How to Disconnect Ring Doorbell from Alexa

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Connecting your Alexa to your Ring Doorbell is a great way to sync all your devices. It can also let Alexa announce when you have someone at the door and add some security to your home. However, sometimes you may not want the Ring and the Alexa to be connected. Luckily, disconnecting them is easy.

Below, we’ll cover how you can disconnect your Ring Doorbell from your Alexa-enabled device, including how to turn off specific notifications or announcements.

How Do I Unlink My Alexa from My Ring Doorbell?

If your Alexa device and Ring Doorbell are already connected, you will use the same steps to disconnect it as you did when you first linked them together:

  1. Use your phone or tablet to open the Amazon Alexa app. You should already have it installed and be logged in from when you first set it up.
  2. Click the magnifying glass. Type in “Ring” and then click Search or tap Devices and then click Ring Doorbell Camera.
  3. Click Settings. Review the announcements page.
  4. Click the enable toggle off. This will turn off all communication and features between the two devices.

Now, your Alexa should be completely disconnected. You shouldn’t hear any announcements when someone rings the bell.

Stopping Alexa from Announcing Activity on Ring Doorbell

Your Amazon Alexa can announce motion outside at your door and when someone rings the bell. If you only want to turn off the announcements when someone rings, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Amazon Alexa App. Select Devices.
  2. Search for your Ring Doorbell. Or scroll until you find “Ring Doorbell Camera.”
  3. Click Settings. You should see all the announcement options listed.
  4. Turn off Doorbell Press. Click the toggle to the off position.

Now, when someone rings the bell, you will still get a notification to your phone, but Alexa will not announce it. If you want to turn off the motion announcements, follow the same steps above but toggle off the Motion sensor.

Note: You can also click Doorbell Sound and change the sound you want Alexa to make if you want to change how it notifies you rather than turning it off completely.

Setting Announcements on Do Not Disturb Mode

Under the Amazon Alexa app settings, you can always set the announcements to a “do not disturb” setting when you know someone may be sleeping. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the Amazon Alexa app. Click Devices.
  2. Click Ring Doorbell. Use the search tool if you can’t find it.
  3. Click Do Not Disturb. It should be under the Settings tab.
  4. Toggle Do Not Disturb On. It should remain on until you turn it off.

You can also use the Scheduled feature if you want Do Not Disturb on only during certain hours. This could be beneficial to set up when you know there will be a child or spouse sleeping.

What Do I Do If Alexa Still Alerts Me About Ring?

Sometimes technology does not always work how it’s supposed to. If you disabled Alexa or turned off the notifications, but it’s still alerting you, follow these troubleshooting tips:

  1. Check that the Amazon Alexa App is updated.
  2. Reset the connection and then disable it again.
  3. Make sure your Wi-Fi is stable when changing the settings.
  4. Uninstall the Amazon Alexa App, then reinstall it for a fresh start.

Can I Use Ring Doorbell Without Alexa?

You can use all the Ring Doorbell’s features without Alexa. Choosing to set up your Alexa is optional and up to personal preference. But, it’s worth noting that there are some pros and cons to syncing the two together:

Get an announcement when someone is at the door.It can be annoying if you have too much motion outside your doors, such as deliveries or animals.
Talk to people at the door through Alexa.The live view may not work with some Echo devices.
Live view streaming is supported on some devices.Announcements may interrupt music or other sounds you have playing.
Manage all settings by telling Alexa what to turn off or on.It could wake you up if too loud. While it is often a good thing to be alerted when someone is at the door, this is not always ideal if you have children or guests sleeping.
(Source: Ring Support)

In Summary

Disconnecting Ring Doorbell from Alexa is pretty easy; just use your phone to go to the Alexa app and click the Devices tab. Then select Ring and then the three dots. Switch off the Doorbell Press and the Motion toggle. Then toggle off Enable. Select the trash icon if you want to delete the device completely. This will shut off all notifications and give you some quiet time!

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