Will Ring Doorbell Work with an Old Chime?

doorbell chime installed on a wall.doorbell chime installed on a wall.

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The Ring Doorbell meets every home’s needs. Whether you’ve just moved into a new townhome or inherited an old Victorian mansion, Ring Doorbell seeks to secure your home and property. Not only is it compatible with other Ring devices, but it can also work with your home’s internal wiring—but what about your old chime?

A wired Ring Doorbell will work with your old chime if the chime is AC-powered. The wired connection must also yield between eight and 24 volts to work. If your chime is DC-powered, it will not be compatible with your Ring Doorbell.

How do you know if your chime is AC or DC-powered, though? Continue reading to learn more about setting up your new Ring Doorbell and how to determine whether it will work with your pre-existing setup.

Can a Ring Doorbell Work with an Old Chime?

Only a wired Ring Doorbell, such as the Ring Video Doorbell Pro, will connect to your home’s wiring grid and, therefore, your existing chime. In addition, wired Ring Doorbells will only work with AC-powered chimes, not DC-powered ones.

Most doorbells are AC-powered. However, if you’re unsure where your chime falls, here are a few ways you can tell the difference:

AC-Powered DoorbellsAC, or alternating current, basically means that power moves back and forth, changing its flow to match how much energy a device needs. The electrical outlets in your home probably use AC.They do not have a zinc coating (the individual wires are exposed), nor do they connect to a single battery. They have a single cover and deliver anywhere from 230 volts to 240 volts.
DC-Powered DoorbellsDC means that power comes from a battery and directly supplies energy to a device. So, for instance, if you have a smartphone and plug it into a power bank, this is a DC charge. A steady flow of energy comes from the batteries and into your device.They have a zinc coating, double cover, and generate anywhere from 20 – 1100 volts.

Does it Matter How Old Your House Is?

As long as your old chime comes is outfitted with AC wires, it does not matter how old your home is. Keep in mind, however, that you may encounter additional challenges based on your house’s age.

For instance, your doorbell may be held in place with more than screws. You might have to remove multiple brackets to get to your home’s wires. But as long as it has electricity, you should have no problems setting up your Ring Doorbell.

How to Connect Ring Doorbell to Your Old Chime

If your old doorbell operated on AC, here’s how you can connect your Ring Doorbell to an existing chime:

  1. Turn off the power supply to your old doorbell.
  2. Remove your old doorbell so that it’s just the exposed wires.
  3. Determine where to place the mounting bracket over the hole.
  4. Screw the mounting bracket into the wall.
  5. Wrap your doorbell’s wires around the raised terminal screws.
  6. Tighten the screws.
  7. Secure the wires to the mounting bracket.
  8. Secure your Ring Doorbell to the mounting bracket.

You don’t have to be an electrician to install your Ring Doorbell to your home’s wiring grid. For more information on installing your device, click here.

Note: Before you start the installation process, the most important thing to do is cut off power to your pre-existing doorbell. By failing to do so, you risk getting severe burns or being electrocuted. Although your doorbell likely doesn’t have enough power to cause fatal harm, even a small electric shock could lead to nerve damage, soft-tissue injuries, and other related conditions.

What if I Can’t Connect My Doorbell to My Old Chime?

Fear not. If your old chime operated on a DC system, you can get the Ring Chime Pro. This acts as an extension of your Ring Doorbell, allowing you to:

  • Extend your Wi-Fi signal 2,000 square feet
  • Hear real-time notifications when someone rings the doorbell
  • Allows you to select from a variety of different tones

It even comes with a nightlight for an extra layer of security. You’re not limited to using your home’s old chime if you can’t get it to work; Ring has options meant to meet every home’s needs.


The wired Ring Doorbell will only work with your old chime if it has AC wiring. If it has DC wiring, you could purchase the Ring Chime Pro to get real-time notifications.

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