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How Can I Get My Blink Doorbell to Ring Inside the House?

Last Updated Jul 21, 2022
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You have a Blink Doorbell installed in your home so you can hear, see, and communicate with anyone at your door. You receive a notification on your phone every time the Blink Doorbell is triggered, but you can’t always have your phone in hand. For this reason, you are now wondering if there is a way you can make your Blink Doorbell ring inside your house.

There are a couple of ways you can set your Blink Doorbell up to ring inside your house. You can connect it directly to a chime box, or you can connect it to any Amazon Alexa device. You can customize your Alexa settings so the device notifies you whenever the doorbell is pressed.

The main reason people install Blink Doorbells is to know whenever someone is at the door. This might not be possible with just a phone notification. Keep reading to learn how to set your smart doorbell up to ring inside your home! 

How Can You Get Your Blink Doorbell to Ring Inside the House?

You’ve just installed a state-of-the-art Blink Doorbell. These smart doorbells offer smart notifications, motion sensors, live video, and two-way talk. But, the most important function of any doorbell is to emit a loud chime so you always know when someone’s at the door. 

While Blink Doorbells offer many great features, how useful are they if you can’t hear the chime in the first place? Luckily, there are two ways you can connect it to another device that will guarantee you hear the doorbell, no matter where you are in the home. You can connect your smart doorbell to:

  • An existing chime box
  • An Amazon Echo or other Alexa-enabled device

Below, we will go over the steps you need to take to connect your Blink Doorbell to each device.

Connect Your Blink Doorbell to a Chime Box

If you had a regular doorbell before installing a smart doorbell, you can connect your Blink Doorbell to the existing chime box. This is often the best option to hear the doorbell from anywhere in the house. 

You’ve probably noticed two silver pins on the back of your Blink Doorbell, on top of the battery slots. This is where you will need to connect the wires for your chime box.

Keep in mind that this connection will only close the chime’s circuit to make it ring. It will not supply any power to the Blink Doorbell, so you will still need the two 1.5V AA Lithium batteries. Since these batteries supply power to the doorbell itself, make sure to keep an eye on the battery status through the Blink app.

You will also need a multimeter to verify that the wires have an AC between 16 and 24 volts at 10 Amps. If the voltage is below 16 volts, the chime might not ring. If it is above 24 volts, the current could damage your Blink Doorbell. 

Connect Your Blink Doorbell to Amazon Echo Devices

The Blink Doorbell is manufactured by Amazon, meaning it’s compatible with Alexa. You can connect the doorbell to any Echo device and use it as a chime. Connect both devices to the same WiFi network, then follow the steps below:

  • Open the Alexa App on your smartphone.
  • Tap the menu icon.
  • Select “Skills and Games.”
  • Type Blink and select “Blink Skills.”
  • Add the skills to Alexa by pressing “Enable to use.”
  • Login to your Blink account.
  • Press “Discover Devices” to connect to your Blink Doorbell.
  • A screen will pop up asking you where your doorbell is located. Skip this step.
  • Go to “Devices.”
  • Find your Blink Doorbell under “Cameras.”
  • Press the gear icon on the top right corner.
  • Under “Announcement devices,” select the Echo device you want to use as your chime.
  • Toggle on “Doorbell Press Announcements” to get notifications from Alexa.

After completing the above steps, your Echo device will notify you whenever someone is at the door. If you have an Echo device with a screen, such as the Echo Show 8, you can also access Blink’s Live View by saying, “Alexa, show Blink Doorbell.” 

If you want Live View to start automatically when the doorbell is pressed, you can do so by creating a routine that accesses the live video whenever your Blink Doorbell is triggered. Do not forget to add a routine to stop the video after a few seconds to avoid draining the battery.


There are two ways to make a Blink Doorbell ring inside your home. The first is to connect it to an existing chime box through the two wired connections on the back of the device. 

You can also connect your doorbell to an Amazon Alexa-enabled device and set it up to notify you via sound whenever someone rings your doorbell. If you have an Echo device with a screen, you can also use it to access Blink’s Live View feature.

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