Smart home technology is growing fast, and more people are exploring to learn all about it. One of the most obvious and foundational things to know about smart devices, of course, is to ensure they have a strong WiFi connection. However, if you’re new to smart technology, it can be difficult getting set up for the first time.

Why does my Ring Doorbell keep going offline? When your Ring Doorbell continuously goes offline, it can be the result of an issue with the device’s access to power or an issue with your WiFi network.

Learn how to troubleshoot this internet connection issue and get your Ring Doorbell working smoothly again.

Why Won’t My Ring Doorbell Stay Online?

Ring Smart Doorbells exist to help you protect and monitor your home. Their main features like live viewing and push notifications require a strong internet connection to function. So, naturally, it can be difficult and potentially frustrating to manage if your Ring Video Doorbell keeps losing its connection to WiFi.

If you’re experiencing issues keeping your device connected to your home’s WiFi network, it can be caused by one or more of these issues:

  • A power surge may have caused a problem with your wireless router.
  • Your home temporarily loses power.
  • A wire in your internet router is loose or disconnected.
  • Your WiFi password was changed and not updated on your Ring device.
  • Your Ring Doorbell’s battery power is low and needs to be charged.

Fortunately, each of these issues can be easily resolved with a few simple steps. In most cases, as soon as you resolve the issue at hand, your Ring device will be able to reconnect (and stay connected) to your home’s WiFi network.

Troubleshooting Steps to Connect Your Ring Doorbell to the Internet

If your Ring Smart Doorbell is experiencing issues with an internet connection, you can work through the following troubleshooting steps to remedy the issue.

First, you need to make sure the problem you’re experiencing is the result of a WiFi connection error. In the Ring app, select your device, then tap Device Health. If your device is offline, you will see “Offline” under the Network section.

Next, check the wires on your internet router. Make sure they are all properly plugged in. The lights on the front of your router should be green (this may be different depending on your device).

To ensure a strong connection and to test if your Ring will automatically reconnect to the network on its own, you can reset your router. Simply unplug the router, wait 30 seconds, then plug it securely back in.

Press the Setup button on your Ring device to put it in Setup Mode. After 10 seconds, press it again to see if your Ring will reconnect on its own.

Another good tip is to check in on other devices in your home to see if they are also having issues staying connected to the internet.

If these tips do not work, your Ring Doorbell may be having issues with power. Check your device’s battery and make sure it is properly charged before use.

Correctly Powering Your Ring Doorbell

Sometimes, a Ring Video Doorbell will go offline due to a low voltage issue. This can happen if your device is not receiving enough power from your doorbell transformer.

In the Ring app, you can check your device’s voltage. Then, tap Device health. Ring Pro devices need a voltage of 3,900 mV. The device requires a power source that emits a minimum of 16 VAC. If your transformer supplies less voltage, you will need to upgrade your equipment.

On rare occasions, devices can experience issues even with proper voltage. Resistance in your wires (due to length or age of the wires) can keep the Ring Doorbell from getting enough power to work properly.

Extra Equipment to Help Power Your Device

If your transformer is 16 VAC or more and you still are having issues powering your device, you can call Ring’s support line to request a Pro Power Cable. This can help deliver additional power to your device by bypassing the existing internal doorbell.

Last, check to make sure all the equipment used to set up your device are compatible with your Ring Doorbell. Check out the Ring Doorbell Pro Chime Kit Compatibility List to review your third party devices.

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