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Why Can’t Alexa Turn on My Samsung TV? Simple Solution

Sep 14, 2021
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Having different smart devices and systems integrated in your home is exciting, but when you’re trying to get two different brands to work, it can sometimes be challenging. What would prevent an Alexa from being able to turn on a Samsung TV? 

If Alexa won’t turn on your Samsung Smart TV, chances are it hasn’t been integrated into the SmartThings App. You will need to connect both devices via their apps and enable SmartThings skills. If everything’s in order with your Smart Things app and it still wont connect, wifi may be the problem. 

If you’re having trouble getting your Alexa to turn on/off your Samsung TV, you’ve come to the right place. In the following sections we will review the most likely cause of this problem, along with some other possibilities as well. For each issue, we will break down what exactly you can do to get things running properly. So let’s get started!  

Most Likely Reason Alexa Won’t Turn on Samsung TV

From here you’ll just want to go into both apps and ensure they are connected. You’ll also want to make sure that the SmartThings skills are activated in your Alexa app. We will lay out how to do this step by step in the next section. 

If your Alexa hasn’t ever been able to turn on or off your Samsung Smart TV since you got it, chances are it isn’t connecting to your SmartThings app. This could be because you’ve simply haven’t connected them yet, or because of something malfunctioning within the app. 

How Do I Turn On Samsung TV With My Alexa?

Connecting your Samsung Smart TV to your Alexa is quite simple. It’s easiest to do if you have a smart device like your smart phone with you ahead of time. 

To connect your Samsung TV with your Alexa app, you will first need to ensure that both devices are set up and connected to the same wifi network. You will also want to make sure that you have the apps for both devices installed on a smart device like your phone. Then you just need to log into the same app accounts on your TV and your smart device. 

Once all the preparation is out of the way, the following steps should have your samsung TV connected to your wifi in no time:

  • Add your TV to your SmartThings app: Tap Devices, at the bottom of the screen on your SmartThings app. When the Devices menu opens, hit add device and select your TV.
  • Enable SmartThings in your Alexa app: Look for Devices, at the bottom of your Alexa app screen and tap it. Once you’re in the devices menu, check for SmartThings Skill. To enable the skills you will have to enter in the login information for your SmartThings account. This should allow your Alexa to turn on and off your TV. 

Now that your devices are connected, try and turn on/off your Samsung Smart TV through Alexa. If all went correctly it should now work. If for some reason it doesn’t you may have another problem on your hands.

Other Problems That Prevent Alexa From Turning On TV

So, what are some of these other problems that can prevent your Alexa from being able to turn on your Samsung smart TV? 

Below we’ve listed the a couple more issues that could be behind your connectivity problems:

One or Both of the Devices Have Disconnected to Wifi 

For your Alexa to be able to interact with your Samsung Smart TV, they both have to be connected to the same wifi. If the connection between one or both of them has been interrupted, some of their abilities will be interrupted as well. 

Check the wifi connection on each device to make sure that they are connected. If only one of them isn’t connecting, try resetting its wifi. If both of them aren’t connecting, try unplugging your router for 30 seconds, then plugging it back in. 

Your Samsung Isn’t a Smart TV 

It’s important to note that your Samsung must be a Smart TV in order to connect, by itself, to your Alexa. 

If you have an older model, or one that doesn’t have smart capabilities, you may need to get something like a streaming stick or a streaming box, if you want to get wifi on your TV. Fortunately, devices like Roku sticks are increasingly being made compatible with the features of Alexa. 

So Really, Why Can’t Alexa Turn on My Samsung TV?

Most of the problems that contribute to an Alexa not being able to turn on a Samsung TV, have to do with connectivity. You’ll want to make sure that both devices are connected to the same wifi network and that the network itself isn’t experiencing issues. Then you need to ensure that both devices are connected and the SmartThings skills are activated in the Alexa app. 

There is of course, the possibility that there is a hardware malfunction. If you’ve tried everything and they still won’t connect, you should check to see if they will connect to other devices. If one of them won’t, you may want to dig out its warranty and see if it’s still good. That’s unlikely, but it’s still good to be prepared for the possibility. Best of luck!

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