Does Echo Show 15 Work With Blink Cameras

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The Echo Show 15 is a wall-mounted 15” smart home display perfect for a central location like your kitchen. It can make daily tasks, shopping lists, agendas, and general life management easier. It can also keep track of your security system for you. If it can work with a security system, you might wonder, does Echo Show 15 work with Blink cameras?

The Amazon Echo Show 15 works with Blink Cameras. The cameras are easy to set up and use through the Echo Show 15 and can be controlled via Alexa Skills voice commands. The large screen of the Echo Show 15 makes it the perfect display for Blink cameras.

Since Amazon manufactures both Blink Cameras and the Echo Show 15, the integration and setup between the two devices are quick and easy. The cameras connect to your Amazon account via the Amazon Echo Show 15’s internet connection and are displayed on the large screen.

Does the Echo Show 15 Work with Blink Cameras?

The Amazon Blink Cameras are great security cameras in various sizes and styles. Their ability to connect to WiFi makes them amazing security cameras for their ability to be placed anywhere they can get power and a WiFi connection. Amazon sells the Echo Show 15, and a Blink Mini Indoor Smart Security Camera Bundle rated at 4.5 stars with 6,000+ reviews.

The Echo Show 15 does work with Blink Cameras because they are both owned by Amazon. Amazon has taken the time to integrate Blink Cameras and the Echo brand of smart home hubs to be seamless in their operation.

Using Alexa Skills will quickly set up your Blink Cameras with the Echo Show 15 and allow you to use Alexa’s voice commands to let the Echo Show 15 control your Cameras. You can tell your Echo Show 15, “Alexa, show me [Name of Camera],” and the live feed from your Blink camera will be displayed immediately. It is even possible to set up motion alerts via the menu.

In addition to Alexa Skills, the Echo Show 15 comes with a plethora of widgets.

Setting Up Blink Cameras with the Echo Show 15

These instructions will assume you have already installed your Blink cameras and want to use an Amazon Echo Show 15 as the smart home hub display for your Blink cameras. First, you must set up the Alexa Skill to access the Blink Cameras. Alexa Skills are Amazon Echo Show’s app. 

Then, you will need to log in to your Blink account. Once you log in to your Blink account, your account will be linked to your Amazon account on your Echo Show 15. 

The Echo Show 15 will search for your installed Blink cameras. You will then be able to set up your devices and change the features and settings of your cameras.

Setting Up the Alexa Skill for the Blink Cameras

The Alexa Skills are what Amazon Echo calls its apps. Alexa uses these to be able to use voice commands to control its applications. Installing an Alexa Skill allows you to control your Blink cameras via Alexa voice commands. 

  1. Download the Amazon Alexa App to your smartphone or tablet (iOS or Android)
  2. Tap the Menu Icon in the lower right corner of the screen
  3. Select Skill & Games from the list
  4. Tap the Search Icon (Magnifying Glass) in the upper right corner of the screen
  5. Search for ‘Blink’
  6. Select the Blink Smarthome Skill
  7. Press Enable to Use

Once you click Enable to Use, a browser window should open, and you should then sign in to your Blink account.

Linking Your Blink Account and Setting Up Your Blink Cameras

Your Blink account should link to your Echo Show 15 automatically once you login in after enabling the Blink Smarthome Alexa Skill in the previous section. Once the accounts are linked, you will be asked to discover your Blink devices. Alexa will then search for your connected Blink cameras. Alexa will then bring your cameras online.

  1. Once you are signed in to your Blink account, your Amazon Echo Show 15 and your Blink Camera account should be linked.
  2. On the next screen, Tap Discover Devices
  3. Alexa will now search for your connected Blink Cameras
  4. Once Alexa finds your connected Blink Cameras successfully, you can tap Set up Device

Now your Blink Cameras will be added to your Blink Smarthome skill and can be configured from the menu within the app. You can set the cameras to have motion announcements so that there is an audible announcement by Alexa using your camera by name anytime one of the Blink cameras detects motion.


Amazon has made the integration of Blink Cameras and the Echo Show so seamless anyone can set them up and use Alexa voice commands to get their security system up and running. Monitoring your cameras on your smart home hub this way can’t get easier.

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