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Is Blink Camera Compatible with Google Home?

Last Updated Sep 15, 2022
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Protecting your home against intruders or unwanted guests is critical to your peace of mind and can easily be accomplished by installing a smart security device, like the Blink Camera, on your property. However, if you want to access your camera from anywhere in your home, it’s essential to know whether it’s compatible with devices like Google Home.  

Blink Cameras are not compatible with Google Home. The devices can only be used with Amazon Alexa devices such as the Echo Show or Dot, or IFTTT (If This, Then That).

If you already have a Google Home and want a security camera that will work with the device, luckily, there are still many options available for you to use for smart home surveillance. (And the same applies if you have a Blink Camera and need to choose a compatible ecosystem!)

Why Are Blink Cameras Incompatible with Google Home?

The Blink series of cameras is owned by Amazon, similar to Ring. Because of this, they are built to be compatible with their respective AI voice assistant, Alexa.

To add to this, Amazon’s competitor, Google, offers its own line of cameras, Nest; therefore, Google Home devices will not be compatible with Blink, although it can work with various other smart camera devices.

What Devices Are Blink Cameras Compatible With?

Although Blink will not work with Google Home, it can work with other Amazon smart devices such as the Echo Show and Echo Dot.

For example, with the Echo Show, you can watch a clear, live feed on your camera from anywhere in your home. You can also use your Blink’s two-way communication feature from the app that runs on your smartphone.

What Smart Cameras Can You Use with Google Home?

Google Home offers compatibility with multiple brands of smart security systems, including surveillance cameras. With varying functionalities, some of the most popular cameras that are compatible with Google Home include:

  • Google Nest Home IQ: Starting with Google’s smart security line, the Nest IQ is a top-notch security camera. A live feed can be viewed from any connected device such as the Google Nest Hub or the accompanying smartphone app. The IQ stands out as it recognizes and remembers individual faces for heightened security.
  • Arlo: Hailed as the number one brand for home security, Arlo offers a widespread variety of camera options for your home. Your camera feed can be viewed from the Google Nest Hub or the app on your smartphone. With packs available containing up to eight cameras, Arlo ensures you will have full protection for your home. 
  • Ring: Ring cameras are best known for their wide lens view and dual-purpose doorbell function. Installed with an existing doorbell, Ring cameras allow the user to see when a package has arrived or if someone is trying to break in near where it is installed. Additionally, there is an audio feature with Ring that allows the user to hear outside audio or speak through the camera to visitors.

Each of these cameras has 24/7 live feeds and can be accessed with your Google Home. Google’s Nest products also offer a cloud storage program that stores video for a given length of time, depending on your subscription choice. With the Google Nest Hub, your camera feed can be streamed to the device, where you can see who is at your front door without having to even get up off the couch.

Final Thoughts

Blink cameras are user-friendly and require minimal set-up to get your smart security up and running. Known for being the most portable smart home camera, Blink offers unmatched flexibility and maneuverability. No matter which angle you are looking to watch over, Blink cameras can be adjusted in a matter of minutes. All these features and more make it an excellent choice as far as smart security cameras go.

However, no matter which type or brand of camera you choose, it’s essential to keep in mind what functions you are looking to get from your device. If you’re looking for the best integration with Google Home, Google’s Nest series will be your best bet. If you’re using a Blink camera, Amazon’s Alexa devices will offer all the control features you could possibly need to secure your home successfully.

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