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Ring Camera Work With Google Nest Hub?

Last Updated Jun 15, 2022
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Ring has become the foremost brand when it comes to doorbell cameras. Still, because they are owned by Amazon, many people assume they cannot be used with a Google smart system like Google Nest Hub or Google Home. Is this true? Or can you integrate a Ring camera into your Google Nest Hub? 

Ring cameras can connect to a Google nest through Google assistant. While the primary features of the cameras are fully available through Google Home/Nest, there are some features that aren’t accessible. 

If you want to know whether or not a Ring camera is compatible with a Google Nest Hub, and how to connect them if they are, this is for you. Below we will break down how to link a Ring camera to your Google assistant account so that you can use it with your Google smart system. We’ll also make sure to highlight the limitations of using Ring with Google for a fuller picture. 

How Do I Link My Ring Camera to My Google Nest Hub?

To use a Ring camera with your Google Nest Hub, you must first pair it with your Google Assistant account. Google Assistant is integrated into Google Nest and Home smart set ups. 

Once you’re logged into your Google Assistant account on the app, it’s only a few steps to get setup. Below we have laid out each of those steps briefly so you can get on with using your camera: 

  • Tap the plus sign in the left corner of the screen: After logging in your Google account, you should see a plus sign in the top left corner. If you tap it it will allow you to add devices. 
  • Go to “Set Up Device” and pick New Device:  A menu should come down from the plus sign. Look for “Set Up Device” and tap it. From there it will give you the option to either set up a Google device or a “new device.” Because Ring isn’t a Google product you want to tap “New Device.” 
  • Allow Google to scan for your camera: Google will now begin a scan for your Ring camera. Just wait a few moments and yours should be discovered. If it isn’t discovered, check to make sure that it has been turned on and activated for action.  
  • Follow the prompts to connect your device to Nest: When you tap on “New Device,” a big, blue button should pop up on the bottom of the screen that says “Go to Nest App.” Click it and you’re all set!

Most of the process of connecting your Ring camera to Google Nest is straightforward. If you know where to start you can simply follow the prompts that arise and you’ll be connected in no time. 

What’s the Problem With Ring and Google Compatibility?

Since 2018 the company Ring has been owned by Amazon. Amazon just happens to be one of the largest competitors to Google on the market. 

If they made Ring 100% compatible with Google they could potentially lose sales on Alexa. Still, they were willing to allow compatibility on the features that matter most, so it’s not a deal breaker for everyone.  

Are There Limits to Using a Ring Camera With Google Nest Hub?

Due to the aforementioned conflict of interest between Amazon and Google, there are a few things that can be made impossible or difficult when using a Ring with a Google setup. How important these features are to you, will really determine whether 

  • Casting problems: Extra complications can arise when trying to cast the video to a television from a smart device. You really need your smart device linked up with your Google and Ring accounts in order to pull up the video. Of course, you could always link a smart TV and use it for this purpose. 
  • Watching live video: Not all of the features of live video are available when you use a Ring camera with a Google smart system. This can be a deal breaker if you want 24/7 monitoring of what’s happening in real time. However, most people don’t use their Ring camera in this way all the time anyway.

For some, these limitations will be deal breakers, others however wouldn’t notice them at all if you didn’t mention them. You should consider how much you will actually use these features in order to decide if it’s worth it to you. 

So Really, Do Ring Cameras Work With Google Nest Hub?

You can get all of the fundamental features of a Ring camera to work by connecting it to your Google Assistant account. That said, some of the more special features, like live video, are limited or not available by connecting with Google because Ring is owned by their competitor Amazon. 

At the end of the day, you’re easily able to connect your Ring camera with Google Nest Hub. If you were worried that you wouldn’t, hopefully we’ve been able to help you make up your mind!

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