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Will Facebook Portal Work with Ring Doorbell?

Last Updated Jun 21, 2022
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Facebook Portal and the Ring Doorbell are two separate devices that offer different features but are both useful to have in your home. If you do have both of these products, you may be wondering if they can work together.

Facebook Portal will work with Ring Doorbell. Facebook Portal has Alexa functionality, which allows it to work with the Ring Doorbell and project a live stream from the Ring onto the Portal screen.

Getting your Facebook Portal to work with your Ring Doorbell can be an easy way to add another sense of security to your home. Continue reading to learn more about using your Facebook Portal and Ring Doorbell together.

Facebook Portal and Ring Doorbell Will Work Together

Your Facebook Portal and Ring Doorbell can connect and work together. They can do so because the Portal is compatible with Amazon’s Alexa devices, even though it is not considered an Amazon product itself.

The Facebook Portal is a Facebook product; however, according to Ring Support, the Portal has Alexa built-in to the device. Therefore, it gives you the capability to connect your Ring Doorbell to the Portal, just like any other Amazon device with Alexa connects to it.

Using your Ring Doorbell from your Facebook Portal can be beneficial to you if you are not near your phone or if your phone is not working at the time. By connecting your Ring Doorbell to your Portal, you will always have the security of knowing you have a second device nearby that can help you connect to your doorbell quickly.

Features You Get

When you get your Facebook Portal to work with your Ring Doorbell, you enable the stream from your Ring Doorbell to be projected onto your Portal’s screen. This allows you to have an extra set of eyes in your home on the activity at your front door.

While most of what the Ring Doorbell offers can be used from the Facebook Portal when connected, some features do get left out. It’s important to make a note of just exactly what you can and can not access from your Ring Doorbell when using it through your Facebook Portal.

Here is what your Facebook Portal is capable of offering you when connected to your Ring Doorbell: 

  • Talk to whoever is at your door from your Portal
  • Listen to whoever is at your door through audio from your Portal
  • View the live video feed

Here is what your Facebook Portal is not capable of offering you when connected to your Ring Doorbell:

  • Sending alerts when there is motion at the front door
  • Sending alerts when someone rings your doorbell

How to Connect Facebook Portal with Ring Doorbell

Getting your Facebook Portal to work with your Ring Doorbell is simple. It is similar to connecting any other Alexa device on your Portal.

Follow these steps to get your Portal and Ring Doorbell to connect:

  1. Connect your Facebook Portal to your Amazon account (done in settings).
  2. Enable the Ring skill on your Portal through the Echo app by authorizing permission.
  3. After enabling Ring skill, search for your device (your Ring Doorbell).
  4. Once your Ring Doorbell has been discovered, select the button “Set Up Device” at the bottom of your screen.
  5. Select “Done.”
  6. Your Ring Doorbell should now be connected to your Facebook Portal, and you can access your front door by asking Alexa to do so.

Here is a great step-by-step video on how to connect your Ring Doorbell to your Facebook Portal if you are looking for visual instructions or more help on how to do so.

In Summary

Your devices in separate are useful to you, but they can become even more beneficial when they can be used together. The Facebook Portal and Ring Doorbell are capable of working together to bring even more features to your smart home.

The Facebook Portal can stream the live feed from your Ring Doorbell and give you the ability to hear and talk to whoever is at your front door. However, your Facebook Portal cannot send alerts to your Portal like the way it does to your phone.

Connecting your devices is just as simple as connecting any other device to your Facebook Portal. Be sure to follow the steps for connection clearly, and you will soon be able to access the stream from your doorstep right from your Portal in no time.

Want to access your Ring Doorbell from other devices, like your smart TV? Check out this article to learn how to get started!

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