3 Ways To Get Crunchyroll On Apple TV

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Anime fans rejoice, there are more ways to indulge your anime binge than ever before and, now that Crunchyroll and Funimation have merged, the largest conglomeration of Japanese anime in the world is now on a single, streaming platform. 

Watching your favorite anime shows on Crunchyroll has become easier than ever. You aren’t limited to just one method, but three! Continue reading to learn what those three methods are and how you can do it.

3 Ways To Get Crunchyroll On Apple TV

You can watch Crunchyroll in three different ways. Internet and technology have made this possible so if one way doesn’t work then you can always find another. Here are those methods:

  • Get the Crunchyroll App for Apple TV.
  • Streaming Crunchyroll via AirPlay.
  • Connect via HDMI cable.

Each way is simple and you don’t have to be completely tech-savvy to figure out how to get everything to work.

Get The Crunchyroll App for Apple TV

One thing that Apple does really well is stick to what works across all of its platforms. This means that you will get a familiar feeling when you’re on the App Store on your Apple TV because the experience is similar to browsing the App Store on an iPhone or an iPad. 

To find and download Crunchyroll on your Apple TV device, just fire up your TV and sign in to your Apple TV. Of course, if you’ve had your Apple TV for a while and frequently use it, you probably don’t have to sign in, but you get the point. 

  • Ignore the Top Charts and Featured categories and instead, select the Search Bar
  • Search for Crunchyroll (it will probably pop up on the screen as you’re typing)
  • Select Crunchyroll
  • Select Get
  • Crunchyroll will download and install from here
  • When the download and install are complete, select Crunchyroll
  • Log in or create your account

Once it’s finished downloading, Crunchyroll will take its place amongst your other apps and, in true Apple fashion, popular or featured programs on Crunchyroll will be integrated into the home screen along with all of your other downloaded streaming apps. 

It’s not much different from downloading Crunchyroll on other platforms, such as Roku or Fire TV. You simply visit the App Store, locate your streaming platform/channel, and download it. 

Streaming Crunchyroll Via AirPlay

AirPlay is a feature in iOS devices that takes advantage of the portable streaming capabilities of your iPhone or iPad. It’s a nice feature because of how convenient it is. You can simply jump to Airplay on your Apple TV and continue streaming almost seamlessly from your phone.

On your iPhone or iOS, download and install the Crunchyroll App from the App Store. AirPlay works with almost any streaming app, so you don’t have to worry about compatibility issues or one app streaming on AirPlay while another won’t.

  • Download, install, and/or create a Crunchyroll account
  • When you open the app or go to the home screen, choose a show to stream
  • On the top, left-hand corner of the screen, tap the AirPlay icon
  • You’ll see a “loading/location” screen as your iPhone/iPad searches for your Apple TV
  • Once your Apple TV pops up, select it
  • The rest is automatic and the Crunchyroll program will switch from your device to your Apple TV

In case you are unfamiliar with the AirPlay icon, you will find it on the top, left-hand corner any time that you watch a video. It resembles a WiFi signal in the corner of a rectangle, which represents a TV or display device. 

If the icon disappears and all you can see is the show that you are watching, it will show up again when you tap the screen.

Connect Via HDMI Cable

You can buy an HDMI Cable with an iPhone or iOS connector. They are available online and your Apple TV doesn’t need to be attached to the internet if you want to use this method of watching Crunchyroll.

There may be three different connectors. One should connect to your phone, one should be for the HDMI port, and lastly, you will need to get a power box to connect to the USB connector. This provides power to the cable and it will simultaneously charge your phone or iOS device.

Most HDMI cables do not come with the power box and so you may need to buy one if you don’t have a spare one lying around. Another downfall to this method is you cannot play on your phone or device while watching Crunchyroll but you also don’t need WiFi. It all balances out.


You can watch Crunchyroll anywhere with all the methods and ways you can access the application on your Apple TV. You never have to miss out on your favorite anime shows and you don’t have to settle for a small phone screen. You can watch it on the Apple TV big screen.

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