Do Blink Cameras Require Lithium Batteries? All the Requirements

Do Blink Cameras Require Lithium Batteries? All the RequirementsDo Blink Cameras Require Lithium Batteries? All the Requirements

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Wireless Blink Cameras need battery power to function. Blink states that their cameras require lithium batteries, but some wonder if they work with other power sources.

What Type of Batteries Do Blink Cameras Need?

Most Blink Cameras require two AA lithium ion batteries. However, there are some exceptions. The table below highlights what batteries each wireless Blink Camera requires.

Blink Camera ModelBattery Requirements
Blink Video Doorbell2 AA lithium batteries
Blink Outdoor Camera2 AA lithium batteries
Blink Floodlight Camera2 AA lithium batteries, 4 D batteries
Blink Indoor Camera2 AA lithium batteries

Wired Blink Cameras, like the Blink Mini, are powered through a micro USB cable

Blink mini

Blink includes two AA lithium batteries with all their battery-powered cameras. They estimate that these batteries will last up to two years under “standard usage,” which they define as about 15 total hours of video recording and Live View use.

Lithium vs. Alkaline Batteries

Blink battery level

The type of batteries Blink Cameras use are lithium batteries. Blink recommends using lithium batteries over alkaline batteries because the former has the highest energy density of any type of battery cell. 

This means lithium batteries can store significantly more energy than alkaline batteries and perform better in extreme temperatures. While lithium batteries are more expensive, they last an estimated ten times longer

What Happens if I Use Alkaline Batteries?

Security cameras are considered “high-drain” devices, meaning they use a lot of battery power. If you use alkaline batteries instead of lithium, the battery life won’t be as long and the camera won’t function as well as it should. 

While using alkaline batteries in your Blink Camera is technically okay, doing so could reduce the battery life and overall lifespan.

When it is time to change your Blink Camera’s batteries, give our video tutorial a watch to guide you through the process:

Can I Use Rechargeable Batteries in a Blink Camera?

Blink explicitly advises against using rechargeable lithium or alkaline batteries in your security camera. Using rechargeable batteries with Blink Cameras isn’t a safety concern, but rather a matter of optimizing the device. 

Rechargeable batteries don’t have the same energy efficiency as lithium batteries, so they may not produce the power needed to access Live View or record footage. 

Rechargeable batteries also tend to drain pretty fast in Blink Cameras, especially if the camera is in high-traffic areas where it’s constantly being activated.

Alternative Power Sources for Blink Cameras

If you’re determined to use an alternative power source for your Blink Camera, there are some options. However, note that using anything other than lithium ion batteries may result in reduced battery life. 

Power Cables and Adapters

Blink USB

Wireless Blink Indoor and Outdoor Cameras give you the option to power your camera with a USB cable instead of through battery power. 

However, Blink advises that using USB power for your Blink Outdoor Camera means it’s no longer waterproof, as you have to open the rubber seal over the USB port to plug it in. 

Battery Expansion Packs

If you’re not getting the battery life you expected from your Blink Indoor or Outdoor Camera, consider attaching a battery expansion pack. These battery packs attach to the back of your camera and allow you to use four AA lithium batteries in your camera instead of two. 

FAQ: Blink Camera Batteries

Blink Outdoor, sync and doorbell

How Long Do Blink Camera Batteries Last?

Under normal usage, Blink estimates that the batteries included with their cameras will last up to two years. If your batteries aren’t lasting as long as they should, you can:

  • Improve your Wi-Fi signal
  • Reduce the length of time your camera records
  • Reduce how often you open Live View
  • Adjust your camera’s motion settings
  • Disarm your camera while you’re at home

Will Off-Brand Camera Batteries Work in Blink Cameras?

Blink Cameras work with battery brands other than those included in the box. Some of the best lithium ion batteries for Blink Cameras include:

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