4 Ways to Keep Your Ring Doorbell from Fogging Up

Ring Doorbell with foggy viewRing Doorbell with foggy view

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You wake up in the morning with a notification from your Ring Doorbell. You press the notification and watch the recording. The only problem is your Doorbell fogged up, so you have no idea who was visiting you.

Here are four ways you can keep your Ring Doorbell from fogging up and clear of condensation in the future.

How to Keep Your Ring Doorbell from Fogging Up

The reason why your Ring Video Doorbell is fogging up is that hot air is coming into contact with cold air. Depending on where you live, it could also be an issue with the humidity.

While there is nothing you can do to combat Mother Nature’s whims, there are some things you can do to keep your doorbell operating and detecting motion as it should.

1. Periodically Wipe Down the Ring Camera

Wipe down the ring doorbell

Ring devices last longer and work better when they’re maintained. Even though the idea of wiping down your Doorbell’s lens every day may sound excessive, it could be an easy solution to your problem.

Use a soft, clean cloth whenever you wipe down the lens. A microfiber cloth works perfectly.

2. Apply Anti-Fogging Spray

If you have glasses, you may already use an anti-fogging spray to keep your lenses from getting cloudy. You can use the same technique for your Ring Doorbell. 

Anti-fogging spray uses a chemical formula to keep moisture from collecting on thin surfaces, like security camera lenses.

Check the directions on the bottle before applying the defogger so you know how much and how often to apply it. Be mindful of where you place the nozzle — you don’t want any to get under the camera’s lens.

3. Reposition the Ring Doorbell

Ring suggests that you install the Ring Doorbell approximately 48 inches above the ground. However, if your device keeps fogging up, you might want to move it somewhere else.

Move your Doorbell away from any HVAC or dryer vents near your front door, as these release a lot of hot air that can fog your security camera lens up. 

It might take a bit of trial and error until you find the right spot. Wherever you place your Ring device, check the live view in the Ring app before moving and securing it on the mounting bracket. 

If you live in an area with a lot of humidity in the summer, you might want to reposition your Ring Doorbell as the seasons change to keep it from fogging up.

4. Place the Ring Doorbell Next to a Light

Cold air can cause fog to build up on your Ring Doorbell’s lens. If you have a porch light, placing your Doorbell closer to it could warm the surrounding air, evaporating any moisture that lands on the lens quicker. 

Just keep in mind that Ring Doorbells can only function up to 120 degrees F, so be careful not to heat the area too much.

What if Moisture Gets Under the Camera Lens?

If your Ring Doorbell keeps fogging up, moisture could eventually seep under the camera’s lens. This could turn a pesky inconvenience into a serious problem.

While Ring Doorbells are water-resistant, they are not completely waterproof. If moisture seeps into the Doorbell’s inner workings, it could eventually cause water damage to your Doorbell. 

Here’s what you can do if the inside of your Ring Doorbell gets wet.

Dry It Out

If the water inside your Ring Doorbell hasn’t caused any problems yet, you can attempt to dry it out. 

  1. If your Ring Doorbell is hardwired, turn off the power to the doorbell transformer before you begin.
  2. Remove the Doorbell from the mounting bracket.
  3. Remove the security screw at the bottom of the Doorbell’s faceplate using the screwdriver that came with your Doorbell kit.
  4. Push the bottom of the cover toward you until it comes loose.
  5. Once it’s loose enough, pull the faceplate away from the Doorbell.
  6. If your Doorbell has a battery, press the black tab at the bottom to pull it out. 
  7. Gently wipe any visible moisture with a microfiber cloth, then gently place the Doorbell face-down on a soft surface for approximately 24 hours.  
Ring doorbell face down to pull out the moisture

File a Warranty Claim

Ring devices purchased directly through Ring or another authorized retailer are covered by a one-year warranty. If the water damage is severe and your device is still covered, contact Ring Support to file a warranty claim.
If you purchased the Doorbell at a third-party retailer, you may be able to exchange it for a new one. However, this will depend on the store’s return and exchange policy. I was able to replace mine, but it was less than a year old.

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