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Ring Video Doorbell: How to Change Owners (For All Ring Devices)

Last Updated Mar 23, 2022
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Are you thinking about selling your Ring Doorbell, or just bought the device from someone and want to make sure you can change owners correctly? It crossed my mind, so I did what any curious tech nerd would do: I contacted Ring Support directly and had them answer all my questions. The answers below are a result of that.

To change the owner of a Ring Doorbell:

  1. The original owner should remove their payment information from their account and contact Ring Support to cancel their plan.
  2. The new owner should then download the Ring app and complete the setup process for the device. Once this is done, the doorbell will disappear from the original owner’s Ring app.

Here is a screenshot of Ring Support confirming this is all you need to do to change ownership for a Ring device. The critical step is having the new owner complete the setup for the Ring device on their app.

Online messaging with Ring customer service

The steps to change ownership of a Ring device are pretty straightforward. They can be used for any other Ring devices like the Ring Spotlight Cam, the Ring 2, or Ring Pro (Amazon).

However, there are other things to consider when changing owners for a Ring device. For example, you may be wondering if a hard reset is necessary when switching the device to a new owner. Stick around—we’ll cover all of this and more.

Are you considering upgrading your Ring doorbell? Consider the premium Ring Elite (Amazon) that doesn’t need Wi-Fi but instead uses an Ethernet cable. If that’s too much work, the reliable Ring Pro (Amazon) is still a champ in our books.

How to Change Owners for Ring Video Doorbell

If you’re planning on selling your device or giving it to someone else, here are the steps you should take to transfer the ring doorbell to the new owner:

Remove the Payment Information from Your Account

The first thing you (Original Owner) want to do is remove any payment methods tied to your current Ring account. (We’ll assume you are the original owner, but if you aren’t, then read it as us referring to the seller of the Ring device you are purchasing it from.)

You want to remove your payment method, so you don’t get charged any more for future billing charges by Ring.

The steps to remove your payment method are simple; just be aware that you can only do it from the Ring website (desktop version, specifically). You cannot remove your payment method from the Ring App.

Here are the steps to remove your payment information:

  1. Open up your browser on your desktop (If you’re on a mobile device, select Desktop Site in the settings.).
  2. Go to the Ring website.
  3. In the top-right corner, select the option to Log In. Log in using your current Ring account information.
  4. After logging in, in the same corner on the top right, you can see your name. Select it.
  5. Select Account.
  6. Here, you’ll see the “credit card on file” option.
  7. Select the “X” on top of the card to remove it from your account.

As you can see, the steps are pretty simple to remove your Ring account’s payment information. Just make sure you do it from the desktop website because it’s a lot easier than zooming in on your mobile phone—and impossible from your Ring App!

Here is a screenshot of what accessing your account information should look like after logging in:

Ring website menu with "Account" highlighted

Here is a screenshot of removing your payment info after clicking Account:

Credit card on file section with red arrow pointed at X button

The next thing you’ll need to do is contact Ring Support so you can get some money back if you are on a paid plan!

Contact Ring Support to Cancel Plan and Get a Refund

Ring is pretty awesome in that they offer a refund for the time you aren’t using their subscription for cloud video storage. I actually had no idea they refunded you until I contacted Ring Support to find out more details.

Here is a screenshot of a conversation I had with Ring Support:

Online messaging with Ring customer service

There are a few ways to contact Ring Support:

  • Call them at 1-800-656-1918 (US number)
  • Chat Support
  • In-Person Store (Rare; only a few locations in CA or AZ)
  • Contact Support through Ring App (The app offers phone and chat support.)

On that Ring Support page, you can enter your question in the search box and hit Support or click on the small tab to start a Chat. I prefer the chat support because it saves me time from dialing a number and physically talking to someone.

Check out our post on best video doorbells if you are in the market for a new one!

From here, Ring should be able to refund you for the time you aren’t using the plan, and you should be good to go!

Remove Ring Doorbell from Account

We mentioned earlier that after the New Owner sets up the Ring device, it should disappear from your Ring app. Here are the steps to remove the Ring doorbell from your account:

  1. Open the Ring app.
  2. Click on Device or the three dots to the right of the device name “…”
  3. Click the Settings cog in the upper right corner.
  4. Hit the big red button at the bottom, “REMOVE DEVICE.”

Those are the steps to remove any Ring device from your app; pretty straightforward, right?

However, if it looks like the Ring doorbell is still registered to you instead of the new owner, you should remove the app anyway. In fact, if you happen to see the Ring device in your app still, I would even contact Ring Support to notify them of the issue.

Other Tips for Transferring Ring Doorbell to a New Owner

So we’ve covered how to change your payment method and remove a ring device from your app. Now what?

Here are a few other things that are not necessarily required for transferring owners of a Ring device but may give people more peace of mind.

Remove All Users with Shared Access

If there is anyone with whom you’ve shared access to your Ring device, it may be good to remove them just as a precaution.

Ring app users screen

Removing them as a shared user is pretty easy and can be done right from the app.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Go to Users.
  3. Click on the Shared User profile.
  4. Hit “Remove User.”

I have a few roommates at my house, so I would first remove them as shared users if I sold my ring device.

Change Your Password

The idea is if you change your password to your Ring account, any saved passwords on the other devices connected to the doorbell would hopefully prompt you to enter the updated password. This prevents any other devices from accessing your personal Ring Account.

Now, if are upgrading to another Ring device, you can ignore this step because you’ll still want access to your account.

How Do You Reset the Ring Doorbell for a New Owner?

Resetting your Ring device isn’t required, but it’s another precaution you can take if you want to. It will wipe your Ring device of any previous settings, such as Wi-Fi settings, completely from the device.

Here are the steps to perform a Hard Reset for a Ring device:

  1. Remove the back plate from the Ring.
  2. Hold the orange button on the back of the device for 15-20 seconds.
  3. Once you see the Ring flash a light on the front, you’ll know it has completed the hard reset successfully.

Here is a YouTube video from Ring showing you exactly how to do it too:

I hope this answered all your questions about how to change owners for a Ring device. Check out our post on the best video doorbells if you are in the market for a new one!

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