How to Connect Blink Outdoor Camera to Echo Show 5

Echo show 5 on night stand with lamp.Echo show 5 on night stand with lamp.

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When Amazon took over the Blink line of security products, they brought a new level of compatibility and convenience for those looking to integrate their home with the latest innovative home products. Combining the Blink Outdoor Camera with the Echo Show 5 is a great way to add versatility to your home security options by offering a way to interact with your camera without being tied to your smartphone.

In this how-to guide, we will cover the best way to connect your Blink Outdoor Camera with your Echo Show 5. Keep reading to learn the steps necessary to get started.

How to Connect your Blink Outdoor Camera to Echo Show 5

Wireless connectivity, multiple command options, remote convenience, and more make this combination a great way to connect your home security seamlessly. After setting up your Blink Outdoor Cameras with an Echo Show 5, you will have on-demand access and live video feeds of the cameras you have set up. In addition, using your voice to pull up the feed gives a hands-free upgrade to the user experience.

With that said, let’s take a look at the steps to make this connection happen:

  1. Download the Alexa app for your smartphone. For an Android device, click here. If you are using an iOS device, click here.
  2. When the download is complete, log in to your Amazon account. In the lower right-hand corner, open up the menu. Then, select Skills and Games.
  3. Using the search function in the app, locate the Blink Smarthome skill. Next, choose Enable to Use. This step will take you to the sign-in process for your Blink account. If you do not have an account with Blink, you will need to set one up to finish this process.
  4. For Alexa to have permission to utilize smart functions, you will need to create a four-digit pin. This pin will allow you to access several smart home features, especially if you have other Blink products installed, such as a security system you can arm and disarm with your voice.
  5. Follow the directions in the app to ensure your Blink Outdoor Camera is discovered and connected. If you have any trouble, you can always use the top menu to select Discover Devices. You can also give the device a name to help you identify each camera if you have more than one.

Benefits of Connecting Blink Outdoor Camera to Echo Show 5

Having your Blink Outdoor Camera connected to your Echo Show 5 has several benefits that add convenience and peace of mind to your home security experience:

  • Using your Echo Show 5 as a hub? Using a voice command, ask Alexa to “Show me” and your device’s name to see a live feed from each camera. The live feed will display on your Echo Show 5.
  • You can also ask Alexa to “Show me the last activity from the,” adding in the camera name to display the latest video clip.
  • Find out when the last motion alert was by asking, “Alexa, ask Blink when my last motion alert was?”
  • If you have more than one Blink Outdoor camera installed, Echo Show 5 can display only one live feed at a time. However, moving through different feeds is easy when you ask Alexa to show live feeds from each camera.

Additionally, when you use the routine function through your Alexa app, you can enhance your home security by adding other connected features.

For example, if you have smart outdoor or indoor lighting connected to your Alexa app, choosing the routine function can enable smart lighting to come on when the Blink Outdoor Camera detects motion. This routine could provide safe lighting options for those approaching your home or even deter a possible intruder.

The routine skill can also enable smart indoor lighting to come on when the Blink Outdoor Camera detects motion, giving the impression that someone is home and monitoring outdoor activity, adding in another layer of protection for your property.


Connecting your Blink Outdoor Camera to your Echo Show 5 allows users to operate their camera functions remotely. Viewing a live feed from your camera and adding voice commands to control the feed options are added features when connecting your devices with the Alexa app.

The Blink Outdoor Camera is an industry leader in monitoring and connectivity, so why not integrate it with the Alexa app to connect your smart home?

To see how the Blink Outdoor Camera works with Echo Show 5, check out this video.

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