What’s the Difference Between Crunchyroll Fan and Mega Fan

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Crunchyroll offers a multi-tiered subscription system, where each tier comes with unique benefits. With that said, if you’re trying to choose between the platform’s premium membership options, you may be wondering what the difference is between the Fan and Mega Fan subscriptions.

Crunchyroll Fan MembershipCrunchyroll Mega Fan Membership
$7.99/month + tax$9.99/month + tax
14-day free trialReceive coupons for the Crunchyroll Store
Ad-free streamingOffline viewing
Access to Crunchyroll’s library of digital mangaStream from 4 different devices
Access to new episodes on premiere datesEverything else that comes with the Fan membership

Read on to learn more about what each Crunchyroll subscription comes with to decide which is best for you.

Crunchyroll Fan vs. Crunchyroll Mega Fan Subscriptions

The names are very similar, but Crunchyroll Mega Fan and Crunchyrolll Fan are quite different. Both memberships offer excellent streaming and plenty of perks, but there are a few key differences.

The Crunchyroll Fan and Mega Fan subscriptions have a few similarities:

  • Ad-free streaming – Watch your favorite animes without ads.
  • Access to Crunchyroll’s anime and simulcast catalog – No restrictions on the content you can watch.
  • Watch new episodes on premiere dates – See new episodes the same day they come out in Japan; no waiting period.
  • Access to Crunchyroll’s digital manga library – Read your favorite mangas in the Crunchyroll app at no additional cost.

Below is a rundown of the major differences in Crunchyroll Fan and Crunchyroll Mega Fan memberships:


The first noticeable difference between the Fan and Mega Fan subscriptions is the price. The Fan membership costs $7.99/month plus tax, while the Mega Fan membership is $9.99/month plus tax.

It’s also worth mentioning that the Fan membership comes with a 14-day free trial for new users, which can be canceled at any time.

Offline Viewing

The Mega Fan subscription allows users to watch their favorite animes offline; all you have to do is visit the Crunchyroll app, connect to Wi-Fi, and tap the “Download” icon (downward arrow) located next to the episode title. Once the episode is downloaded, you can find it in the “My List” tab at the bottom of the app; tap “Offline” to see if offline viewing is available for that particular episode.

Device Limit

The Fan subscription limits how many devices can stream content simultaneously–no more than 2. However, the Mega Fan subscription permits up to 4 concurrent streams at once, which is ideal for larger households using the same account. If you’re sharing an account, then you also might want to consider going with the Mega Fan membership.

Crunchyroll Store Perks

Crunchyroll Fan members and subscribers for any other tier can still shop from Crunchyroll’s store. However, Mega Fan members have access to exclusive discounts and coupons received via email every 3 months. So, if there’s an exclusive figure you have your eye on, the Mega Fan subscription may benefit you more.

Is the Crunchyroll Fan or Mega Fan Membership Better?

There are clearly more differences than similarities between the Fan and Mega Fan Crunchyroll subscriptions, so which is the better option for you?

If you’re budget-conscious and don’t expect to share your Crunchyroll account with other household members or devices, then the Fan subscription is ideal. Its low price of $7.99 for ad-free viewing is not that bad of a deal, and you still have access to the platform’s full library.

However, if you expect to share your account with multiple users or are interested in purchasing merch from the Crunchyroll Store, the Mega Fan subscription is a better option. It can support concurrent streaming on up to 4 devices, and members can receive exclusive store coupons every 3 months. 

Final Thoughts

Crunchyroll’s Fan and Mega Fan subscription options have their share of similarities: they give users access to Crunchyroll’s full library of anime and manga without ads and without waiting past premiere dates. However, whether you choose to stick with the premium Fan membership or upgrade to the next Mega Fan tier depends on if you want additional perks beyond this.

In short, if you’re considering upgrading to one of Crunchyroll’s premium subscriptions, the option you choose will ultimately depend on your needs. If basic streaming is all you’ll use the platform for, then the basic Fan subscription should suffice. However, if you want the added benefit of receiving regular coupons for the Crunchyroll Store or plan on sharing your account with friends or family, the Mega Fan subscription is the way to go.

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