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5 Ways To Get Crunchyroll On Your Samsung Smart TV

Last Updated Nov 20, 2022
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You just searched for the Crunchyroll app on your Samsung TV but can’t find it, why? Samsung discontinued the Crunchyroll app years ago and its frustrating all of us.

If you prefer to watch a video, we created one to help walk you through the different ways to watch Crunchyroll on your Samsung TV.

Note: Plex does NOT support Crunchyroll. They discontinued plugins in 2018. Read more here.

Use a Streaming Device to Watch Crunchyroll

The easiest way to watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV is to use a streaming device like a Firestick or Roku. Attach it to your TV’s HDMI input and download the Crunchyroll App.

Here are some streaming devices you can use to watch Crunchyroll:

We like these options because they are generally inexpensive. You can find older generations for under $30 and even used ones on Facebook Marketplace or eBay.

If you can spare the extra cash, we suggest getting one of the 4K models such as the Fire TV Stick 4K Max or the Roku Express 4K+. Both are great options to watch Crunchyroll on a Samsung TV.

Cast Your Crunchyroll App to the Samsung TV

If you already have the Crunchyroll app on your smartphone, once you’re inside the app, you should see an icon to cast the video you’re watching directly to the Samsung TV.

On my iPhone, I am able to use Apple Airplay to cast the Crunchyroll app directly to my Samsung TV.

Your iPhone and Samsung TV must be on the same WiFi Network for Airplay to work.

Most streaming services on your phone have a way to cast the video onto your TV. This is similar to Screen Share except you don’t share your screen at all times with the Samsung Smart TV. You are able to continue to use your phone while the app is streaming to the TV.

Use Screen Share to Mirror Crunchyroll to Samsung TV

With all the technology today, the cell phone is now a computer in the palm of your hand. You can use screen share on your phone. It usually is in your settings, and the name depends on your phone brand:

  • Samsung Phones use Smart View
  • LG Phones use Smart Share
  • Google Pixels use Casting

The list continues, but there will be a screen mirror function for every major phone brand.

Screen sharing or mirroring your smartphone to your Samsung TV is another quick way to watch Crunchyroll.

Just make sure your phone and TV are also on the same WiFi network.

Screen share is fast and easy to use. The downfall to using this method is the inability to use your phone. You may be able to scroll through social media and text messages, but you cannot watch videos on your phone or it will be put onto your smart TV.

Use the Crunchyroll App on a Gaming Console

Gaming consoles like PlayStations or Xbox connects to the internet, so you can download applications to stream services. Crunchyroll is one of the available applications that you can download, so you won’t have an issue not finding it within the gaming console. Here are gaming consoles you can stream Crunchyroll:

  • Playstation 4
  • Playstation 3
  • Playstation 5
  • Xbox 360
  • Playstation Vita
  • Wii U

Stream Crunchyroll with HDMI Cable on Laptop, PC, or Phone

Most laptops, computers and TVs have an HDMI input, so you just need to use an HDMI cable to connect the two. Simply stream Crunchyroll on your laptop browser and it will display on your Samsung TV.

Be sure to double check that your laptop and TV have the HDMI input first as there are other inputs such as DVI, Display Port, VGA, etc.

Stream Crunchyroll with a Phone HDMI Cable

These are great if you don’t have internet access in your home but have internet on your phone.

Here are two examples of HDMI to Phone cables for iPhones and Android phones.

The downfall to these attachments are that you have to have to keep your phone charged or it’ll slowly die from watching episode after episode.

Use a Third Party App and Cast Your Web Browser

Apps are created by third party companies that create apps that anyone can download and use. We found a useful one called Web Video Caster.

You can search for in the App Store and download it where they have a great tutorial walking you through how to cast your browser to your Samsung TV.

Once that’s done, simply fire up Crunchyroll and you should be good to go!

Note: Third Party Apps require a separate developer to update the app and fix bugs so these may not be permanent solutions should other issues arise. Large companies like Netflix and Hulu will always update their apps, but third party apps are unpredictable.

Use Your Smart TVs Browser to Watch Crunchyroll

Many Smart TVs actually come with a web browser like Google Chrome or Firefox. If you have the luxury, you can simply open the browser and navigate to the Crunchyroll website and watch your anime from there!

This is however frustrating because most browser navigations on TVs are awful. They are very slow and difficult to scroll and type.

This is our last recommendation because we dislike how difficult it is to navigate the browser.

If you have questions about what devices Crunchyroll supports, check out their full list here.

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