What Comes With Crunchyroll Ultimate Fan Pack?

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Crunchyroll is the most popular platform for streaming anime, with over 5 million paying subscribers as of 2021. Subscribers with Ultimate Fan memberships are eligible to receive a free “swag bag” once a year–one of the perks of being a premium member. But what comes in it?

The Crunchyroll Swag Bag is said to feature a range of items, including but not limited to:

  • Licensed merch
  • Apparel
  • Figures from series actively streaming on Crunchyroll

However, according to premium members, the process to claim the swag bag may be more complex than it seems. Read on to learn more about what the Crunchyroll swag bag is, what it includes, and how you can successfully claim your own.

What is the Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag?

Swag bags with a subscription service is a new thing, although one we’re really loving. So what exactly is the Crunchyroll swag bag?

The Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag is a free gift that comes with being a premium Ultimate Fan subscriber to the streaming service. It is comprised of exclusive merch that differs each year.

The swag bag is a perk that was announced in 2020 to promote Crunchyroll’s new membership tiers:

  • Free – Stream content and access digital manga for free with ads
  • Fan (Premium) – Access digital manga and pick from over 1,000 titles to stream ad-free
  • Mega Fan (Premium) – All of the perks of the standard Fan membership plus the benefit of receiving exclusive coupons for the Crunchyroll store
  • Ultimate Fan (Premium) – All of the previous Fan perks, in addition to a free swag bag and member-only access to exclusive merch

What is in the Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag?

Swag bags can be very hit or miss. Sometimes they’re full of great promotional items, while others come stocked with things that go right into the junk drawer. What exactly is in the Crunchyroll annual swag bag?

The contents of the Crunchyroll Swag Bag differs from year to year but can include branded and licensed merch, apparel, and figures from classic series on Crunchyroll.

However, subscribers who have received the swag bag have claimed that their merch included Crunchyroll-branded pop sockets, sunglasses, stickers, power banks, and drawstring backpacks–contrary to the anime-related items Crunchyroll promises.

How Do I Get the Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag?

This sounds too good to be true. A full bag of Crunchyroll things just for being a member? It’s not!

To get the annual Crunchyroll swag bag:

  1. Sign up for the Premium: Ultimate Fan membership.
  2. Maintain the membership for at least 90 days.
  3. After this period, subscribers receive an Ultimate Fan promo code via email.
  4. Visit the crunchyroll.lootcrate.com and enter your code to redeem.

However, despite this seemingly simple process, premium Crunchyroll members have revealed that they never receive a code, nor do they get notifications in the Crunchyroll app that they are eligible for the free annual gift. In this instance, Crunchyroll recommends visiting their Help page or contacting LootCrate support for assistance.

Is the Crunchyroll Annual Swag Bag Worth Upgrading for?

With all of this info, it’s definitely a question worth asking- is the Crunchyroll annual swag bag actually worth the upgrading fees?

With the amount of effort required to claim Crunchyroll’s annual swag bag and the items you actually receive (and that’s if you get them at all), Premium Ultimate Fan members have noted that paying the $14.99/month isn’t really worth it.

Considering that the Ultimate Fan membership comes with almost all of the same benefits as the lower-tiered subscriptions, you’re probably better off going with the more reasonable $9.99/month Mega Fan subscription.

With a Mega Fan membership, you only really lose out on the “swag bag” and member-only access to exclusive merch–which realistically only means that you won’t be the first to learn about pre-orders for new releases and merch as they become available in the Crunchyroll Store.

Final Thoughts

The Crunchyroll Premium Ultimate Fan subscription comes with a variety of perks, including an annual swag bag featuring exclusive Crunchyroll merch. To receive the swag bag, users must be an active Ultimate Fan member for at least 90 days, after which they’re emailed a promo code to claim their gift at crunchyroll.lootcrate.com.

However, because premium members have found it next to impossible to actually claim the swag bag, those considering upgrading their current Crunchyroll membership just for this perk may want to wait before shelling out at least $45. While the benefit is tempting, and the process to redeem is seemingly simple, it may be more trouble than it’s actually worth.

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