You just received your Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime and you’re excited to use it, but there’s something wrong with it. Here are some tips on how to operate your Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime with ease and fix any issues along the way. 

Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime is not working, what can I do? 

  1. You should first check that you installed the module, which allows the Ring Doorbell to control the Chime. 
  2. Your next step would be to check the settings on your Ring smartphone app to assure it was not disabled. 
  3. Your final step should be resetting the power to the doorbell, forcing it to restart. 

The module allows for the Ring Doorbell to control the Chime. If not properly installed, it is unable to work. You should then check the Ring smartphone app. Go to “Device Settings”, then to “General Settings” and then “Doorbell Chime Type” and make sure it is set on “Mechanical” and “Ring My in-home Doorbell”. Another option is to restart your entire device. 

Three Simple Fixes for Your Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime

1. Install Module

When you first get your Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime, you’re really excited to get it set up and working, but it can be easy to forget an important step to completing the setup process, installing your module. By installing your module, which is included with the doorbell, you are giving the doorbell access to control the chime. By failing to install the module properly, the chime will not successfully work. 

2. Enable the Proper settings

There is a feature in your Ring smartphone app that requires enabling before it can be used and may have been disabled. 

  1. Go to your Ring smartphone app and find the settings of the ring device you are trying to enable. 
  2. Next find “Device Settings,” “General Settings,” and then “Doorbell Chime Type.” 
  3.  The drop-down menu needs to be set on “Mechanical” and “Ring My in-home Doorbell.”. This will trigger the Chime when the doorbell is being used. 

3. Reset the Power

If the above issues have failed and you’re still struggling to get your device working, reset the power to the doorbell. It will force your device to restart and should resolve all mechanical chime issues. 

Why is My Ring Doorbell Chime Making Weird Noises?

If your Ring chime is creating a humming or buzzing noise, it’s possible that you have loose bolts. Turn off the circuit breaker feeding power to your device before you start working. To fix this you may need to remove the chime’s cover in order to gain access to the mounting screws. After this is done, tighten any loose screws on the device. 

How Do I Change My Ring Sound?

If you want to change the sound on your Ring Doorbell Mechanical Chime, open the Ring app and tap on the image of your Chime. You’ll then want to tap on “Chime Tones.” A list of tone options for your device will appear, select your favorite tone and save your settings. 

You should see a blue light on flash on your Chime, which indicates it is downloading to your device. You’ll know the download is complete when it is no longer flashing, but it is solid blue.

How to Correctly Set Up Your Ring Chime in the Ring App

Download The Ring App

You will start by downloading the Ring app. This can be found in the App Store for iOS devices, Playstore for Android devices, or by visiting on your mobile device. If this is your first Ring device, you’ll want to create an account. 

To do this, you will open the app, select “Create Account,” and follow the step by step instructions to create your new account. Once you’ve completed creating your account or you already have one, select “Set Up Device” and then select “Chime.” 

QR Code or Mac ID

You will be provided a QR code or Mac ID on the back or bottom of your Ring Chime device. Point the camera on your smartphone at the QR Code or Mac ID barcode on your Chime. 

The QR Code or Mac ID may also be placed on the product packaging or on the QuickStart guide provided with your device. Center the code in the camera’s view, which you will see at the top of the screen. Once the app has recognized your code, a green square or green line will appear and you may continue to the next step. 

Set Location 

If this is your first Ring device, you will want to grant access to your location when the request appears on your smartphone device. This allows the app to pinpoint your location, which will assist with inputting your address. You may then select your address from the list of locations. If you choose to deny the request, you will want to enter and confirm your address. Ring devices need your location for certain features to work properly. 

Wi-Fi & Name Creation 

Plugin your Ring Chime to a standard wall outlet close to your Wi-Fi router. Once you’ve plugged it in, the Ring logo on the front of your Chime will begin flashing blue. 

It is important to create a name for your device so you may distinguish it from other Ring devices on your account. You may choose a suggested default name or enter your own by selecting “Custom.”

Setup Mode

If you’ve never set up your Chime device before, it will immediately go into setup mode. Wait for the flashing Ring logo to slow down and then press “Continue” on the Ring app. If the flashing does not begin to slow down or the device has previously been set up, press and hold the small button on the side of your Chime for five seconds. Do not unplug your device during this process. 

Connecting Device

Connecting to your Ring device is different depending on if you are using iOS or Android. For iOS, tap join after the Ring app asks to join the Ring Wi-Fi network. Android devices should automatically connect to the Ring Wi-Fi network. 

You’ll then want to connect your Ring Chime device to the Wi-Fi network by selecting your Wi-Fi network and enter the password. It’s important to choose the network closest to where you are installing your Ring Chime. 

Why Do I Need to Provide My Address? 

It is important to provide an accurate address for certain Ring features to work. 

Some of these features include: 

  • Emergency service dispatch through Ring Alarm
  • Floodlight cam light scheduling 
  • Connecting other Ring devices to Chime Pro
  • Setting up new products 
  • Ring Neighbors 
  • Ring Protect Plan
  • Motion scheduling 

How Do I Update My Address in the Ring App?

Start by opening your Ring app and selecting the device on the home screen. Find the device settings. This is the gear-shaped icon in the top right corner. You will then select “Change Location” and select “Enter an Address.” This needs to be the address where you’ve set up your Ring devices. Google Maps will appear, showing the location you’ve entered. Confirm your location by tapping “Save Location.” 

Last Resort: Contact Ring 

If all attempts to fix your Ring Doorbell Chime have failed, you should reach out to Ring. This should be a last resort, but it is always an option. Ring is great with providing support for their customers when there is a fault in the device itself. The customer service line is 1 (800) 656-191.