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Why Does Ring Doorbell Keep Going Offline?

Oct 28, 2019
Ring doorbell installed on white siding

With a few exceptions, Ring smart home technology is straightforward, adaptive, and universally compatible. Occasionally, however, you may run into issues where your Ring Doorbell keeps going offline, or a Ring camera keeps going offline.

If your Ring Doorbell keeps going offline, it’s generally one of four common issues: what lies between your camera and router, Wi-Fi connectivity issues, power surges, and low battery.

Other occurrences can create connection issues and cause your Ring Doorbell to lose connection, but they are not as typical. When you lose connection—and there’s no obvious culprit—start from the beginning and work your way out from there.

Ring Doorbell Has Wi-Fi Connectivity Issues

Always check your router first. Make sure all the lights are illuminated and your router is functioning properly. Wi-Fi can get spotty at times, especially if your internet service provider is conducting unscheduled maintenance or there is a heavy storm in the area.

If everything is working correctly and there’s still a connection issue, reset your router by powering it down for thirty seconds. Also, be sure to disconnect your Ring Doorbell and only reconnect it after your router has reset.

If your Ring keeps going offline, contact your internet service provider. They may be able to walk you through additional steps to resolve your connection issues.

Where Is Your Ring Doorbell Located?

Distance and placement have effects on Wi-Fi, especially if your router is operating at 5GHz. Some routers operate at both 2.4GHz and 5GHz, while others can switch between the two.

If you have a brick home, you have to be careful where you set up your Ring Doorbell in relation to your router. Concrete, brick, and metal create a lot of interference with Wi-Fi signals.

5GHz is a higher frequency that allows less interference from multiple devices. However, brick, concrete, and metal have a greater degree of adverse effects on higher frequencies and may block or weaken the signal.

2.4GHz is a lower frequency with a more extended range. Multiple devices on the same network may run interference as well as any brick, concrete, or metal between your Ring device and router.

Check your router to see what frequency it is running on and ensure that there is not a lot of interference between the router and Ring Doorbell. Consider purchasing a range extender to eliminate distance and interference issues.

Ring Doorbell Has a Low Battery

Constant alert notifications can be aggravating, especially when you’ve set all of your motion zones to eliminate false alerts. Some people turn the notifications off at work or in school. The Ring will notify you of a low battery, so you won’t get the memo if your notifications are off.

The Ring app also has a low battery symbol that will show up next to the device within the app. It’s not exactly a glaring declaration, but it is there. Be sure to check your device to see if it is showing a low battery warning.

If you have several similar ring devices, it can sometimes be confusing when recognizing which one you are looking at. Be sure to adequately label each device within the app to avoid confusion and know which one needs a recharge.

There is a Power Surge

This is a common issue, especially in older homes with outdated or frayed wiring. If you experience a power surge, check your breaker box to determine which one was tripped, then see how many devices, lights, and appliances you have running to that particular breaker.

After you reset the breaker switch, allow the Ring to power up and reconnect. Most times, it will do this on its own. If not, you can check the status of the Ring device through the app and reset the doorbell if necessary.

Try reducing the number of devices and appliances that are relying on one breaker. Spreading out your smart home devices will help.

If none of these steps work and you’re still tripping the breaker, you may want to contact a professional and see what your options are.

Why Does My Ring Doorbell Still Keep Going Offline?

If you’ve eliminated the more common issues from the troubleshooting steps above, and your Ring keeps going offline, there are a few other things to consider:

  • Temporary power loss
  • Ring Doorbell has low voltage
  • Changed your Wi-Fi password

Temporary Power Loss

To ensure a strong connection and test if your Ring will automatically reconnect to the network on its own, you can reset your router. Simply unplug the router, wait 30 seconds, then plug it securely back in.

Press the Setup button on your Ring device to put it in Setup Mode. After 10 seconds, press it again and see if your Ring will reconnect on its own.

Another good tip is to check in on other devices in your home to see if they are also having issues staying connected to the internet. If this is the case, the problem is most likely with your router.

Ring Doorbell Has Low Voltage

Sometimes, a Ring Video Doorbell will go offline due to a low voltage issue. This can happen if your device is not receiving enough power from your doorbell transformer.

In the Ring app, you can check your device’s voltage by selecting Device Health. Ring Pro requires a voltage of 3,900 mV from a power source that emits a minimum of 16 VAC. If your transformer supplies less voltage, you will need to upgrade your equipment.

On rare occasions, devices can experience issues even with proper voltage. Resistance in your wires—due to the wires’ length or age—can keep the Ring Doorbell from getting enough power to work correctly.

If your transformer is 16 VAC or more and you still have issues powering your device, you can call Ring’s support line to request a Pro Power Cable. This can help deliver additional power to your device because it bypasses your transformer.

You Changed Your Wi-Fi Password

Sometimes it’s necessary to change your Wi-Fi password. Maybe you received an alert or suspect someone else is using your network. Regardless, if you change the password, you may realize later that your Ring Doorbell has lost connection.

  1. Open your Ring App.
  2. In the upper left corner, there are three horizontal lines and possibly a red dot signifying an alert or issue. Tap the three lines.
  3. In the side menu that pops up, you’ll tap “Devices.”
  4. Under the Devices menu, locate the Ring device with the connection issue and select it.
  5. Select “device health” on the bottom half of the screen, then select “reconnect to Wi-Fi.”
  6. You’ll have to enter your new Wi-Fi password here.

Final Thoughts

Internet service providers love to do the occasional, unannounced maintenance that will undoubtedly put your router out of business for a time. If your router is having issues, check with your ISP to ensure the problem is not on your end.

In the case of a tripped breaker, more than one device is likely to go offline, and you may need to consider how many devices and appliances you have on a single breaker.

Except for the soon-to-be-released Ring Video Wired Doorbell, all Ring Doorbells have a battery backup that stays charged when wired to your existing doorbell. If there is a power issue with the device, it will continue operating in the battery while you find a solution.

While a “Ring offline” status can be annoying—especially if it’s ongoing and continuous—try to eliminate the simple possibilities first, like loose or disconnected wires on your router, or if your router was unplugged. You’ll often find that the simplest solution is often overlooked.

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