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Samsung TV Keeps Flickering: How To Fix It

Last Updated Dec 28, 2021
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Samsung TVs are a wonderful brand to invest in when looking at flat-screen TVs. But with all technology, there are times when you will come across some issues. One common issue is the flickering and dimming of your TV’s picture.

Fixing the flickering of your Samsung TV is quite simple and won’t take too much of your time. Turning your TV on and off maybe the resolution depending on why your TV is having this issue.

To figure out why your TV is flickering and how to fix it, continue reading on. You will find multiple solutions to this issue that you can try.

Samsung TV Keeps Flickering: How To Fix It

You can try many simple solutions before resetting your entire Samsung TV. You don’t want to lose all your settings and continue the flickering. Here are some simple solutions you can try first:

  • Disable the Eco Sensor Feature.
  • Disable the Energy Saving Feature
  • Test Different Sources.
  • Change the Backlight option.
  • Check your cables.

Disable The Eco Sensor Feature

The Eco Sensor feature automatically adjusts the ambient light brightness. Because this is automatic, sometimes it may not be accurate or just not working correctly. You can find these features under “settings” in the main menu, where you can turn it off.

If disabling this feature doesn’t solve the issue, it could be something else. Go ahead and enable it once again before troubleshooting the next possibility.

Disable The Energy Saving Feature

The Energy Saving feature affects the brightness of the TV screen depending on the TV’s setting and the room it resides in. It saves as much energy as possible, but sometimes this can cause flickering.

Follow these steps to disable the energy-saving mode:

  • Press the “Home” button on your controller.
  • Select “settings.”
  • Scroll down to the “general tab located on the left side.
  • Select “Eco Solution.”
  • Press “Energy Saving Mode” and then enter.

Pressing enter should turn off the energy-saving feature. Your screen should stop flickering. If this doesn’t fix it, you will need to test out other possible reasons your screen is flickering. Don’t forget to turn this feature back on if it isn’t the problem.

Test Different Sources

Sometimes it can be the source of the picture. If you use a DVR, smart device, DVD/Blue-ray player, or gaming console, these could be the cause. To see if it is any of these, try to watch something from a different source. If the flickering stops on another source, it may be whatever device you watch television on.

Change The Backlight Option

The Backlight option will change the intensity of the lighting for your TV. You can manually adjust this in your settings. Go to your “Eco Solution” within your settings and click on “Minimum Backlight.” Press enter and then manually adjust the backlighting.

Check Your Cables

Sometimes when your screen flickers, it’s not the TV but the cables attached to your TV. One way to figure out if the cables are the source is to access your streaming applications on the TV. If they are working fine, then it could be the cables.

The easiest way to figure out which cable is to find the source. Once you figure out which input is causing the flickering, you can remove the cable and replace it with a new one. The cable could be faulty or just old. Replacing with a new one should fix it.

If you still see flickering, your device may malfunction, or the input port could be. You can plug the cable into a different input to see if that fixes the flickering. If it does, then the port may be going bad, but if it doesn’t, your device is malfunctioning.

Reset Your TV

Before resetting your TV to default settings, try to turn your TV on and off. This could save you from having to log back into all your streaming applications. Sometimes a quick power on and off while unplugging from the power outlet fixes the problem.

If a simple power off doesn’t work, try resetting your TV to its default settings. Your flickering should be gone after this. If it isn’t, it could be a deeper problem that may need more than just an adjustment of settings.

Why Is My TV Still Flickering?

If you have tried all the previous solutions and your TV is still flickering, it could be a faulty part of the television. Your Samsung TV (along with other TVs) has lightbulbs behind the screen that allows images to be produced for you to watch.

Lightbulbs can go out over time, and sometimes they may be faulty. You can contact Samsung to see if your TV is still under warranty and what they may suggest. They may cover costs to repair the TV or even replace it entirely.

You can also look into getting the bulb replaced by a professional or even do it yourself. This is up to you and what you would like to do moving forward. 


It can be aggravating when your Samsung TV starts to flicker. Try these solutions to figure out which one it is. Try a factory reset or even contact Samsung before you decide to replace the TV entirely. You may get it replaced without any extra costs to you.

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