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Cost to Fix Backlight on Samsung TV – and Is It Really Worth It?

Last Updated Mar 27, 2022
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Samsung TVs provide quality viewing experiences through countless products – using cutting-edge innovation to constantly enhance your experience. Thanks to Samsung’s constant upgrades and new technology options, we continue to rethink the universes of TVs, cell phones, tablets, and more. 

Generally, replacing the backlight on your Samsung TV will cost you between $100-$200. Usually, this is significantly less than what you paid for the TV, so it is definitely worth it, especially if nothing else has gone wrong.

What exactly causes this backlight issue? Can it be fixed? Read on to find out whether or not you should really bother fixing the backlight on your Samsung TV

Is the Samsung TV Backlight Worth Fixing?

For many people who have dealt with backlight breaks, they’ve asked themselves this one question: should I even bother to fix it?  

You can get your Samsung TV working again with a simple backlight fix – and avoid the hassle or stress of determining whether you need to purchase a completely new TV. 

When considering specialists to fix your backlight,  ensure that you find a licensed or certified expert for your Samsung TV backlight fix. If you take it to an outside vendor that is not properly experienced, you could wind up with a far worse TV – or being wrongly informed that it is beyond fixing. 

Backlight issues are easily fixed, and have a set number of possible causes. Normally, the issue originates from the high voltage inverter hardware, semiconductor or capacitor issues, or warm weight on the circuit board prompting broken patch joints. 

However, fixing these issues alone can only serve as a temporary fix. The actual bulbs have a restricted life expectancy, and the high voltage power supplies can fail due to the amount of expended power at any given time. This can lead to backlight malfunction.  

Cost of Samsung TV Screen Replacement

To repair the one LED backlighting strip, the value can range from $100 to $125, including parts and work costs. Older TVs generally cost more to fix – prompting you to evaluate the value of fixing the current TV versus simply buying a new product. 

With older TVs, it is important to consider that parts for these TVs might be hard to track down. For newer TVs, parts for TVs that are 42″ or above are more costly. You can work with your family to determine the next best steps for your TV – whether it looks like buying a new TV or simply fixing your backlight. 

How Backlighting Works

The backlight of a Samsung TV is called inclination lighting. Backlighting gives a person’s eyes an unbiased reference point for tones and differences in a dim room, and can enhance the color visualization when using your TV. 

When we are in front of the TV or using a PC workstation in a totally dark or essentially obscured room, we create a less-than-ideal survey circumstance that can compromise our visual experience – leaving us experiencing adverse effects from the glare of staring at a window of light against a very dark background.

Despite the fact that we precisely see the screen to be extremely bright in contrast to the dark background, our eyes work to adjust based on the normal brilliance across the whole field of view – and run into a strong contrast when seeing the lighting on the screen. 

By setting a light behind the TV, you are:

  • Raising the normal surrounding light in the room 
  • Decreasing the strain on your eyes
  • Enabling yourself to watch more TV without headaches


One of the most common failures in Samsung TV is the backlight of the LED TV – usually within the strips that provide the backlight. There are several costs to consider when considering repairing your backlight. Older TV’s can pose additional cost and be difficult to find parts for. 

Younger TVs can be expensive to repair, and need additional replacement parts. If your backlight breaks, you should consider how much you are willing to pay for a fix – and determine if that is more efficient than simply buying a new Samsung TV.