Full List of Chimes That Work with Ring Doorbell

Women looking at her smartphone inside of a living room.Women looking at her smartphone inside of a living room.

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You finally took the plunge and bought a Ring doorbell. So, now the questions is, what are the best Chimes that are compatible with your Ring doorbell.

There are four types of chime systems compatible with ring doorbells; mechanical, electronic, wireless, and the ability to use your Alexa device. Curious to decide which chime is best for you? Keep reading to learn more about your options.  

Mechanical Chimes

Mechanical chimes are the most common or, some say, old-school types of doorbell chimes. When you physically push a doorbell, electricity causes a magnetic piston inside the chime to move, striking a gong or bell and creating sound waves.

Suppose you had a previous doorbell in your home and replaced it with the Ring doorbell system. In that case, a mechanical chime may already be inside your home, so connecting your ring system to your preexisting mechanical chime could be the most straightforward option. 

  • Boran BK125LWH Builder Chimes Kit – This chime is white to match any décor and features two separate chime sounds for the front and backdoor of your home.
  • Health Zenith Doorbell Chime SL-2735Sleek, white, modern design; featuring two chime sounds for front door and one for the back door.
  • Health Zenith Doorbell Chime SL-2796-02 – This wired low voltage chime has horizontal accent lines.
  • Health Zenith Doorbell Chime DW-48-00 Chime Kit Timeless wooden chime featuring one note and two note chimes depending on which door of your home someone is at.
  • Broan-NuTone LA126WHClassic white to match your décor and compact to conveniently fit anywhere.
  • NuTone LA11WHDecorative white chime and has multiple sounds to always know which location your visitor is at.
  • NuTone LA14WH – This chime features a white grill appearance, also featuring multiple chimes to know what door your visitor is at.
  • Broan-NuTone LA139WHDecorative white sconce appearance, featuring two chimes.
  • NuTone BK131LRBZ Builder Chimes KitKit features the chime and also includes an oil-rubbed bronze stucco push button.
  • NuTone LA70MAWalnut musical door chime. Featuring chime options for up to three entrances.

Electronic Chimes

Electronic chimes are similar to mechanical chimes. They both require a box located somewhere in your home; however, instead of the pin and bell creating sound, electronic chimes have pre-recorded tones, volume controls and output the recording through a speaker. Most electronic chimes still require hard wiring, like mechanical chimes, but some give you the option of having them wired or plugging into an outlet. 

  • Honeywell RCWL3506A1003/NHoneywell chime includes doorbell chime and push button. Compatible with up to six push buttons.
  • Heath Zenith DC-3361 – Wireless, black, and includes ten tunes to choose from including happy birthday.
  • Heath Zenith Designer Series DC-3344 – Sleek, modern, black design
  • Broan-NuTone LA600WH  – Wireless doorbell chime with eight preloaded sounds or option to upload your mp3 files.

Wireless Chimes

Wireless chimes transmit radio signals. Wireless chimes require a doorbell transmitter and a chime box receiver. You can have one or more receivers located around your home, depending on your preferences.

When the doorbell is activated, radio signals send messages to the receivers; the receivers then flash colors and release sound waves. These are a popular choice because they only require an electrical outlet or batteries to work so, you can have chimes in multiple locations, including the basement if needed. 

  • Ring Chime – Conveniently plugs into any outlet and alerts you of doorbell notifications.
  • Ring Doorbell Chime Pro – Ring pro connects via WIFI and can extend WIFI signal up to 2000 sq ft to always get doorbell notifications.

Alexa Devices

Alexa devices are an excellent option for users who have these smart devices in their homes already or have been considering getting one. Usually, Alexa devices are in high traffic areas or already in multiple rooms around your home, making it handy to use the doorbell chime feature. You can set up doorbell notifications through your Alexa app.

One option to consider is Amazon’s Echo Show; we set our Echo up in our kitchen to have a small tv, weather display, and convenient for our ring chime to sync with since there is almost always someone in or near the kitchen. Alexa devices can show video footage and alert you when someone pushes your doorbell or notify you of motion detection. You can adjust all your doorbell settings in the app. 

  • Alexa Echo ShowSmart HD display, available in black and white, and allows video and sound door bell notifications.

So Which Chime is Right for You?

Out of the four different types of chimes, wireless and Alexa device chimes are the most convenient options for people. However, what you choose will depend on convenience, your style, and your personal preferences.

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