Can You Block YouTube Ads on a Samsung TV?

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Getting a streaming media service like YouTube on your Samsung TV is one of the chief benefits of a smart television. However, nobody likes the lengthy YouTube ads that come with using YouTube and other applications on your Samsung.

Several methods for blocking YouTube ads from a Samsung TV include blocking ads on the Internet router, installing an ad guard device on the DNS server, or using the Smart YouTube TV app. Upgrading to a premium tier of service through YouTube can also remove unwanted ads from the TV.

Blocking YouTube ads takes a little bit of technical know-how, but it’s not hard to pick up. Keep reading to learn more about how to block YouTube ads from your Samsung TV.

How to Block YouTube Ads on a Samsung TV

Ads are an annoying part of any streaming television experience. You might have to put up with them if you use standard YouTube services on your computer, but you don’t have to have them on your smart TV.

There are a few different ways you can block YouTube from sending ads through your TV screen. The fastest and easiest, though not the cheapest, would be to pay for YouTube’s premium subscription.

If YouTube isn’t working on your Samsung TV, we’ve got some great troubleshooting tips for you to go through.

Add YouTube Ads to Your Internet Router Block List

One of the easiest ways to block YouTube ads from your Samsung TV is to refuse to let them pass through your Internet router’s network. This can be done by adding those websites to your router’s internal block list.

Most people don’t bother with the block list on their router since many of your wireless media functions don’t require accessing it. However, learning how can be a great way to cut down on unwanted traffic through your router.

There is a list of IP addresses you need to add to your Internet router’s block list to keep YouTube ads from being able to get through the network firewall. Use your router’s manual to locate the control panel and input the following list of addresses to successfully block YouTube ads from your Samsung (Source: TechPenny):


Once these IP addresses have been added to your router’s block list, any incoming YouTube ads on your Samsung TV should be successfully blocked from your viewing experience.

The most intimidating part of this process is accessing your router control panel. Try watching a few YouTube videos, pull out your router owner’s manual, or check out your router maker’s website to see the best way to go about it for your device.

Install AdGuard DNS on Your Router

An ad guard like AdGuard DNS performs a similar function as the workaround of manually inserting IP addresses to block on your router, it just automates the process slightly. Using a AdGuard’s software download, you can successfully block malware and ads from your Samsung TV or any other wireless smart device in your home.

The advantage of using an ad guard for your smart TV system instead of going in and blocking sites manually is that the ad guard software continually updates itself. This means AdGuard DNS can more easily catch incoming new addresses that will insert ads or malware than doing it yourself.

If you notice some lag or the picture and audio are out of sync, we can help you with that!

Use the Smart YouTube TV App

Smart YouTube TV is an app developed by an independent software developer that allows you to access YouTube’s services on your Samsung TV without having to go through Google Services. This allows you to bypass many of the native ad programs that the stock YouTube app will try to run on your system.

To use the Smart YouTube TV app, you have to go into your TV’s system security settings and allow for the download of external third-party apps. Once the system allows for downloads of a third-party app, you can download it onto your smart TV using a zip drive.

If you find you don’t like the app, you can easily delete it from your Samsung TV.

Upgrade to a Premium YouTube Account

This method is one of the more expensive ways of blocking YouTube ads on your Samsung TV, but it’s arguably the simplest. By upgrading to a Premium YouTube account, you become entitled to an ad-free experience that strips ads from your Samsung viewing experience automatically.

Since this requires that you buy into an $11.99/month subscription plan, this isn’t going to be the workaround for everyone. But for those who just want an ad-free experience and don’t want to fuss with the technical side of things, it’s the fastest way to ad-free YouTube on your Samsung.

Blocking YouTube Ads From Samsung Is Easy

YouTube ads may be a hassle, but luckily, it’s never been easier to get them off your TV. One of the best advantages of streaming media services over regular cable is the ability to get away from commercials, so don’t give it up! All it takes is a few technical adjustments to get rid of YouTube ads on your Samsung for good.

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