What Is The Best Place To Put My Ring Chime Pro – 5 Tips To Make Sure You Find The Right Spot

The back of a router showing different ports.The back of a router showing different ports.

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Buying the right device for your home is important, especially when it comes to security. However, even the best products are essentially useless to you if they are not set up properly.

As a  supplemental WiFi router, it is important that you place the Chime Pro in the best possible place to administer connection to all of your security devices. In this article, we are going to break down exactly where your Pro should be in order to maximize its extension services.

Place Your Chime Pro Close to Your Router to Start

Even if you aren’t extremely technologically savvy, the Ring Chime Pro is pretty foolproof. It comes with step-by-step instructions on how to set it up and where in your home it will work best.

The initial step in establishing a successful setup is plugging in your Pro within 20 feet of your router. Now, it’s important to note that it does not have to stay here, but this will ensure a stable connection is made between the device and your WiFi connection.

Once the two are linked, you are free to move the Pro to the destination of your choice. You most likely have quite a few plug sockets in your home, so let’s dig a little deeper and find exactly where it should go.

The Ring Chime Pro works as an extra alert system for your Ring Doorbell to be heard from anywhere in the home, and also as a WiFi extender in order to allow the rest of your Ring devices to operate properly to keep you and your family safe.

Make Sure to Measure the Distance From your Router

This step is fairly straightforward: your Chime Pro needs to be placed within a 30-feet radius of your router. You will know if you have gone too far if the device does not connect to your WiFi.

Ideally, your extender will be about halfway between your router and whichever security devices you are trying to connect to.

Watch out for Possible Interference when Placing your Chime Pro

What does Ring mean when they say to watch out for interference in your home when placing your Chime Pro? There are several parts of your home or items inside it which can inhibit the successful running of your WiFi extender.

  • Architecture of the home. Your new Chime Pro may not be able to connect to your router if there is too much of the building in the way. Materials such as bricks, concrete, or stucco can be too dense for the wavelengths to transmit.
  • Home appliances. Microwaves, baby monitors, or even your Alexa or Google Home can interfere between your router and your Chime Pro, so make sure they are not directly between the two.
  • Electronic systems. Any of your electronics that use WiFi, including your television or gaming devices, could impair the connection.

Once your Chime Pro has been set up, you have measured the distance and found several places within the 30-foot radius, now you need to ensure there are the least possible amount, or ideally none, of these possible interferences.

You Can Place your Chime Pro Outside, but Be Cautious

Even though the Chime Pro will work outdoors, it is not water or weather proof. Remember that this is a technological device, and it could easily break when exposed to extreme temperatures, rain, snow, or even the sun.

If you would still like to place your Chime Pro on your patio, Ring recommends that you ensure it is completely protected from the elements.

Use the Ring Chime Pro Placement Test to Find the Perfect Spot

This is arguably the easiest way to safely and efficiently place your Ring Chime Pro in the correct place in your home, and it is conveniently available to all owners through your Ring app.

Because the Ring app is so user-friendly, anyone can follow these simple steps:

  • Open the Ring App.
  • Click the Main Menu on the top left of the screen.
  • Select Devices.
  • Click on your Chime Pro.
  • Select Chime Pro Network.
  • Click Run Placement Test
  • Follow the steps on your screen by moving the Chime Pro and plugging it in where suggested.
  • Select Test Again.

If the first place you picked was successful, you will see a sufficient connection, however this could take several tries to find the sweet spot. Ring Chime Pro Placement Test


You should now feel completely ready to place your Ring Chime Pro WiFi extender in the perfect place in your home to easily connect your router to your new security devices!

If for some reason you are still struggling to set up a good connection and your placement test on the app isn’t doing the trick, always feel free to contact Ring support through their website which includes technological assistance via their message board, as well as a community page where other customers have written what worked for them, and several pages of product breakdowns to make your life just a little easier and a whole lot safer.

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