Do Ring Cameras Work with Google Home?

Ring camera and Google devicesRing camera and Google devices

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Updated: The Ring/Google Home integration has been pulled and does not seem to be available anymore. The Google and Amazon/Ring wars seem to be heating up. We will update this post if the option comes available again.

Both Ring Cameras and Google Home devices are popular additions to smart homes across the globe, but an increasing concern is interoperability. 

Google Home may work with Ring cameras in some ways, but there are a lot more features that won’t work. 

Is Ring Compatible with Google Home?

While Google and Ring are advertised as compatible, there are some major limitations to using the two devices together. 

Ring Camera FeatureDoes It Work with Google?
View your camera’s live feedNo
Motion detection alertsNo
Stream video to smart TV via ChromecastNo
Two-way audioNo
Doorbell announcementsNo
Check device healthYes
Start or end recordingYes
Turn alerts on or offYes

Google and Ring have claimed for a while that they’re working on integrations between their two devices. But as of now, while you can connect your Ring Camera or Doorbell to Google Home, there’s not much you can do with it. 

Can You View a Ring Camera on Google Home?

One of the biggest drawbacks to using Ring and Google Home as part of an integrated smart home system is that you can’t view your Ring Camera’s live feed through the Google Home Hub or Google Nest Hub.

This is true even if you’ve linked a Google Home device to your smart TV — you can’t cast Ring cameras via Chromecast.

For many people, this is a serious disadvantage. Viewing your Camera or Doorbell’s footage remotely is the main reason to have a smart camera. 

Until both companies increase interoperability between the two systems, all you can really do after linking Ring to Google Home is:

  • Start or end a recording from one of your Ring devices
  • Turn Ring app notifications on or off
  • Check your device’s health (battery life, Wi-Fi connection, etc.)

What Google Voice Commands Can I Use with Ring?

Even though there’s not much you can do once you link your Ring account to Google Home, there are a few voice commands you can use.

  • “Hey Google, turn on motion alerts.” This will let you receive Ring motion alerts on your smartphone or tablet.
  • “Hey Google, start/stop recording video on (Ring Camera name).” This will start or stop a video recording on your Ring Camera, as long as you have a Ring Protect Plan.
  • “Hey Google, check (Ring Camera name)’s battery life.” This will tell you how much battery life your Ring Camera has left.
  • “Hey Google, what’s the status of my Ring Camera?” This will let you know whether or not your Ring Camera is online. 

How to Link Ring to Google Home

Compatibility between Google Home and Ring is extremely limited. But, you can still link the two devices:

  1. Open the Ring service page on the Google Assistant website.
  2. Press “Send to Device.”
  3. You should receive a notification on the device you use Google Assistant with. Tap this notification and sign into your Ring account.
  4. Select “Authorize.”
  5. Follow the on-screen steps to add your Ring devices to Google Home.

What Smart Home Systems is Ring Compatible with?

As you can probably tell by now, Google Home is not the best smart home system to use with Ring Cameras. However, there are many other smart home systems that are fully compatible with Ring.

Since both brands fall under the Amazon umbrella, Ring is fully compatible with Alexa. If you have an Alexa device with a screen, such as an Echo Show, you can view your Ring Camera feed directly from the device.

Select Ring devices are also compatible with SmartThings. Compatible cameras include:

  • Ring Spotlight
  • Ring Floodlight
  • Ring Stick Up Light
  • Ring Video Doorbell 3
  • Ring Video Doorbell Pro

Smart Cameras That Work with Google Home

If you want a smart camera you can use with Google Home, Nest Cameras are your best bet. Because these cameras are made by Google, they’re fully compatible with Google Home. 

You can view a Nest Cam on a Google Home Hub or any smart TV that supports Chromecast. 

While Eufy Cameras are not fully compatible with Google Home, they do offer more integration than you get with Ring. In addition, the Arlo Video Doorbell works with Google Home, as well as the following Arlo smart cameras:

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