actually pretty straightforward. As long as you know where to start the prompts from the apps should make the rest pretty self explanatory. 

Which Ring Cameras Are Compatible With SmartThings?

Unfortunately, not every standalone model of Ring Camera is currently compatible with the SmartThings app. If you do decide to integrate a Ring camera into your SmartThings system, you want to make sure that you pick a model that works. 

The following Ring doorbell cameras are compatible with SmartThings:

  • Video Doorbell Pro: With an easy set up and loads of features, the video doorbell pro is a popular option. It is simple to integrate into your system and sports features like 3D motion detecting. It can send you notifications and view a feed. 
  • Video Doorbell 3: The Video Doorbell 3 is easy to set up and straightforward to integrate into your system. You can check on the camera at any time with the app on your smart device, get notifications when someone is at your door, and even view live video. 

We should note that other types of Ring cameras like their Spot Light, Stick Up Light and Flood Light, can also connect to SmartThings. You essentially follow the same process to connect them, except when it asks you to pick a type of device you’ll select something like “Flood Light” instead of “Doorbell.”  

Are There Limits to Using a Ring Camera With SmartThings?

Some smart systems, like Google Home, allow you to use some features of a Ring camera but they don’t allow you to use others. That’s got to make you wonder if that’s the case with every system that isn’t from the Ring brand. If it was, Ring cameras would only have limited compatibility with SmartThings. 

Fortunately, the Ring cameras we listed above are all fully compatible with SmartThings. The key is to make sure you get one that has compatibility. As new models come out, you should always double check before buying. 

So Really, Do Ring Cameras Work With SmartThings?

The truth is that some ring cameras are compatible with smart things. The Video Pro and Video 3 are great for people who want a doorbell cam. Of course there are other types of Ring cameras like the Ring Spotlight, Stick Up and Flood Light. Any of these models should be able to connect to a SmartThings system. 

With a compatible model you can get access to all of the features your Ring camera has to offer. This is especially good because it’s not true of all smart systems. SmartThing is an especially good smart system to have with the right Ring camera. 

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