Cost to Fix Backlight on Samsung TV – and Is It Really Worth It?

Samsung tv dark screenSamsung tv dark screen

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Is there there anything worse than going to turn on your TV and noticing that the backlight has gone out? Now, you can’t see anything and you’re upset over the prospect of having to buy a new TV. But… Do you?

Generally, replacing the backlight on your Samsung TV will cost you between $100-$200. Usually, this is significantly less than what you paid for the TV, so it is definitely worth it, especially if nothing else has gone wrong.

Is the Samsung TV Backlight Worth Fixing?

You can get your Samsung TV working again with a simple backlight fix – and avoid the hassle or stress of determining whether you need to purchase a completely new TV. 

When considering how to fix your Samsung TV backlight, you need to find a licensed or certified expert who can help with your backlight problem. Doing it yourself could end up making it worse. 

The truth is that backlight issues are semi-easily fixed, and have a set number of possible causes. Normally, the issue originates from the high voltage inverter hardware. 

Backlight issues could also be caused by:

  •  Semiconductor or capacitor issues
  •  Warm weight on the circuit board prompting broken patch joints. 

Unfortunately, fixing these issues alone can only serve as a temporary fix. You’re also going to need to look at the bulbs and voltage power to keep your Samsung TV working long-term.

The actual bulbs have a restricted life expectancy, and the high voltage power supplies can fail due to the amount of expended power. That is what will eventually lead to backlight malfunction.  

Cost of Samsung TV Screen Replacement

The replacement cost for an LED backlighting strip can generally range from $100 to $125. This value also includes parts and work costs.

However, the cost to repair a TV will increase for older models. If you know yours is old, you should evaluate the value of fixing the current TV vs. buying a new one regardless. 

The discrepancy is mostly due to parts for older TVs being harder to track down. On the other hand, newer TVs that are 42” or above are more costly. Take that into account when considering backlight repair costs.

Cost of Parts for a DIY Fix

Before you decide to go all in on a do-it-yourself fix for your backlight, you should know how much you’re going to need to spend. The breakdown will generally look like this:

Item Low-EndHigh-End
Tool Kit~$15~$30
Tape ~$5~$10
Backlight Strips  ~$50 (for newer/smaller TVs)~$150 (older TVs/bigger TVs)
Total Cost~$70~$190

Whether you choose to opt for less-expensive options is completely up to you, but you should choose the best solution for your TV. If you go for cheaper backlight strips, they might burn out sooner and stick you with this same issue again in a few years or less.

Cost of Professional Repair

If you go to a professional, you’re not only paying for parts, but for labor. That’s what drives up the cost in these situations, and what leads people to go for a DIY solution instead. 

The price will range depending on where you go and who’s doing the work. You should keep in mind that the backlight strips alone are one of the most expensive parts of this repair, so it will likely depend on how many they need to replace. 

If your entire Samsung TV backlight system has gone out, you’re probably going to be looking at ~$300 total, maybe closer to $350 if your TV is bigger or older and requires special strips.

If you get in with a specialist as soon as you notice signs of backlight failure, or you have a newer, smaller TV, you’ll end up with a bill somewhere between $150-$200

How Backlighting Works

The backlight feature on a Samsung TV is called “inclination lighting.” Backlighting gives a person’s eyes an unbiased reference point for tones and differences in a dim room.

Backlighting can enhance the color visualization when using your TV, providing better picture quality overall. 

When we’re in front of the TV or even using a PC workstation, if the room is too bright and we’re looking at a screen, it might be too dark for us to comfortably glance without straining our eyes.

Not having a setting that provides adjustable, consistent lighting on a  smart TV could be the difference between an eye strain headache and a pleasant viewing experience. 

Thus, backlighting was born.

By setting an LED light behind the TV, you are:

  • Raising the normal surrounding light in the room 
  • Decreasing the strain on your eyes
  • Enabling yourself to watch more TV without headaches

How To Know A Backlight Needs Replacing?

Knowing when your TVs backlight needs to be replaced can help when solving TV problems. Depending on the TV brand, your TV will most likely have issues with the screen. 

If you think the backlight on your Samsung TV (or any TV brand, really) has gone out, you’ll notice some things like:

  • Whole screen issues (a black, dim screen, or flickering screen)
  • Partial screen issues (dark spots/discolored spots)

If you notice your TV only has some spots, that’s still an indication that the backlight is starting to go. In that case, you should get to a repair shop immediately. As soon as they look at it, they’ll be able to estimate your TV backlight repair costs. 

If you don’t think you need the backlight replaced, you can go through some other troubleshooting steps to see if the fix is easier:

Is Backlight Repair Covered Under Warranty?

Samsung TV

When you choose a Samsung LED TV, you’ll have a one-year warranty that comes with the purchase of the TV. At an extra cost, you can get additional warranties for more coverage.

Samsung has an extended protection plan available for purchase that covers your TV a little better than the standard with-purchase version. 

However, there are some things that are not going to be covered by this warranty that you should keep in mind. Not covered in a Samsung Protection Plan is:

  • Cosmetic damages (superficial blemishes that don’t impact functionality)
  • Normal wear and tear from being used

There is also an extended warranty you can purchase on Amazon called Asurion. This warranty  can be purchased for 4 years of protection for your TV, but be sure to check for exclusions.

Will Fixing the Backlight Myself Void the Warranty?

If you tamper with the inner mechanisms of your Samsung TV in any way, you are voiding the warranty. If you DIY and it works out for you and it’s fixed, that’s awesome, but if you make it worse… You’re screwed. 

Additionally, taking your Samsung TV to an uncertified repair shop can void your warranty. When you’re looking for one, you should use their “service locator” feature to make sure you get someone in their network.

Is a Samsung TV Backlight Worth Fixing Yourself?

If you want to fix the backlight yourself, it’s not impossible. There are tutorials all over YouTube. 

Fixing it yourself is a great option if you really don’t have the cash to drop on a new TV and yours is out of warranty: what’s the worst that could go wrong? It breaks more?

If you’ve got a newer, still-in-warranty TV, do not attempt to fix it yourself. It won’t be worth it, and you won’t have your warranty as a failsafe if you mess up. Then you’ve spent money on parts and you need to buy a new TV.

Under any circumstances, though, it’s definitely worth at least getting a quote from a specialist. It might be less than you think. From there, you can make your decision on what to do next.

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