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Does My LG TV Have AirPlay?

Last Updated Sep 7, 2022
An iPhone ready to AirPlay to an LG TV.

First things first: what exactly is AirPlay? AirPlay has been on the scene for over a decade now, and it is a function of Apple devices that allows them to connect to other devices to share content wirelessly. So, how do I know if my LG TV has AirPlay?

An LG TV has AirPlay if it was purchased after 2016. So that means you can mirror content directly from your device and stream videos, movies, images, and music. 

The key factor of correctly functioning is that all devices must be on the same shared WiFi network, Bluetooth, or via router and ethernet cable. Keep on reading to learn how to use AirPlay with an LG TV.

What can I use AirPlay for?

The AirPlay feature was an absolute game-changer enabling Macs, iPhones, and iPads to stream content directly onto other devices wirelessly and no more huddling around a small iPad to watch YouTube videos or a soccer game on a sports app.

Any media that can be viewed or played on an iOS can now be displayed on another, typically larger device.

Other benefits of using AirPlay on an LG TV include:

  • Utilizing better speakers on another device for streaming audio
  • Large-scale projection of audiovisual
  • Better bandwidth than Bluetooth as it utilizes a stronger WiFi network

How do I use AirPlay on my LG TV?

The steps below will guide you through the relatively easy process of connecting your LG TV to your iPhone.

After verifying that your LG television was made later than 2016, ensure that the iOS device you intend to AirPlay with and your LG TV has the most recent software upgrades. 

Lastly, confirm that both devices are connected to the same WiFi network.

If you don’t have an iPhone and still want to screen share with an LG TV, we’ve got instructions for you.

We’ve got more info, plus troubleshooting tips if you can’t use AirPlay with an LG TV.

Setting Up the AirPlay App on Your LG TV

  1. Find the television remote for your LG television and hit the home key
  2. Locate the AirPlay icon (which looks like a rectangle with a small triangle at the bottom of it)
  3. Click the button to ‘on’ and request the authentication code;

There are a few options here regarding how you wish to proceed with connections in the future – if authentications are always required or if you wish to set a password. 

These are individual preferences dependent upon the members of your household. 

The best part about this step is that you only have to do it once.

How to Connect Your iPhone to your LG TV with AirPlay

Screenshot of the AirPlay connection with available devices.
  1. Keep your television on the AirPlay menu screen
  2. Pull down from the right top corner of your iPhone to access the Command Center screen.
  3. Click on the icon that looks like two television screens
  4. A dropdown list of connectable devices will appear – select your LG television
  5. A verification code will appear on the television, and that must be entered into the device (you can select your future password settings and preferences on the TV)
  6. Enter the code displayed on the TV screen

How to Stream Apps with AirPlay to your LG TV

  1. Unlock the phone and go to the app that you wish to AirPlay from
  2. Initiate the content from the app that you wish to AirPlay
  3. Look for the icon that depicts ‘AirPlay’ Note: icons are not always consistent across apps, so you may have to familiarize yourself with your favorite app AirPlay icon

Your content should now be projected onto your television screen

What are my Options if I Don’t have AirPlay on my LG TV?

If it’s not the right time to upgrade your television, but you would like to utilize the AirPlay functions, then you do have a few options:

  1. Buy Apple TV – for the cost of the hardware; you are then able to use AirPlay
  2. Use an HMDI / AV adapter combination for a more ‘wired’ than ‘wireless’ approach

What is AirPlay2?

As a part of the 11.4 iOS recent software upgrade, Apple launched AirPlay2, the essential upgrade of this platform allowing simultaneous streaming to multiple devices. 

This upgrade ultimately means that Apple can now compete in the larger wireless audio arena. 

Main Changes and Benefits of AirPlay 2:

  • Simultaneous AirPlay on multiple devices without any lag in latency
  • Ability to use your phone for calls while not disturbing the music that is playing
  • Can only work on devices that have been upgraded to the new 11.4 iOS software
  • Via Apple Music, you can send music to various rooms that contain a speaker
  • Siri is now able to control the music
  • Newer audio devices will have an in-built function to pair


If you follow the steps and troubleshoot as directed (if needed) – you should have no problems streaming content! However, sometimes there are issues, and troubleshooting is needed from LG and Apple.