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How to Connect an LG to WiFi

Last Updated Aug 30, 2022
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Smart TVs are everywhere and now are the norm in almost every home. In fact, according to Statista, 87% of homes have a TV connected to the Internet. As the digital world becomes more and more wireless, most of that 87% have TVs connected wirelessly. In fact, many smart TVs today only connect wirelessly.

For the tech-savvy, this process is easy to do or to figure out, but for those for whom smart technology is a challenge or for the elderly this could be difficult. If you fall into either one of those categories or are just curious about some of the different ways you can connect an LG TV to WiFi, then read on to find out more.

Navigate to Wireless Configuration

The WiFi setup for LG TVs is found in the settings menu. To access this menu, simply press the settings button on your remote (it looks like a gear icon).  

You need to scroll down to the network icon in the settings menu. LG TVs have a useful status that displays when you reach the network icon.

If it says “Not Connected,” then your TV is not connected to the internet and needs to go through setup. If it says anything else, this is the network that the TV is connected to.

If the TV shows you a connected network but is not playing internet content, then there is an issue with the internet connection. This problem can either be with the internet service in the building or with the router being used.

If you still need to set up a network connection, select WiFi Connection from the network menu. This will bring up the WiFi Connection menu.

Connect to WiFi Using Discovered Networks

In the WiFi connection menu of an LG TV, there will be a list of possible WiFi networks at the top. These are networks that the TV has auto-discovered. If one of these is the WiFi connection that you need, navigate and click on the desired network.

If the network that the TV is connecting to is not password protected, then the TV should connect without any other interaction. As most networks are password protected, you will most likely have to enter in a password.

Make sure you have the network’s password with the correct upper and lowercase letters! Once your password is entered, then the TV will try to connect to the network. The TV should be connected to the WiFi if the password was entered correctly.

Connect to a Hidden Wireless Network

What if the network is not listed, and you know it’s within range? You can try adding it manually by adding a hidden wireless network.

To do this, navigate to the WiFi connection submenu from the first step and click “Add a Hidden Wireless Network.” From here, the network name, security type, and password need to be entered.

To connect in this way, you need to know the exact WiFi network name, the security type, and the password.  

Networks without passwords have no security. If the network does have a password, it can be confusing to know what security to select. 

The most common type of security as of now is WPA2. If you don’t know your security, you can try multiple times until you get the right one.  

As always, if you need a password, it is case specific. The network name is also case specific. Although this connection option is viable to connect to the LG TV, it should be only if absolutely necessary, as it is very specific in the entries.

Connecting Via WPS PBC

What happens if you are trying to set up the TV but don’t know the password and don’t have someone to tell you what it is? Connecting via WPS may be the answer.

Many routers available today have a handy mechanism called WPS (WiFi Protected Setup). This works by automatically pushing a physical button on the router at the appropriate time to connect a device to the network.

To connect to WiFi in this method for the LG TV, go to the option “Connect via WPS PBC.” Once you do that, press the WPS button on your router/access point to connect.

Finally, select your device on the TV to ensure that the two devices are compatible with this feature.

Please take note; many routers have this option disabled as it is a huge security risk. Use this option with caution for your digital security.

Connecting Via WPS PIN

Another method to connect your TV to WiFi is through WPS PIN.

This can be done by selecting the “Connect via WPS PIN” in the WiFi connection menu. Once this has been done, the TV will display a WPS PIN.

Write the number down and go to the WPS PIN settings of your router or access point.  Enter the PIN in the required field. From here, the TV should now be connected to the network.

Smart TV setups have come a long way, and LG brands are no exception. Setting up a WiFi connection on one of these devices shouldn’t have to be tricky.

As technology advances, setting up WiFi connections could become even easier and more user-friendly.


LG has become a leading contender in the smart TV market, being the second highest in market shares. With such a booming business, many customers will be trying to connect LG smart TVs to WiFi.

Thankfully, this process is easy, even for those who are not tech-savvy.