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Where Are LG TVs Made?

Last Updated Feb 3, 2023
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The name LG is a symbol of quality and innovation. The company has been making TVs for decades, so it should come as no surprise that they have one of the best reputations in the industry. The company offers a wide variety of sizes and styles, so there is something for everyone. But where are these TVs made?

LG TVs are manufactured in various locations all over the world. From their home base in South Korea and China to Latin America and Europe, they make sure that there is a TV for everyone. However, all accessories are made in Korea and China then delivered to the assembly plants.

Before you buy a TV, it is important to know where it was made. This ensures that you are getting the quality and value for your money. By knowing which region a TV comes from, you can ensure that there will be an abundance of high-quality parts available long into the future. Here’s everything you need to know about LG TVs and where they are made.

Where Are LG TV Factories Located?

LG’s first television was released into the market in 1966, back when televisions were just beginning to become a common household item. It was the only Korean manufacturer to introduce a locally produced TV to the Korean market.  

With the rise of flat-screen technology, LG now has over 200 factories worldwide that produce more than 60 million screens every year! In addition to their many TV plants across China and North America, LG’s headquarters are in South Korea. Their factory locations include several countries.

You may have heard that LG now has a factory in the United States. While this is true, unfortunately that factory doesn’t assemble TVs, but rather produces LG-brand washing machines and clothes dryers for the US and Canadian markets. LG’s TVs are manufactured elsewhere.


In Korea, LG has factories for screen production and electronics. The company used two factories to assemble their TVs in the country. However, recently, there has been a decrease in profitability in the Korean market due to increased salaries. As a result, LG is gradually moving production to other counties.

Nevertheless, Korea remains the headquarters of the country. They still deliver electronics from this plant to countries like New Zealand, Oceania, Australia, American countries, and more.


LG has a few factories in China where they produce TVs, smartphones and other electronics for the Chinese market. They also manufacture appliances such as refrigerators and air conditioners here. 

In 2019, they established a new factory in China for the production of OLED displays. The plant can produce about 1 million OLED display screens a year. In addition, ready-made TVs are also assembled in this country and shipped to Asia, America, and Africa.


LG has a plant in India where it manufactures TVs for the Indian market. However, some of the TVs are exported to Africa. The plant manufactures the entire range of LG TVs except for the super-premium 77-inch model, which is imported from South Korea. However, the company has plans of starting production of this TV in India soon.

Source: Economic Times


LG also has a plant in Indonesia, which manufactures LED TVs for Southeast Asia and Australia. The factory can produce over 3 million TVs every year.


The company also has a plant in Ruza, Russia. This factory manufactures TVs for Russia, Asia, and Caucasus regions. However, some TVs manufactured in Russia are shipped to Eastern European countries. The plant was designed to produce up to 1 million TVs per year. 


LG also has several enterprises in Poland. One of the plants produced LED displays, but the company decided to close it due to unprofitable production. So you see, there was an increase in salaries in Poland, and LG was competing with Chinese TV manufacturers in the not-so-profitable market. 

Therefore, they gradually started moving to other countries with more affordable labor. However, other factories are still in operation, and they manufacture TVs for European countries.


LG has other three factories in Mexico. The largest one is located near the city of Monterrey, and the other two are in Mexicali and Reynosa. However, only two of these companies manufacture TVs.

For a long time, Mexico was an excellent production point for the company. However, things started moving in the opposite direction after the introduction of additional taxes on household appliances. As a result, LG seems somewhat restrained about its future in the country. Nonetheless, the LG plants in Mexico are still up and running, and they produce thousands of appliances every year.

Source: Tab_TV

Wrapping Up

If you were wondering where LG TVs are manufactured, now you know. The TVs are not made in one country. Instead, they are manufactured in South Korea, India, China, Mexico, and other plants in various countries.  Even though LG seems to be moving away from Mexico, they still produce good TVs there.

Ultimately, you shouldn’t be too concerned about where your LG TV is made since the company has a track record of creating quality appliances. Instead, focus on more important aspects such as picture quality and color reproduction capabilities.