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How Does a Shared User Log in to Ring? (Screenshots Included)

Last Updated May 28, 2022
ring app login screen on smartphone with the house hallway in the background.
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Amazon’s Ring home security system has become very popular, and it didn’t make those gains by assuming that all of its users would be single individuals living alone. Family members and trusted friends can be added to the primary account and are labeled as “shared users.”

Shared Users are added to a Ring account and login to Ring in the same way the primary user does by opening the Ring app and logging in. The only difference is a shared user has to be invited via email to join the primary user’s account.

Below, we’ll cover how to add a shared user to a Ring account and how they can access it once added.

How Do Shared Users Log in to Ring Accounts?

Once the primary owner of the Ring account grants access to a Shared User, the Shared User can log in to the account just like the primary account holder.

When you’re invited to become a Shared User on a Ring account, you will need to create your own Ring account with your email and password (the email you use should be the email that received the invite).

After that, to log in, all a Shared User has to do is open up the Ring app and enter their new credentials.

shared user login ring

What Can Shared Users See on the Ring App?

When Shared users log on to the Ring app, they’ll see only what the primary user has set up for them to see. For instance, if there are six Ring devices and the primary shares access to four of those devices, the shared user will only see video feeds from those four. In short, shared users won’t automatically gain access to all of your devices at once; you’ll have to grant access individually.

shared users dashboard ring
shared devices ring

Also, when shared users open the dashboard (by selecting the three horizontal lines in the upper, left-hand corner), they’ll have access to a limited number of tabs. They won’t have access to Accounts.

Settings are limited, while Account, Set Up New Device, and Control Center are missing or greyed out. Shared users can select the Devices tab, but only have access to predetermined devices.

What Can Shared Users Do on the Ring App?

Shared users don’t have all of the same account privileges as the primary user on the account, although the essentials are there. Much of the automation features and virtual assistance access are relegated to the primary account holder.

Shared users have a lot of direct control over live events and stored video. They can share, save, download, view stored videos, turn alerts on and off, and access the live view stream and two-way audio of any Ring camera on the system.

As you can see, most of the direct functionality of Ring Cameras is accessible for viewing by shared users. Shared users are not able to access features that control Ring cameras or change the way they function. That includes Alexa Routines, IFTTT, and other automation processes. Shared users cannot:

  • Receive alerts from the doorbell or receive motion alerts through Alexa.
  • View recently recorded videos in the Alexa app.
  • Add other users or delete devices.
  • Delete videos.
  • Alter motion settings or change the names of devices.

Shared users are essentially “view-only” participants, with the primary methods of control residing with the primary user. Of course, that may seem unfair, but it’s also necessary that the owner of the Ring devices control how they function.

If an owner wanted to cede control by selling the Ring cameras and devices or by just getting rid of them so another friend or family member can become the primary user, it would involve deleting the entire system, factory resetting the devices, and deleting the primary user’s account and financial information.

Final Thoughts

Ring is pretty versatile when it comes to Shared Users accessing a Primary user’s Ring account. It’s easy for them to log in and access the important parts of the Ring security system, regardless of the simplicity or complexity of your system.

There are a few drawbacks, such as limiting a Shared User to someone who also has a Ring account, or not having an easy method for sharing off and on access with a Shared user, like guest accounts.

Other than that, it’s a pretty simple affair and lets the people you care about access important security features when it’s needed most.

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